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Wait what does weapon rerolls mean? That all my current weapons get a new roll? That would suck. Can we choose a weapon we want to reroll for? They rerolled dragon weapons a few weeks ago and the community hated it, why is everyone liking this now?

All opt in. We won't be touching any existing weapon schematics that people have unless you opt into that weapon schematic being part of the new system. We'll have more details in the coming weeks explaining how it works.

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Can someone explain to me how the perk rerolls work?

We'll do a deeper dive for everyone next week. Stay tuned!

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THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I CAN'T WAIT FOR REROLLS! (also thanks for listening to us about the energy ammo)


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This looks great! I'm still wondering if there's going to be an addition of Builder Pro in the near future.

We're looking into it. We have more button requirements than BR so we have to figure out how to make it work like we did for combat pro. Once we have a thoughtful solution, we'll let folks know.

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3.6 Patch includes the Bullet Storm jonesy fix right? You might want to put it up in the notes so people don't freak....

The fix will be noted in our 3.6 patch notes

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His updated art and animations are still coming. Targeting 4.2 right now.

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Wow, rerolls for my birthday. You're welcome, everyone.

Happy Birthday!

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Might have read past it in earlier patch notes, but is combat pro from br in stw yet?

It is!

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it would be great if I could actually play the game to claim my rewards rather than epic ignoring my emails about being locked out of save the world but thats just me...

Check your messages :)

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What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the constant updates and support for this game! The new energy ammo update is very much appreciated!

We agree! We've heard the feedback and seen how much energy ammo everyone chews through :) They were a tad bit expensive and we think these changes (along with MOAR BACON) will help.

Hey folks!


We’re back with another Roadmap update! Since the last update we’ve released v.3.5 which included a new event with a new questline, new heroes and weapons and a new biome. Here’s some upcoming things we have planned:


Patch 3.6 (Week of 4/23)

  • Noble Launcher in Event Store
  • New Utility Item
  • Energy ammo improvements
    • 25% more ammo per craft
    • 50% more Bacon in the world
    • 20% more Energy ammo in the world


Patch 4.0 (Week of 4/30)

  • Brand New Event
  • Shadow Ops Heroes
  • Military Weapon Set
  • New Soldier ability
  • More details soon


4.1 content update (Week of 5/7)

  • New weapon
  • New Hero


Patch 4.2 (Week of 5/15)

  • Perk Rerolls!


<3 you all,

-the Fortnite team

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So yeah, as the title suggests, this would not fix the afk and leech problem StW has had lately, but it could help in a lot of situations.

I suggest that when a player goes down, there is no longer a timer that automatically respawns you at the start. Rather, the player MUST select to use a life, or to go back to the start. If the player does not choose anything, for maybe 2 minutes(?), then they get kicked from the game.

Going a little bit further, if a player is kicked from the game in this manner, they get a temporary ban from public games. For 15 minutes, their matchmaking will force them into private games.

We know that this has been a huge ask from the community. We recently made some changes to address lower level players entering higher level zones in hopes of correcting SOME of the problems (This was a huge concern / cause of AFKing & Leeching)

However, we did more harm than good with and reverted the change. We initially had a new version coming in 3.6 but decided to hold it since it still didn't address this issue.. We're still working on the best way to address AFK / Leeching / Griefing. This is a system we NEED to get right and we're working hard to iron it out.

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I would imagine UAH works correctly because if it worked like these abilities it would be virtually unnoticeable. But it's probably worth testing to be sure.

UAH is working correctly. The perks on Jonesy were not being calculated correctly and we are fixing this in 3.6. (Next Release)

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The rate of fire skills on the new Soldier class are, like many other modifiers in this game, additive and only amount to a 5-10% increase in fire rate, not 48% as the tool tip suggests. That or the skill is broken and doesn't work at all (less likely but plausible). In either event do not waste evo mats on this hero because he is by far the worst soldier.

Title. I did some hand testing with a 70 round clip and the results were definitely not indicative of the skill having any effect. I timed how long it took to deplete a 70 round clip from a slow firing hydraulic assault with bullet storm ranked to 20 and another random hero and the results were almost identical (~13.8-13.9 seconds). I am in the process of getting the last few rain to evolve Jonesy so i can try with the tier 2 skill but judging from the first round of testing something is wrong. I just wanted to know if anyone else has tried him and verified that the skill works.

Edit: I just tested with the second tier and the skills do not work. Each shot increases your fire rate by .24, so after 20 shots your guns fire rate is increase by .48 TOTAL. Not 48%. 0.48 shots per second. On my super slow firing rifle that fires 5 bullets per second that is a 9.6% increase in fire rate, only 1/5 if the purported 48%. On something faster firing like a scar/nocturno which starts with a fire rate of 12 bullets per second and only goes up to 12.48 that is only a 4% increase in fire rate, 1/12 of the suggested 48% increase and thats after firing off two thirds of the magazine.

We're aware that this is an issue. We have a bug in set for 3.6 (our next release). The perks weren't being properly calculated (additive instead of multiplicative)

We're aware that this is an issue. We have done some digging and found that the perks aren't being properly calculated. We have a fix for this set for 3.6 (next release).

You can find this on our Community Trello Board

Originally posted by Stiix75

Is he working properly now since update ?

The perks are not being calculated properly which is why they feel off. We have a fix set for our next release.

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To anyone who has ever played UAH and then tried playing Bullet Storm Jonesy, it feels like something is definitely off. Both of these heroes specialize in Rate of Fire and are similar in their respective numbers. 50% on UAH, 48% on BS. Kinda crummy that BS has a lower RoF in comparison but that's a whole 'nother argument, this is not what this is about.

Using the new Mercury LMG as an example, let's look at the numbers using the in-game tooltip for the gun while in a match.

LMG Fire Rate: 7.5

UAH with perk: 11.25 - 50% increase, as her perks indicate on her hero card

BS with perk: 7.98 - 6.4% increase... WHAT?! This should be 48%.

After every shot with BS, you can see the fire rate on tool tip slowly go up to the eventual 7.98 after 20 shots.

Numbers aside, anyone who plays this character at level 30 will definitely feel that his fire rate doesn't feel like it changes much at all, and if it is only increasing to 6.4% at max, then this certainly explains it. I don't believe this is a visual tooltip bug.

Epic, plz fix

We're aware of the issue and should have a fix in our next patch. You can check on the status of that on our Trello page here.

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What does "each day" mean?

Is it a flag that gets reset at 8pm ET every day? or is it like alert missions where you will get another 24h* after you last got one?

...* This should really be like 22h so people can play at the same time every day.

The store will rotate every day at 8pm (ET). This is the window you have to claim the llamas! Don't forget!

Originally posted by ServiceDenied

Llama at 8 PM ET.

Llamas will rotate into the store at 8pm (ET) as stated in post :)

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Take it the each day of free llamas is a way to get as many people onto the server. A stress test to see if whatever new system works..

Or is Epic genuinely gifting it us as a sorry.

We're genuinely gifting these as free llamas for the weekend.

Originally posted by HeggerTheHorrible

Remember, you MUST log in and collect your free llama each day to get them all.

What constitutes a day? 8PM ET - 8PM ET?

Correct. The store resets every night at 8pm (ET). So that is the window you'll have to log in and collect the llama.

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up-voting for visibility this also happened to me.

The seasonal gold was granted to your account. You would have already gotten the gold if the box appeared and your gold didn't increase.

This is a visual bug with the gift box.

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old post

i hope epic remember this post.

You should be good to go now.

As always, thanks for this Sushii! Everybody should check these folks out, they're super awesome and have a ton of knowledge of the game.

Hey everyone,

In our post last week we talked about some upcoming changes that were coming to Canny Valley and Twine Peaks in v3.6. After hearing your feedback we’ve decided to hold these changes for the time being. We plan to implement an improved version of them at a later date, and are investigating adding power level restrictions to address the concerns raised about low-level players in high-level missions. We’ll keep you guys in the loop as our plans evolve.


Senior Systems Designer