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All hail! The king has returned. Wukong Outfit and Royale Dragon Glider are available in the shop now!
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I can "bearly" make dinner and people can make this with their hands! This is so cool!
Originally posted by claytonsnow

Are you taking 50v50 with it? :(

Nope, you'll still be able to get into those Epic battles in 50v50 even after v3.6 arrives!

Originally posted by nate0023

They are always released when downtime starts

Correct, once downtime starts we'll post the Patch Notes.

v3.6 will be arriving on April 24, with downtime beginning 4am ET (0800 GMT).

Note: Patch Notes will be released once downtime begins.

v3.6 will be sticking its landing on April 24, with downtime beginning 4am ET (0800 GMT).

Note: Patch Notes will be posted once downtime starts.

Hey Folks, v3.6 will be sticking its landing on April 24, with downtime beginning 4am ET (0800 GMT). Cheers, Chris_At...
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v3.6 will be sticking its landing on April 24, with downtime beginning 4am ET (0800 GMT).
Fortnite Teleporter PSA
Originally posted by WittyShark

I dont care what anyone else says, I absolutely love the teleporter skill. It is super useful in a variety of different situations and I have kept it as a gadget since the moment I unlocked it because of how well it fits my playstyle.

That being said -- people that have never used or seen a teleporter before -- we need to talk.

1) Running back and forth through a teleporter may be fun for you. But it increases the time it takes for the charge to come up each time, so please refrain from playing with it for no reason other than "because fun." If Epic could please make the "Increased Cooldown" per person, rather than per teleporter that would fix this issue.

2) DONT PICK UP MY TELEPORTER YOU MANIAC! This is on-par with stealing recycled materials from a constructor. If I want/need you to touch it, I will let you know. Picking it up and moving it destroys the purpose of me placing it and thinking I am going to leave point B and go back to point A. I instead end up at point C. Epic, please make it to where only the teleport owner can pick up and place the actual portals!

I honestly think the reason this is such a problem is because no one has ever seen/used a teleporter before so they cant help themselves when they discover it. However, a little self-control on your part (and hopefully a fix from Epic) will make it a much more enjoyable experience.

We agree that the teleporter could use some love and in v4.0 we have a few cool changes coming to it. One of them being no more cooldowns!

Originally posted by DipThemBallz

Glad i could help, did you also acknowledge the bug regarding the traps?

Finally I can stop spamming this sub with this post. Thanks guys :)

We confirmed the issue with quickly switching to build mode and immediately trying to place a building piece. We're still investigating the trap toggle/place bug.

Note that the previously-known problems with Builder Pro are fixed and set to be released in this week's patch.

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Originally posted by DipThemBallz

Disclaimer: So it seems like 1000 Upvotes weren't enough to get Epic's attention... I've posted this a couple of times now so some of you might have already seen it. I'm reposting this because those are bugs that make the gameplay on console feel clunky and less enjoyable, especially the first one that I explain in depth. Furthermore Epic has not listed these bugs on their Trello so they are very likey not aware of them. Hopefully this gets their attention.

Bug/ Issue

Since the addition of builder pro i noticed many inconsistencies regarding building on console. What happened is that i tried to block some shots by placing down walls. For some reason it didn't do so and i ended up catching those bullets with my face even though i pressed circle and held down R2. It actually happens pretty frequently to me, also with other building pieces too. What happens there, is that when i want to select another building piece, the first button press wont't register and it wouldn't let me switch to the building piece i want, i would have to press that button another time to make it work.

Since this is quite an annoying bug and makes the gameplay feel clunky I tried to replicate this and found out that it is really easy to replicate:

Replication on PS4

  • Press Circle to enter build mode
  • Press or Hold R2 immediately/ as fast as possible after pressing circle

Normally you should have placed a Wall, but you did not.

The same goes with selecting/placing other building pieces:

  • Press Circle to enter build mode
  • Press L2 immediately or as fast as possible after pressing circle
  • Press L2 again

Normally you should've now built a set of stairs, which is not the case If you've done the first two steps correctly/ fast enough. Instead you still have walls selected at step 2 and stairs selected at step 3. Thus you would have to add another step to actually place your set of stairs, which should already have been the case in step 3.

Noticable things while doing these steps

After doing those steps to replicate the bug over and over again i noticed a couple of things:

  • if I want to place down a wall, my gun would shoot even after pressing circle.

  • if I want to select/ place down stairs with L2 (after pressing circle) sometimes my Screen would zoom in and out quickly as if I was aiming down sights.

  • if i want to select a floor with R1, the game still registers it as swapping weapons as you can still see that selection slot moving to the right while the selection bar in the HUD gets smaller in order to make space for the build-menu.

Conclusion/ Explanation

I'm pretty sure you already saw that there is some kind of pattern behind this, but before I jump to the conclusion I'd like to explain some terms that I'll use to illustrate the problem:

  • Build mode: All the things you do after pressing circle, pretty self-explanatory

  • Combat mode: Things you do outside of build mode, for example ads, shooting, switching weapons.

So basically after you press CIRCLE to enter build mode there is a really, really short delay where your actions are still executed in combat mode.

This also goes hand in hand with an already known issue of the builder pro layout that i'll list at the end of this post:

  • selecting stairs while sprinting will make you stop sprinting

This problem can be explained with the conclusion that i just made. What's causing you to stop sprinting is that you've pressed L2 (which is ADS in combat-mode) in that specific time window where your actions are still executed in Combat mode. Thus you were aiming down sights for a really short amount of time which was enough to stop your character from sprinting.

Actually looking back at this, maybe this isn't just a builder pro issue. It could be possible that this problem transfers to the other Control schemes, too.

Other (known/ new) issues

So I think we are all aware of the current bugs/issues that the new Builder Pro layout comes with:

  • NEW: Spamming the button to select/place traps will sometimes result in changing your traps instead of placing them. Unfortunately i don't know how to replicate this bug yet. But i'll look into it.

  • Selecting stairs while sprinting will make you stop sprinting (Already in their Trello)

  • Full-auto weapons will stop firing when aiming down sights while firing. (Already on their Trello)

Finally, i would really appreciate it if you upvote to get this post some attention, so the devs can see it and look into it. (I really don't care about internet points, but i do care about bugs getting fixed to guarantee a better experience for everyone.)

Anyways thanks for reading and I'm sorry if anything of this is hard to understand because English isn't my native language heh.

Thanks for the detailed repro steps. We're looking into it. We want Builder Pro to be perfect, we'll get there with your help!

Fortnite @DarrenSugg
Nice run @VVPunisher !
Originally posted by austin27186

I used to be level 97 twine peaks I had so much stuff !!! I was so far into the game!!! and one day when I logged on I was back at plankerton Page 1 ..... I have no idea what happened BUT it’s all gone. PLEASE HELP (I emailed Epic the day it happened ... 3weeks ago)

Taking this to direct messages to prevent spamming the thread.

Fortnite @DarrenSugg
Originally posted by PhillipDeAsian

alrighty epic lets get a banhammer going


Originally posted by JustHereForPron

I'm sure someone did but he just got banned on his stream

MrPopoTFS Appears

Remember boys and girls, it doesn't pay to cheat!

MrPopoTFS Vanishes

Originally posted by RisKQuay

Have you reported this on Epic's Trello board?

We've got ya. We're working on a fix for an upcoming patch. (FORT-83714 for tracking)

Fortnite I had to.

This is great! Keep up the awesome work.

Originally posted by bosilk


MrPopoTFS Appears

Hey there, I appreciate the report and am looking into this now. Thanks a bunch!

MrPopoTFS Vanishes

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RT @VisionOfVIII: Art for @FortniteGame Pixel art by me. RTs and LIKEs are appreciated.
Originally posted by KChain


Hey r/Fortnite!

I recently finished Twine in March week #3, and I wasn't really a part of the Fortnite Reddit back then.

However, after discovering this sub, I have found it to be a really great place to be a part of the community again, and being hyped for new heroes, weapons, storylines, etc with you guys has been amazing. It's the first thing I check when I wake up.

But like every other gaming subreddit there is, this one has a lot of "meta" (Most Effective Tactic Available) discussions too. Which is the most optimal hero? What is the best gun?

I'm here to say that none of this actually matters as much as people make it out to be.

•What is "optimal"?

The meta advice surely isn't coming from people's imaginations, of course it's based on real time analysis, but it isn't a ground rule like people think it to be.

See the difference between using Dragon Scorch and Fleetfoot Ken, or using a weapon with all Magazine Size perks vs balanced Damage, CC, CD, Elemental perks. One of them is clearly of no use. It's a significant downgrade, much because of bad design in the ninja's case.

Now compare using Dragon Scorch vs Swordmaster Ken, or using Ranger vs Tedd Shot. One of them sounds better, and not just because it's higher on a tier list. Dragon Scorch's DSlash is crazy. Ranger's Pistol perks are crazy. Ken can't really take out whole waves of 50+ husks with one tap of a button, and Tedd Shot isn't the sniper version of Ranger that you expected (PS: she's a great hero btw). So are you saying that people should only use UAH, Dragon, Ranger, and Powerbase in the respective classes? Do the meta heroes always get better combat scores? Hell no.

•Personal Experience

I have a friend who loves the Love Ranger Jonesy skin and helped me in my Twine SSDs a lot, always getting scores equal to say, my Special Forces, or my UAH. Sometimes his score was like ~100 +- my combat score, but overall, we were the same. Now since Love Ranger Jonesy (Survivalist) is essentially based on a survivalist skill (survive more, tankiness, in a game where there is no death penalty anymore) while my SF/UAH are based on killing more, he perhaps had to put in a little more effort (did he?).

But he enjoyed the shit out of it. He ramped up on laser husks Battle Royale style and headshotted the data samples out of them. I realized that I was only standing around aiming and pressing my mouse, aiming grenades to use my Keep Out at spawn/choke points. Who will enjoy the game more? Me, using the most idiot proof hero, or him, using a hero with different and slightly less combat-based skills and trying to make them work?


I have used plenty of comparisons in this post, but understand that the heroes aren't that different from each other. Me and 4 other friends bought and completed the game in the same time periods, and I've found that the most amount of fun we had was when we randomly decided to choose a hero we like and jump into the mission, instead of assigning "Today the two of us will go SF, you two go MGR and UAH". This was the last month and a half, and it was so much fun.

I've NEVER stared at the Defeat screen because "Man I wish I'd used a meta figure". This game isn't difficult enough for meta to even matter as much.

Some heroes are poorly designed, like Demolisher needing Keep Out over UAH that has no business with it, and there is some lack of balance in the hero pool, but it's not a "handicap" at all.

I did my last Twine mission with a Shuriken Master. Yes, a SMS over a UAH/MGR/SF/Dragon and all those apparently meta figures.

I've enjoyed the heck out of this game, after I started using whatever I liked. All that mattered was that A)I was contributing to the team B)I wasn't lacking behind on any scores.

•A little thank you

Come on, I mean...Epic has created a very creative, and many people's most played game. We love it. We love Epic for sticking up through all the good and bad updates. This sub went from "Ranger Jonesy" to "Refund" and then to "Rerolls Hype!" in a short period of time. They're doing a great job with this game. It's my favorite game ever and I want to thank epic for that.

They have created so much. There are classes and subclasses of heroes, there are specialist heroes and hybrids, and the game makes them available to you fairly easily. Are you really only going to use 2 heroes in the entire game just because they yield the highest DPS? Not to say that people can't enjoy doing that, sure, some people have gone through the whole pool and picked the highest DPS/AOE heroes and used them all along, but that doesn't make it "optimal". There is no "optimal" in this game. You can make any hero work if you want. You only need to know what you're in for since XP may not always be easy to get for all people at all stages and you may not be able to switch quickly if you invest all-in on one without knowing if you like it.

•So who should I run? (TL;DR)

I'm not saying Whitesushi and all others who analyze new and old heroes are wrong, but if you like a hero that's at the bottom of someone's tier list AND you can make it work AND you are progressing through the story without being carried, there's totally no reason for you to not do it. In fact, isn't that your Most Effective Tactic Available?

Have a good day!


This was awesome to read! Thank you for putting this together. I made a similar comment on Shushi's similar post.

I've had the most fun by breaking away from any "tier list" and exploring my own builds. I've been experimenting with Harvester Sarah and it's been a blast... or a melee swing I should say.

I encourage everyone to pick a hero they love, experiment with the support / tact slots / weapon set up, and just play. I found that breaking out of this "HERE IS THE BEST HERO" mindset and just picked someone I like to play was made everything better.

Originally posted by MythSteak

Ooh, that does sound great! I’ve been holding off on energy for guns because of how damn hard they are to keep supplied!

He hit it right on the head! Take a look at our recently posted roadmap for the upcoming changes to energy ammo :)

Originally posted by Whitesushii

Hey guys, Whitesushi here. So many people are talking about "meta" nowadays that I just felt the need to step forth and voice my opinions on it. However, I couldn't think of a good way to actually write this out so I decided to go with a Q&A format and hopefully it covers the subject at hand adequately.

1. Does a "META" exist?

Yes it definitely does. Just looking at the most recent event, farming survive the storm with Constructors is the most efficient method, far more than if you ran a group without any Constructors. You use a lot less resources and pay a lot less attention while getting the same amount of work done. I could give a lot more examples on this like how you can farm encampments easier with a Dragon Scorch but the idea is that there is always a more efficient, more optimal way to achieving something no matter how much you argue that the difference can sometimes be not as substantial.

2. Can you have fun without following the "META"?

Definitely yes. In fact for many people, deviating from the "META" offers them a more unique experience for the game, be it encouraging more active gameplay or simply that bit more of a challenge to entertain you in this mindless grind. This also often offers more diversity in playstyles which helps keep the game fresh and prevents burn out.

3. Then is following the "META" not fun?

Definitely not. Many others, myself included, have fun when we are efficient with the game. Thinking of ways to optimize the farm, the grind and just the gameplay in general is part of the "fun" experience for us. While sitting on a box repairing walls for an hour may seem dull to some, it is proof that the strategies we come up with works and that's really exciting.

4. Is everything viable?

To a large extent yes and in the context of this post, entirely true. Given the amount of posts out there of people talking about how they made it through 3/4 of the game or even finished Twine playing whatever they want, there is no doubt that everything in this game is viable. In fact, it is why I feel Fortnite's design is brilliant

5. How can a "META" exist when everything is viable?

This is a very common comparison people make nowadays. Fact is, "META" and "viable" are very different concepts. I can solo a PL 100 RtD mission on Pathfinder Jess by dumping half an inventory full of traps (exaggeration I know) or I could hop on my Hotfixer, build a box around the objective and just cheese the mission by out-repairing the husks' damage. The later is clearly more efficient since I hardly use any resources at all and arrive at the exact same results as the former

6. Does "good" necessarily have to be "META"?

While not necessarily, it is usually inclined towards the meta choices. I mean if someone asks you if a PC is good for playing Fortnite, you don't want it to just hit the minimum requirements and be able to run the game. Ideally, you want it to run Fortnite smoothly with consistent frame rates and little to no stuttering. Maybe even achieving that on the highest graphic settings. The later scenario is a perfect example of "good" not being merely "viable" but rather something beyond, something better

All in all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to following the "meta" and whether or not to follow it in the first place is a personal preference. As such, we shouldn't impose the "meta" on other players and likewise others shouldn't dissuade the "meta" just because they feel it is dull, boring and unnecessary. That said, it is undeniable that a "meta" does in fact exist whether or not people want it to.

TL;DR Fun is subjective and we shouldn't impose our idea of fun on others. However, "good" can be objective and thus should go beyond simply "viable" given the context and objective.

This is a great read! There are definitely heroes that out perform others.. but this doesn't mean those those heroes aren't viable. I've had the most fun by breaking away from any "tier list" and exploring my own builds. (Mine being some very interesting Harvester Sarah setups)

I encourage everyone to pick a hero they love, experiment with the support / tact slots / weapon set up, and just play. You might be amazed at what you find!