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Originally posted by ohlookitsmikey

I thought this was just me earlier! It's horrendous that you can't hold fire instantly. It doesn't even start the minigun up until you let go and then hold the fire button again. For a timed ability, this is terrible news.

/u/EPIC_clintonious can we get a confirmation about this?

Yup, we’re looking into this one.

Battle Royale Fortnite Hit Reg is GOOD

Hey all! This is the expected outcome right now, where critical hit damage can be absorbed as regular damage when their hands or other body parts get in the way.

We're currently testing changes where critical hit damage will be always be registered even when body parts are in the way.

(Note that this doesn't mean you'll be able to shoot someone from below and deal critical damage through their torso or legs. We'll make sure that cannot happen.)

Your feedback is welcome!

Originally posted by Tdizzle00

After the mission ended before results. Just see the players standing there like if the results were going on. Sometimes the players are lined up facing away if that’s anything worthy to note.

Never see the results, just the players. A few mins later I see a loading screen then the reward chest prompt to open it.

Alright thanks for that info.

Originally posted by Tdizzle00

It happens to me a lot. This most recent time I was just standing there not moving to test it. Still happened. It was a rescue survivor mission at a low level. There seems no rhyme or reason on the player end for me. It just happens a lot.

Did this issue happen when you clicked 'Return to Homebase' or did it happen right after the mission ended and you didn't even see the results screen?

Do it.

Originally posted by Clownkiller9000

Xbox one player here. I found ever since the latest update everything has just been super glitchy. Almost every mission I can’t shoot my weapons half the time, i’m taking damage even though there’s no enemies around, my missions are freezing at the end forcing me to quit the game. It’s absolutely horrible and infuriating.

Do you happen to have a video of this happening Clownkiller?

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Originally posted by wakenpake

You're right, im just concerned with the current increase in the lagspikes that are causing my gun to jam, my abilities to freeze, and enemies to not take damage and start moonwalk. Im not talki g about when someone joins the game type of lagspikes, from the feedback I've seen it seems to be affecting xbox players more, and I haven't seen any acknowledgement of the bug, seeing an epic comment i was hoping to get insight on the lagspikes I mentioned above, that i think we're OPs main concern, to then read the comment and see it was in regard to the lower half of the post, I'll be honest o got a bit triggered, I apologize.

It’s all good and I 100% understand where you’re coming from. I also apologize if my comment made it seem like I’m trying to prioritize certain issues over others because that wasn’t my intention. I’ve reported all of the issues that OP was talking about and I hope to see some more info soon.

Let me send this along to see if we can find out what's going on here.

Originally posted by wakenpake

How about the issues OP is talking about? Nothing worse than having epic reply to your bug post only to have them commented on someone else talking about any entirely separate issue.

One of the issues OP mentioned was freezing at the end of a mission and that's the issue I'm trying to get more information on since it seems to be impacting a large number of players. I've also reported the other issues as well.

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Originally posted by Trashii_Gaming


Several high powerlevel has that problem and they all left because epic could not find the cause of it. Neither did they really try to find the cause of it.

One of them is power level 123 and played everyday, contacted the support and everything. He has that problem since December, no scoreboard nothing.

Other players reported that months ago on the forum but it got ingored. I hope this time you will fix it.

The issue with high level players experiencing this was fixed in v3.5. This is a similar problem but we’re trying to figure out the reasoning behind it this time.

Originally posted by xBoner96


Im on PC and after every game where you collect chest/ xp etc, it always freezes, causing me to force close the client, open it up, and claim my rewards.

Does this happen to anyone else, and does anyone know a fix.

Thank you.

FIX: What fixed this was changing from windowed fullscreen, to fullscreen.

When this happened was it only after you clicked the return to homebase button or when you finished a mission did no screen pop up at all?

Originally posted by ImCharmz

Same happened to me finished match and nothing shows up so i cant exit till the game boots me

Did no end screen come up at all or did this issue happen when you clicked to go back to home base?

Originally posted by xOGx_Hermes

Almost always had i completed a event quest mission. Ill test it again and report back.

Alright just let me know if it seems to be consistent.

Originally posted by thedaniel27

This has happened several times over the week. When the round ends and it's supposed to go to the score/loot level screen, all that happens is the HUD disappears and I lose control of my character. Camera stays behind me, and nothing happens for around 10 minutes until it finally goes back to the menu with an error saying "host disconnected". Then it gives me the loot and rewards. While this is happening nothing you press does anything except holding the back button to bring up chat, cant even press start to quit out. Is this happening to anyone else?

We're looking into this issue. For anyone this has happened to, do you remember if anything was happening right when the mission ended? For example, were you down, or falling off a ledge or any other weird thing? We're trying to figure out what might be causing this to happen.

Originally posted by MNSVocaloid

I've had the same problem 4 times in a row. I've lost out on a bunch of loot.

No reward are lost when this happens. When you get to the results screen you've already earned your rewards. We're investigating why this issue is happening.

Originally posted by sac_boy

For me it doesn’t ‘freeze’ at the end of every game but it fails to show the results screen, instead it shows me a rear view of my character for about 60 seconds until presumably the round times out and I get dropped to the post-game loot screen.

Do you happen to remember what you were doing right before the mission ended? We're trying to find out what might be causing this issue.

First off, don't worry about your rewards, NONE of your rewards are lost when this happens.

Second, does anybody remember what they were doing right before the mission ended? For example, was anybody down, or did they fall off a ledge or any other weird thing? We're trying to figure out if there's some sort of connection to why this is happening.

Originally posted by Suq_Madiq_Beech

What up with the bug that gets you stuck in end game lobby? I click return to home base but nothing happens. Also usually accompanied by a visual glitch.

For everyone this happened to, do you remember if you were doing anything specific at the end of a mission? For example, were you downed, or did you fall off a cliff, anything weird like that? Trying to figure out what's going on here.

I do want to emphasize that NONE of your rewards are lost when this happens, it's just an unpleasant issue.

Originally posted by blueruckus

Big shoutout to u/EPIC_Clintonious

The ritual is complete.

Your debt is repaid.

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That's so amazing. We should have put up some "cease fire" signage :)

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