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Yeah, I've seen A LOT of people that barely help at the first five encampments and just go farming or afk when they are done. At least you get the mission rewards an quests etc, but it's still disappointing

This is one of the design discussions we are having. They are only bonuses.. so should someone be expected to continue helping if the "main" mission requirements are met? Is this when they should finish side quest? Should they be forced to complete ALL of them before they can go do their own side quest or suffer an AFK/Leech report?

There are all things that get brought up in discussions. We need to make sure we have all things on the table before we rush anything.

Originally posted by skywolf8118

Will there be more stuff after Twine? I am not remotely close to there yet. Just wondering.

Let's focus on finishing the two unfinished zones first!

Originally posted by MrShiros

Mine was affected, it had crit chances and affliction damage perks and these have been rerolled. That's why I'm wondering what the hell has happened.

I'll have someone do a check of your account. We'll be in touch!

Originally posted by chimericWilder

What do you plan on doing about some of the more subpar heroes in the game? There are a lot of heroes with perk combinations that just dont work out, but have a fairly cool thematic going for them. For instance, Guardian Bull seems to have a theme going on of actively running around within his base and batting husks around with melee weapons, but the perks he gets to support that are terrible and don't do anything to sell that playstyle!

Heroes ought to be a playstyle preference with a lot of different options to choose between, rather than only a scant few being actually effective.

We have some plans to do a pass on hero improvements. I can't really say specifics on which heroes because the designs are still up in the air. We made a small hint at this during our AMA with the developers.

Originally posted by Chiefrock4

There is still people with rerolled schematics that didn't got compensated. I'm one of them, we are not just lying to get something for free.

Too bad that i don't have any proof and I don't know why i didn't met the criteria, but I guess, there is no point on beating a dead horse.

Same thing here! I'll get someone to look at the details of your account. We'll be in touch!

Originally posted by Scrotas_Crotum

Actually make that +67.5% Crit:


Replied to your post above also. I'll have someone take a look at the snapshot of your account to see what's up. I'll be in touch.

Originally posted by Scrotas_Crotum

Dope. Can I get my original Dragon's Roar back as was promised? Don't set expectations with your audience unless you plan on fulfilling them...

Take a look at the Restoration of Dragon Weapons post. We typically update this whenever we get some more information. Not everyone was eligible for the grant. Players would have only gotten the schematics if we rolled invalid perks on them in the first place and then had to change them. Also, players that didn't have any weapons prior to the original 3.0 invalid perk rolls may not have gotten them.

Originally posted by Chiefrock4

Now we need those QoL changes to outlanders! pretty pleaseeee???

I don't think these will be ready for 3.4. However, they have some great designs in place for Outlanders overall. We will let you know when they are closer to being completed.

Originally posted by frvwfr2

increasing the stacks for materials from 99 to 200

I wonder if they've been saving this one for a rainy day as appeasement

Not necessarily. This is something we've wanted to add for a while. We were finally able to complete the development on it and decided that 3.4 is the perfect place to introduce it.

Originally posted by AeneaGames

That would mean my backpack is only half full when that happens! Awesome!

BTW, loving the idea of better rewards in Plank, Canny and Twine (am currently in early Canny), but would it not also be a good idea to stop giving out Rare schematics in Canny (and Twine I assume?)?? Since by now I try to phase out anything Rare for at least Epic....

And if I may add another suggestion: It would be awesome if there was a very, very grindy way to get particular items so to have an alternative to RNG. I don't care if it will take me 50+ hours as long as there is something to work towards and get it!

And ehmm, put the Ultimate on sale for once ;)

PS. any news on the story lines for Canny and Twine and different biomes?

Yes! Incoming more inventory space! I'm super excited about that one. I have a tiny backpack :(

The Canny and Twine topic has popped up quite a bit with the release of this video. We're working on more pressing QOL changes to make the game feel better for the players. We will address Canny and Twine once we have these changes in place. We still have a lot of work for those two zones.

Originally posted by MrShiros

Magyst, some of us, myself included, didn't get the old dragon weapons schematics, even tho these had crit perks rerolled and such. Any information regarding this issue?

I would read the Restoration of Dragon Weapons post. We have been updating that as more information comes in. Players would have only gotten the schematics if we rolled invalid perks on them in the first place. Also, players that didn't have any prior to the original 3.0 invalid perk rolls may not have gotten them.

Originally posted by Bizzerker_Bauer

There are definitely some more pressing issues / bugs that we're actively working on (mentioned in the video).

But, almost the entire last patch was just fixing problems introduced by the patch before that one, which in itself was mostly fixes to things that nobody thought were really a problem in the first place. We didn't need nerfs to crit chance perks because nobody playing the game thinks they're too strong, and we don't need buffs to durability, recoil, etc. perks because nobody is going to use them regardless.

We know that it wasn't the best idea to change all of that stuff. We saw the feedback loud and clear and made it our goal to address the changes that were made in 3.2. We can move on to bigger and better things now that we've fixed those issues. Patch 3.4 has more development focus changes in it.

Originally posted by sala91

So no, they are not even aware of Xbox fiasco

EDIT: My issue got solved (altho I get new error when logging in, the content is accessible). I hope everyone else get back to playing again aswell. Still no ansfer on email tho.

Any more information that you could provide would be super helpful.

Originally posted by KridElKid

This is literally just you guys saying "we're working on it" for almost every issue instead of actually giving us answers

Well shit, you've been "working on it" for most of these issues for almost a year, you'd think you'd have a little more to say than "we're working on it"

We want to make sure you know that the feedback is important to us and that we are going to address it. Some of those things (rerolling, AFK, and Global Chat) are bigger pieces of work that will take some time to complete.

Originally posted by TheOtherJTG

Can't wait for the hammer to drop on AFK leeches.

Me neither! This is something that we need to address. Having leechers ruins the experience for everyone.

Originally posted by Walking_Contra

Still haven’t gotten my weapon back yet from the perk reset what is the deal?

Not everyone may have been impacted. Only those that were affected by the unintended perks were granted their schematics back. Take a look at the Dragon Post for more information.

Originally posted by Gaffots

a Mocturno?

LOL. This is hilarious. This would be awesome!

Originally posted by darkgrass

I would say standardize all the Nocturno rolls, make it one set for every gun. Make the perks on the strong side so no one feels ripped off.

That is definitely an idea. However, the gun itself is locked behind the highest tier of the game. This still reduces how exclusive it is by allowing players who don't own that version to keep it. We'll let you guys know when we have the solution.

Originally posted by MrRado

I did not expect the material buff. That is HUGE! Thanks for that! And really can not wait for the reward increase. Grinding out the exp to level up a new schematic is such a slog, even at the tail end of Canny right now!

I was excited when I heard about that one. I think this is a change that we've needed to make for a while. Hello inventory space!

Originally posted by lolreppeatlol

I am soo hyped for the future of Save The World right now, keep doing what you're doing right now!

Awesome! There are some cool things in store for 3.4. We only touched on a few of them in the video.

Originally posted by MagicReveler

This all sounds sweet! Really hoping the perk re-roll system allows to use all of our schematics that are collecting dust in some meaningful way rather than just recycling them. ;)

I think this will help with that. I have quite a few schematics saved up that I can't wait to re-roll. I have the worst luck with RNG...

Originally posted by TheHeathenStagehand

Since it looks like others won’t say it, THANK YOU. I know you guys have taken a lot of shit this past week. Hell I dished out plenty myself, but your recognition of the issues and the decision to roll back 3.2 changes speaks volumes. Pumping rewards and acknowledging the nocturno issue has also restored my faith in your commitment to this community. There will be plenty of problems we’ll face in the future and I hope you guys will address them head on with the same integrity. So thank you EPIC.

Sincerely, a previously disgruntled player.

Thank you for the kind words! We realize we messed up big with 3.2 We don't want to make those same mistakes. Be patient with us! If we make changes isn't best for everyone.. we will revert them. We only scratched the surface for 3.4! There is more to come.

Originally posted by Bizzerker_Bauer

Is there any word on the bug with Sarah Claus yet, and do you guys even know about it? I saw a thread around here somewhere talking about it but I'm not sure it made it very high up. Anyways, Epic rarity Sarah Claus had her Medicinal Fumes replaced with the new exploding shield perk from Thunderstrike Scorch. The lower-tier versions still have Medicinal Fumes in the same slot, so I'm pretty sure this is a bug, but it's been like that for awhile now.

Thanks for letting us know!

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