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That is a good idea. The problem is that they can’t exist side by side given how game is architected. We need to figure something out.

Actually it might not be that difficult... let's chat today.

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Hello everyone! Does anyone notice game hitching after update ? I have this problem with one of my friend, it's start after the update. I have: GTX 1060, 12 GB ram and i5 2400. Game run smoothly before, now even with 60 FPS all the time, game hitching every few second. My friend play on laptop and there it's even worse. Turning off vsync help a little bit, but don't resolve problem

Edit 01.12.2017 - As some people already comment, and I checked by my self and confirm that game still hitching as before. They say it's for save the world patch tho. Maybe we need to wait a little bit more.

Update tomorrow at 4 AM ET to fix it. Sorry!

Welcome to the umbrella club :-)

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All of this sounds amazing! Any release dates associated with any of these things?

December to January for large percentage of what is mentioned.

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We are shooting (har har) to provide a test client and servers

I am currently on my way to the epic games studio to personally slap the person who wrote this.


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Its because they only mimic the behaviour I have concerns, ask anyone in the community or anyone who plays shooters on PC and Console and they will tell you the feel and playstyle is a very different experience. It would make more sense to make the technical hurdles around a console PTR than to try be careful to deliver acceptable changes from a PC based PTR. To my knowledge the main issue would be getting updates approved by MS/Sony and considering the state of the game "The Culling" by Xavient and the way it went Im sure a FortNite PTR would be more than acceptable even if it did take time for updates to be applied.

A major issue with games nowdays (for console atleast) is developers make changes to the game that "they" think is acceptable and 9/10 times are not accepted by the playerbase, see EA - Battlefront 2, 343i - Halo 5, SHG/Activision - CoD:WWII and Xavient - The Culling, the last thing I want to see is Epic ruin FortNite with the notion of "We thought..." it something that ruins games.

I know my word doesnt mean much and that the final decision is ultimately down to developers and publishers but as someone who has been a hardcore gamer for the past 13years I have to give my opinion on this.

Appreciate the concern and it's noted. Right now it will be available on PC. If that changes we'll make sure to update.

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I know youre not the dev but do you know when 1.10 will drop?

Next week

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Issue has been seen before in that particular building. The potion was probably on the floor above. When I had it my friend did not see it there but on the floor above. He could pick it up there.

Did u report it to epic or sent it to /u/epicericsw for instance?

We've seen a few reports of this and have an idea of what might be causing it - no ETA on a fix yet unfortunately. Thanks for the heads up.

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I finished a game right before the season shop countdown finished. I watched it hit zero and load, but it just loaded up the same items with a timer saying “0:00” and my level hasn’t reset. So when does the next season actually start?

Hi all, one of our developers explained what's going on here: Sorry for the confusion!

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I’m sure many were waiting for this day.

Season 1 for Battle Royale does not correspond directly to the Fortnitemares event. It was extended but there is a calendar caching bug that kept the display date 'locked in' even though the actual end date was changed.

We should have a better idea of exactly when it will end when the 1.10 patch ships and we will either fix the caching bug or otherwise update folks, so you know in advance how much time is left in the season :)

Lots of cool stuff coming for Season 2 as well, can't wait until we can share more with everyone.

Cheers, Michael Noland

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/u/justmooney1 Can you guys elaborate on the city idea? I’m still confused is that going to be on the current map or a new map :)

New area in the existing map.

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If the test realm is PC only how will you tune the weapon model will console gameplay taken into consideration, not that doubt that Epic couldnt do the job but assuming you will do internal testing for console thats very limited feedback. Wouldnt giving console access to the PTR be the best way to get feedback for tuning the weapon model on both port rather than just PC and internal testing? Look at 343 they made changes based on interal testing which they had to revert due to the community backlash.

There are a ton of technical hurdles around console deployments of PTRs. This wouldn't be internal testing, it would be available to anyone that wanted to play on PC. Controllers mimic the same behavior on PC as they would on console. Conversely, Playstation offers mouse and keyboard support.
We know it's a challenge and we'll be careful to make sure we deliver (or don't based on the experience) changes out of a PTR.

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It would be great if you would update save the world that often

There is a major communication about the work being done in the near and long term for StW. Here you go: Link

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A small suggestion here..

I LOVE how you guys are trying to optimize sound. As someone who uses their headphones heavily to gauge distance/location of enemy footsteps, it’s always jarring to hear the loot drop sound since it’s the same for any distance. When I hear it I always look to where I think it will be (a medium distance away from me) and often times it’s right on top of me or all the way across the map.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Crashing, freezing or hitching while playing Save the World? We will be pushing a PC only update on Dec. 1, 4am ET…
Have you been experiencing crashing, freezing or hitching on Save the World since the v1.9.1 patch? We will be releasing a PC only update to address...
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I imagine implementing the new shooting mechanics into the temporary times modes (custom games) is how you plan to test on consoles? If not... that’d be a good place I think!

That is a good idea. The problem is that they can’t exist side by side given how game is architected. We need to figure something out.

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Hey there old friend :)

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are you guys trying to figure out a way to make console players have a better way to switch between weapons other than, "tap x or tap triangle 5 times to get to the 5th wpn slot" like maybe hold X and press one of 5 buttons to put out that wpn directly, that is a major dissadvantage of console right now :(

Did you already try the “Combat Pro” controller layout?

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Can't hit what you can't see! Nice ☁️☁️smoke grenades ☁️☁️ @Avxry!
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Any concern about making changes to shooting mechanics without console players being able to test? Shooting on mouse+keyboard is obviously quite different than controller, and using only M+K feedback seems a bit narrow.

Tons of concerns! We are talking about ways to make sure we have sufficient test cycles and feedback so v1 is on the right trajectory (pun intended ;)).

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I don't suppose there is any word of when we will start seeing these features being rolled out? Soon I hope. Great work devs.

In the blog we stated December for a few features. Most of this is fairly soon and into early next year. Some stuff requires ongoing work and we'll see improvement over a longer stretch of time.

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Can someone please give me some clarity on an issue 3 weeks I have been waiting for an answer to my support email all I have had so far is 2 automated responses telling me not to create another case (which I haven’t ) I have spent a small fortune on this game which is my choice I agree with but I do expect a little more than an automated message Eli4nn Xbox

If you have a ticket Id number you could provide me with I can try and escalate this issue. I am sorry you've had this experience and I'll do my best to help resolve it. Send it to me in a private message, please.