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Also when you start the game in the starting screen the music is way too loud. And you can’t even turn it off.

This is already on our list of issues to address. Will be investigating soon. Thanks!

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It is good to know that you are working on it and i am naturally grateful for it, however could you perhaps write up what really went wrong with 1.10. I have been following this issues ever since and footsteps are still not as good as they were prior. Yes we now have different surface audio, but everything else is worse (vertical, distance, missing sounds altogether...). It has taken so long that i honestly hope that you just rolled back to 1.10 sounds, since they actually worked really well.

Thanks for the reply. :) I'll put it as straightforward as I can, because there are a lot of variables at play here. Prior to 1.10, footsteps carried over 50 meters in distance, with little falloff... This was great for awareness as to if an enemy was nearby, but it always sounded like the steps were right on top of you even if they were the next house over. And they provided very little vertical information. This is still a problem even now that they don't travel as far, especially with places like Tilted Towers on the map. 1.10 also introduced with it some optimizations with respect to animating players (at the time, this was to allow 50v50 to run more smoothly). Fallout from this included footsteps... due to anim optimizations, footsteps played at irregular rates when off screen. All in all these changes led to a very poor experience compared to the original footsteps heard prior to 1.10.

We've recovered since then. Footsteps have been improved a lot since 1.10's fallout. And our team is focused right now on improving tactical information like verticallity and distance.

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There was no mention of any of the above concerns. Separate issues.

Hey, just letting you know we're reading and listening. Trying to address everything that's being brought up one at a time. :)

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u/sweedinmusic <3

I gotchu. :)

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Or when you drop from the fucking bus. You want me to go deaf? Just tell me!

Will be reducing harvesting volume a bit in the near future when time permits. And lobby / bus drop volume is being reduced a bit in the next patch!

UPDATE: It appears the Bus was low on BluGlo. We've since refueled and are ready to go! You may encounter a waiting room queue while we start the engines.

Players Saving the World may be having trouble finding a game. We're currently investigating and will be sure to update once we have more information.

Battle Royale Matchmaking Issues

UPDATE: It appears the Bus was low on BluGlo. We've since refueled and are ready to go! You may encounter a waiting room queue while we start the engines.

The Battle Bus has hit a speed bump and players may be having trouble matchmaking. We are currently investigating!

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I’m not sure about “probably fixed soon.”

It’s one thing when they discover a bug like glitching underground or the crane not having collision. Those are relatively simple fixes they can do within a week. But getting directional audio correct is not the easiest thing in the world. It might take a little while

It's one of audio's top priorities now with the release of the new map update. We're testing some stuff internally right now (it's sounding good!) and gauging when we can get it into an update. Because this new map has so many different indoor/outdoor layouts (not to mention building) a "one size fits all" approach just isn't going to cut it without some clever tricks.

Because footsteps are such an crucial part of the game we want to make sure we're doing it right and not rushing anything out. :)

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And I have yet to hear back from the epic team. To be honest I thought I might get a automated response which I did clarifying I sent the email. Still have yet to hear from you guys.

Please DM me your ticket number and I'll check into it.

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Hi MrPopo because everyone is saying how awesome you are with helping the community i thought i would try asking here. I have a case#1533678 which i have had since battle royal first came out. I have tried tweeting and sending emails but i never get a reply just the same automated email. It would be awesome if you could help me out and let me know whats going on with my case, cheers.

I'm sorry you've had to wait that long. I've escalated your case. :)

Uh oh, that doesn't look right. I'm sending this off to our QA team, I do really appreciate you taking the time to make us aware of this. We're on it!

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If you disagree I'd like to hear why.

It's on our list! There are a number of improvements to the spectating experience that will be coming over time.

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The fact that Eric recorded this on his phone just shows how they’re easily the best developers out there. Any other studio would take months to even get their equipment set-up to even begin to communicate with us.

Thank you guys so much! Keep it up!

Let it be known this is the first and last selfie I plan on taking.

I always wonder if those gnomes are secretly watching our every move. Waiting, watching, learning...until one day they unite and defeat us all.


Fortnite Overheating
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Why is my PS4 only overheating when I play this game and this game alone.. I did a thorough cleaning and put it back together and still is overheating but like I said before to fortnite only so what did I do to change this

For people having this issue on PS4, is it your fans going wild you're referring to. I'm just trying to collect some additional information here to report to the QA team. Also, if this ever happens to you in-game please be sure to submit a bug report so we can grab those logs. It helps us out a lot. <3

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the additional info!

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No mats needed. I'm a simple man. You can buy my psychological damages recovery with about 5k vbucks

If you feel you legitimately lost things due to a bug then please throw a support ticket our way. You can fill one out at this link, then just keep an eye on your email for a response. :)

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Pretty cool concept in my opinion. Choosing where you spawn with a mechanic that's essentially already in the game. I mean, Lars has that van for a reason. Plus, gliders!

Gliding into this comment section to say we've heard your request and we'll add it to requested features for a possible later discussion. <3

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And no, not cost. Not efficiency. Not even the fact that 9 times out of 9 I’m doing my own farming so I can put all these traps up and I’m constantly under appreciated even tho I MAKE 7 10 TILES IN EVERY DIRECTION A GLOWY BLUE WALL OF GO FUCK YOURSELVES, YOU INSOLENT HUSKS.

But god damnit, why can’t I remove my traps off of walls(even if I can’t get them or their resources back, which is another issue all together)?

You’re telling me I gotta break this level 3 metal wall to put up a new ceiling zapper? Why?

Howdy! So this is an interesting request, I would imagine you only want the person who placed to trap to be able to have this option? I'll be sure to bring this up to the team for possible discussion.

Fortnite Unacceptable
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Hope this gets a thousand upvotes. I've seen tons of posts about this happening, but I've not seen any sort of response (except one telling the person to email Epic).

Not being able to even log in and select a mission is insane. How many times have we heard the, "We're going to do better about communicating with you all," line? Maybe glance at the posts today, look at the endless sprawl of error messages, and toss together a quick post letting us know you all even care or know this is happening.

Love this game. Please let me play it.

This should be fixed.

Fortnite Unacceptable
Originally posted by meirmamuka

when you encounter this error try:

closing fortnite, logout from launcher, quit it

launch launcher, login, verify files

in my case it helps, but it doesnt matter much when each 2h i have to go through this:/ i just hope that Vevent will bring stability patch with it

Thanks for helping out, it should be fixed now.

Fortnite Unacceptable
Originally posted by CloudLifeSmiley

Ok so let's get right into it the current bug "unable to lock profile" or whatever yea the one that is literally keeping people on all platforms from playing is UNACCEPTABLE! I'm a day one player and for months I and a lot of others have dealt with and was willing to overlook tons of bugs and the awful lag spikes, but this is just unacceptable. We don't want new features, we don't want new events, WE WANT YOU TO FIX THIS BROKEN MESS OF A GAME! I'd be fine with little to no new content for a while as long as it meant progress to getting a game that we all love and want to succeed becoming what it should be, A FULLY FUNCTIONAL GAME with fewer bugs and lag spikes.

I have seen that you all are implementing a patch tomorrow morning so I went to the epic forums to check it out and all it said was Fortnite is launching in Korea tomorrow and the patch would implement the Korean language to the game and that was all the info that was given.

You absolutely need to get this problem resolved ASAP, it should be prioritized over anything else. It is literally keeping countless numbers of people playing and if it isn't fixed within the week then I believe would should be highly compensated for this. I love this game, I want it to succeed but you guys really need to get your shoy together, before BR dropped the game ran smoothly with little to no bugs/lags but you guys have really dropped the ball as of late, I hope you are this Epic devs and take it to heart, I have been silent on most things but this is just getting out of hand.

Sincerely a very disappointed player.

This should be fixed soon, sorry for the trouble.

Fortnite Unacceptable
Originally posted by Bloodcyka2

Yes like 10 mins ago. And its the 3rd time today.

Thank you. I'll let you know if I need more info.

I submitted a report about this today. I'll let you know if I need more info.

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How much more tone deaf can you be? Honestly.

Apologies, I thought you meant you only reported in game. How long has it been since you've emailed support? I can get a ticket number from you and check on the status. In the mean time, I've also reported the issue to QA.