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  • : Battle Stars (900v)
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  • Dance: Gun Show (200v)
  • Character: Desperado (1200v)
  • Pickaxe: Cliffhanger (800v)

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BR Duos – No ETA (>19h)
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pc TSM_Myth 961 14709 32.85%
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ps4 TTV_MBaty 761 11869 29.27%

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Originally posted by SkeletonJakk

I'm talking about the tickets.

Mr popo helps people and assists in resolving tickets.

To be fair, I just do what I can with people who are reaching out for help. The Support team are the ones who actually resolve the issue. :)

Originally posted by amethyskc

Only if he talks about his days playing Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League.

I quit doing that to go work for Epic, no regrets at all! Also, how the heck you been Amethys? :)

Originally posted by grummelkarsten

Zak is still there, according to Popo Zak was on much-deserved vacation

No no, Wes* was on a vacation. :)

Apologies if I said Zak. <3

Originally posted by disloc8r

Mrpopo saves dolphins with mouth to mouth resuscitation if they need it. That's hard with a blow hole! I've seen him pull puppies out of burning dog houses! And once when I was about to buy a ranged weapon llama he slapped the controller out of my hand. He is a saint or a knight or both. A warrior monk a ninja priest! Hurray for popo!

This had me cracking up rofl!

Originally posted by deputycarl10

Pretty much why I'm saying this is how Popo takes his own time to come over here and answer questions and help people out with their tickets and such. He has shown that he listens to us and actually cares about us and our concerns. Popo has brought some light back when we were just seeing a drought of no often responses on our subreddit and then Popo steps up his game and pretty much hops on this subreddit daily to answer any questions and concerns. Long story short i think there's a lot of us who appreciate Popo and for that personally i would love to see him on a Dev update video/stream.

MrPopoTFS Appears

I just want to say I really appreciate all of your kind words. Who knows what the future holds. :)

-Much love, Popo

MrPopoTFS Vanishes

Originally posted by TrapTarzan

Idk if they just used my username on accident or what lol

Honest mistake, we all missed it. It was /u/grimtombstone who we had sourced that question from. Thanks for heads up!

Originally posted by kreedzsenpai

Tunisia, i use european servers in most games

Gotcha - they might run servers closer to you :-/

Originally posted by NickelN9nee

It might feel good, but it's a proven fact you get more if you alternate between hitting the target and not 1 for 1.

Not true, the reason it might seem this way is because objects have some variance in how many resources they give you. Might just be confirmation bias :-/

Originally posted by joacoleon

No, you are right. Hitting the blue circle deals 100 damage, not hitting it deals 50. So you get more resources per hit but if a tree gives 60 wood, it will give 60 no matter if you hit it 3 or 6 times.

Yea this is right

Originally posted by DVidojkovic

And when will you start responding to tickets? :)

Support should be pretty caught up, if it has been more than 72 hours, DM me your ticket number I can check into it.

Originally posted by i_am_ponkie

I just finished playing three missions where every time my gun would glitch out and it would sound like it was firing continuously for the rest of the mission.

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Listening to your gun fire for 10+ minutes until the mission is over is so irritating.

The only gun I’ve had this happen with so far is my Cobra. It’s my favorite gun and I’d hate to ever be able to use it again.

Here’s a clip of it happening for third time on my Twitter. I don’t know how to get the clip off of there to share directly.

Thanks for the report, I'll be sure this gets into Jira.

Originally posted by DarienPrague

Our kids were out 4 days last week and 1 this week. Plus, 4 hours of early release or delays.

Coming from the Northeast, I don't understand it. We rarely had snow days. Most we every had was delays, and we had a LOT of snow.

Originally posted by Seditian

They've addressed it yesterday. Not exactly with any information other than it's hard to pinpoint, but still, they addressed the issue.

Edit for the lazy:

Thanks. Yes, it's a high priority for the devs.

Originally posted by ZOZOT3

I am lvl 40 Solder and was trying to help your lvl 70 fts. I had to quit before the storm begins. It's because of the power outage(and it's still on going). I am really sorry. I wanted to help you even though it was going to be a carry for you.

This is so awesome. OG gamers.

Please no.

Originally posted by seventhbreath

Also, we will sending out a patch to improve client stability

Just missing the word 'be'.

I appreciate the relative increase in community outreach and honestly, typos and missing words make it seem more human.

That said, If you want someone to review your posts for grammar and comprehension i'm happy to assist.

Heh, looks like I need it :p

Originally posted by Tobi243

Stay tuned for updates....Well thank you Sir! I just wanted to play the game even if it's bugged. Now I can't play whatsoever. :c

Are you able to play now?

Originally posted by TheSteamyPunk

Yah, the lag hitching has definitely been worse since latest patch, so thanks for following up on it so fast

Hopefully it helped. More to come.

Originally posted by iSpccn

Thanks for answering the questions in this thread in a timely manner. Means a lot to us StW players.


Originally posted by Groshi

I got the same messages

Just double checking you were able to get the update.

Originally posted by luigislam

Oooooh that burn. Nice one.

On my way to the burn unit.

Originally posted by ZOZOT3

I am lvl 40 Solder and was trying to help your lvl 70 fts. I had to quit before the storm begins. It's because of the power outage(and it's still on going). I am really sorry. I wanted to help you even though it was going to be a carry for you.

This post = greatness

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Slow crits or quick hits, what is your go-to tactic? @Sylphin_Paragon breaks down the numbers to help you find the…
Originally posted by iFlak

We are preparing to deploy a small update to improve server stability. Also, we will be sending out a patch to improve client stability tomorrow morning, Eastern time. Stay tuned for more information on when these updates will land.

UPDATE: We are deploying a patch to improve client stability in a few moments. There will be no downtime with this update, but you will be prompted for a download.

UPDATE: We are experiencing an issue with the login service and some players may have trouble logging into the launcher. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: It appears login services are recovering and players should now be able to login.

It appears login services are recovering and players should now be able to login.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
It appears login services are recovering. Now get out there and Save the World!