Date Matches Wins Kills
20 Feb 19 5 40
19 Feb 27 12 121
18 Feb 193 43 556
12 Feb 15 5 37
11 Feb 47 13 106
10 Feb 112 29 296
8 Feb 162 37 397
7 Feb 12 0 25
5 Feb 36 11 97
Categories: All XB1 PC

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Duos (PC) person person

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Squads (XB1) person person person person

About the Stats

The stats we retreive are the same ones you see on your Statistics page in Fortnite. We take that data and calculate more detailed information, as well as compare them to the rest of the players who visit the site.

EPIC takes around 15 minutes post-match to update the stats. If they're showing up in-game, we should have them here too. Contact us if your stats aren't matching up.

Stats are imported when you visit this page and but also automatically every day. To have a more specific listing on your Match history, be sure to visit the page regularly during your game session.

Score, Wins, Top 10/5/3, Top 25/12/6, Kills, Matches Played, Time Played are stats that come from EPIC and are shown on your stats page in-game.

Score is taken from EPIC's Score Leaderboards and may not be up to date with your other stats. It's currently unclear how Score is calculated.

K/D Ratio is derived from your Kills divided by your Matches Played minus your Wins [Kills/(Matches-Wins)]

Kills per Match is similar to K/D Ratio except includes your wins [Kills/Matches]

Kills per Min is derived from your Kills divided by your Time Played [Kills/Time Played]

Win Percentage is derived from Wins divided by Matches Played [(Wins/Matches Played) * 100]