Mission Alerts


Expire in 4h 55m

5 flash_on Survivor XP (x900)
9 flash_on Schematic XP (x900)
9 flash_on vBucks (x15)
5 storm mutations active


Expire in 4h 55m

23 flash_on Mini Reward Llama
28 flash_on Schematic XP (x600)
40 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x13)
8 storm mutations active

Canny Valley

Expire in 5h 36m

46 flash_on Ingredient: Active Powercell
52 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x5)
70 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Rare)
9 storm mutations active

Twine Peaks

Expire in 4h 55m

76 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x10)
76 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x20)
94 flash_on Storm Shard (x5)
10 storm mutations active
Stonewood: New missions in 25m
Plankerton: New missions in 25m
Canny Valley: New missions in 6m
Twine Peaks: New missions in 25m

Daily Llama

People Llama

x4 @ 350v

Yes, it's a people delivery llama. Just make your purchase and move along. Contains at least 7 people. Somehow.

Expires in 14h 43m

Heya folks,

We wanted to get out and let you know some features on our immediate plan of action, with the goal of beginning to address the issues you have surfaced!

Let us know your thoughts or any suggestions/feedback you have :D

Fortnite has grown quick, fast and in a hurry! We’re humbled and happy to welcome so many of you into Fortnite. The community started as a tiny seed of online testers, now with your help it has blossomed into so much more. You’ve had lots of great suggestions and feedback about Fortnite and we’re listening! 

Here’s what you’re saying about RNG:

"Everything is RNG gated including heroes you can play. When you finally do get something decent, RNG determines the bonus stats as well. So you have RNG (llamas) upon RNG (loot from llamas) upon RNG (bonus/random stats on loot)" - /u/Dustin1280

We are delivering features that ease that feeling and increase your reward choices. We've added more quests, more storm rewards for evolution ingredients and more activities that easily allow you to get what you want. And guess what, we want to do more!

Here’s what you can expect soon:

Event Currency Store -  You will be able to purchase event-specific items with event currency (like “Halloween Candy”) during some events. You can go to an event vendor and spend your “candy currency” on event items or event llamas. Coming in December

Hero Rarity Evolution - Our goal is to give you the ability to evolve heroes into greater rarities. This means you can take a grey, common hero and gradually level them up to an orange, legendary hero. (Finally!) Coming in December

Here’s what you’re saying about clarity:

“I have just played for around 2 hours, yes I get the in-game stuff. But out of game.. what the hell is going on I am literally so confused I don't understand it.
Collecting survivors? how to change characters, how to use the weapons a Llama gave me, it's utterly confusing and there was somebody watching me play who was just as lost.” - ParaPlays (Forums)

We need to make the UI and UX easier for you to understand. Your goals and how to get your LOOT should be crystal clear. We have some rough spots to iron out and here’s how we’re going to do that: 

Here’s what you can expect soon:

  Accessing Inventory From Everywhere - One of your popular requests. And we built it. It’s going into the game as fast as we can get it in! Access your loot anytime, anywhere. Coming in December 
Examples of your frustrations:
When you were given rewards you couldn't easily inspect them. You may not have known what happened to the cool weapon you just earned after a looting spree. This was bad on so many levels. We’re going to improve it.

Collecting Stuff - You want better ways to manage schematics, survivors and items, so do we. The first step is context sensitive menus that allow you to save time when adding those to your collection book, leveling up cards, or evolutions. Going through a rolodex of menus to “favorite your items” shouldn’t be a hassle. Coming in December 

Quest Map  - You should know where to go and what to do when you play. We want you to be able to easily examine your quests, figure out how to complete them and see what loot you’ll receive. The ability to select and examine future quests, so you can plan for them, is a specific example of how we see this playing out. Coming in January 
Here’s what you’re saying about repetition:

"One of the major complaints is people get bored after a while because the game is repetitive. I mean the first few dozen hours the missions do follow several missions types(Rescue survivors, Destroy Encampments, Atlas, Retrieve Data, Ride the Lightning).." - /u/mog0war

As Fortnite grows we want to evolve and polish all the stuff you’re used to like Survival and Challenge the Horde. We also want to give you new and exciting experiences. So we’re planning to introduce MINI-BOSSES into the game.

Here’s what you can expect soon:

Like a “Mini-Boss”:
You will see these new baddies in different parts of the game and they will spice up gameplay with a variety of new behaviors. We want to add flavor to your basic encounters and shake up your moment-to-moment battles. This gets us one step closer to true boss creatures. Coming in December 
  Here’s what you’re saying about the endgame:

"The game is unfinished, which means that progression is relatively pointless - you can enjoy the game equally as much at all power levels." - /u/REXnor

Once you get about 60+ hours into the game, the quests become more procedural. We will continue building the story-driven campaign as well as offering events and more competitive experiences for end-game content.

Here’s what you can expect soon:
Survival v2: We want events to give you the things you care about when you’re just starting out or as you’re powering through end game content. You’ve helped us make Survival mode better with a lot of great suggestions. Giving you the ability to vote skip days was one popular request we’ll be putting into the next round of Survival. Coming in December 
We see this as our an initial step down the path of addressing some of your top concerns, and it is something we will continue to do. You can expect more communication discussing our direction in working on solutions for your top issues!

You’ve sent us hundreds of thousands of Fortnite suggestions, advice and feedback. It takes a lot of time, energy and passion to let us know how we can make Fortnite the best it can be. 

You’ve helped build an awesome community and set a high bar for every person working on the Fortnite team. I want to personally say, thank you for enabling Fortnite to exceed even our wildest expectations.
Some really great effort you put into posting this feedback! Something you might be interested in is the upcoming PVE blog that is about to be released....
Howdy, I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to provide us feedback so we can continue to make improvements. There will be a new PVE blog...
Originally posted by DaviidMarshall

Couple of questions;

  1. Is the PTR going to be PC Only?

  2. Will there be umbrella skins in the future?

  3. Over time, will you be adding more of the weapons from Save the World to Battle Royale?

  4. Is there any plans for different maps? Weather effect?

  5. Last one - Are you doing any Christmas themed stuff for BR like you did for Halloween?

Thank you guys again for the amazing support on this game!

  1. Yes, initially. But we'd love to run some kind of PTR on console as well
  2. Not yet determined
  3. Hopefully
  4. Yes, but we're improving the current map first
  5. Come on now, do you really want us to spoil all of our surprises? :)
Fortnite is a social game, and this is definitely something worth considering! Many people have suggested this in the past and it's on our radar...

Got Questions? Let us know for next time!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Eric talks weapon changes, Silenced SMG and team killing in our latest Dev Update! https://t.co/oRlukErlxg
Originally posted by Scrw_Vwls

/u/JustMooney1 still having this issue...are you guys addressing it?

An associated cause of this may be network latency, if you're still seeing the message try resetting your connection!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
RT @DreamHack: You + #DHW17 + @FortniteGame = an Epic Time (pun 100% intended) If you're BYOCing at Winter you can join in and wi… https://t.co/DECxy2aWwK
Originally posted by odkfn

Not to jump on the EA hate train, but you really are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

You’ve released a very fun free game with OPTIONAL in app purchases that don’t affect performance.

We all really appreciate it!

We appreciate you!

Originally posted by adsy-mac

With and without text

Love it.

We will continue to work towards bringing all players across all platforms the best possible play experience they can have. Keep on being great at telling us your feelings and reporting bugs so we can continue improving!

Ya, this is most certainly my wallpaper now. I really love this art style you chose, well done!

Battle Royale @fortnitegame
Hop on the Battle Bus, we're headed to DreamHack! 🚌 https://t.co/VgUpHlHyXo #DHW17

Get ready to board the battle bus at DreamHack this winter (Dec 1-3). We’ll be travelling to Jonkoping, Sweden to host a series of Fortnite Battle Royale community competitions - so prepare to take down opponents, build your way to the top, and win awesome prizes!

At DreamHack, everyone with a BYOC seat will be eligible to join the solo or duo tournament. Qualified players from both days (Friday and Saturday) will be able to compete for a larger prize pool on Sunday. No sign-up required: just join the DreamHack Official Discord server, select the Fornite Battle Royale channel, and receive instructions there!

Tournament Dates and Times:

  • Friday, Dec 1: Top 50 qualifier from 17:00-00:00 (both Solo and Duos)
  • Saturday, Dec 2: Top 50 qualifier from 15:00-22:00 (both Solo and Duos)
  • Sunday, Dec 3: Finals from 13:00-17:00 (Solo), 17:00-20:00 (Duos)

On Friday and Saturday, admins will host a number of games between the times stated above. The results from those games will be displayed onto a dedicated DreamHack solo or duo leaderboard, which are ranked by a point system that rewards both placements and actions. On Sunday, players who have qualified will compete in a 5 game series to determine the final winners of solo and duo mode. 

Everyday the top players will be rewarded with cash prizes - with the prize pool totalling up to 12,000 euros. At the end of each day, the results will be announced on discord and displayed on the official leaderboard at the venue. 

Pack your battle gear and see you all in 2 weeks! 

Originally posted by siva115

This is a relatively new thing, it didn't use to be like this so I'm confused as to why it's still this way for the past few patches. Picking up items didn't use to feel like such a chore in the early game and now in the early game scramble for a gun after opening a chest there's a very frustrating lag.

Am I crazy or was this not the case 2-3 patches ago?

We feel it too. We're looking into it. Sorry!

Originally posted by Chicosdad

Thank you for being so awesome. An issue/bug/possibly intentional characteristic is brought to the attention of your community by a player, and you respond in a timely and honest manner. Amazing. Take my money damnit. It's because of this kind of behavior that I went from only playing BR and actually bought the PvE side. Which I have to say is amazing. The depth and detail is phenomenal. So I'll say it again, thank you for being awesome.

Hey thanks we love to hear this -- we all play the game so much and just want it to be the best it can be for everyone. Keep being brutally honest and creative with constructive feedback and the game will keep getting better.

Originally posted by JDFive

Wow, that is absolutely huge. I dont know how I feel about it. Storm already damages you, and some players get screwed landing as far as possible, so for them to run all the way to the circle and have them be revealed, if they happen to fail to make it into the storm, would suck.

As soon as I am out of the storm, Im very vulnerable to enemies possibly behind me and in front of me, and Id need to be healing lost health. Its punishing enough.

Ive never had a huge issue with people hiding in the storm. If I got killed from the storm its because I had just ran out of it, and wasnt paying attention, which should be my own fault for not expecting others to be in the storm with me.

If this is their intention, then I think a “Enemies In Storm” displayed on your HUD would be a much better compromise

This wasn't an intentional change, just an odd side effect of how we allow spectators to also see the storm. We'll be fixing it in an upcoming patch. Beware of storm ambushes until then!

Originally posted by HansInMyPans

For those who don’t know, when safely inside the circle you’ll see lightning bolts hitting the ground. This is a que that a player or squad is in the storm and you can rush that wall of the circle and trap them as soon as they reach safety.

As an aggressive player I really enjoy it, but I’ve heard a number of complaints from the squads that like to ride the edge of the storm near late game.

Just curious on what everyone thinks!

This is not intentional and we'll be fixing it. The bug was introduced when we added support for spectators to view the storm FX. Stay safe and watch out for ambushes when exiting the storm!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
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Originally posted by biinjo

Posting on reddit: get in touch with community managers who care and want to do damage control

Posting to support: wait for support staff whos sole job it is to answer questions of complaining teenagers all day.

Our customer support team handle an incredible amount of tickets each day. I sincerely apologize for the wait! We are trying to address everyone's concerns as soon as possible. If you are looking for more context on support response times, you can check out our support center here. Customer support is looking into all of the tickets that were pmed to me now.

Originally posted by GodmodeOG

I am experiencing so much frustration because of this with any of the snipers, when you're close to anything and try to peek and aim, your crosshair moves upwards for some reason and I can't quick-peek.

Could there be any possible fix from Epic Games side please? It would make everyone so happy

Thank you for your time everybody, have a nice day :)

I think we already have this as a bug we're investigating, but I'll double check to be sure. Thanks for the report!