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I switch a a lot between my active heroes, both the main and support ones. This can feel unintuitive and cumbersome sometimes. Since some tactical/support perk are not usable by every class, you can't avoid this problem really.

Why not make it easier to switch around on our heroes?

A simple editable loadout system. It may be 4 or more, with custom naming, class specific loadouts or simply just 1,2,3,4. So you can quickly toggle between your favourite setups. Maybe add the gadgets too. Hell, even throw the defenders in there if you want.

Up to epic about the details.

TLDR; make it quicker to change between favorite set-ups.

This is a great idea! I'll bring this up to the team :) Thanks for sharing!

Woah.. sucks to be that guy. Thanks for sharing!

Originally posted by bswmagic

/u/DanDaDaDanDan /u/S-LG /u/spazinski please help!

Thanks for posting. We have a fix for this prepared to go out in the next update.

Battle Royale Regarding v bucks.
Originally posted by VaoaN43

Now I know you respond to some of these posts so I figured I would try that. I purchased some v bucks on PSN in order to purchase a Battle pass. I wanted to support a game I really enjoy that also happens to be free.

But no v bucks have shown up in-game. I've contacted you via the in-game formula. I've sent you an email through your support website. No response on either for over a week.. Made me regret spending money on the game. Especially because the season is ending soon.

This is a last resort, hope I hear from you as this has reduced my enjoyment of the game..

Edit: It has been fixed. Thanks for all the tips and thanks for the resolution from Epic. I thought it was cool they acknowledged the fact that support is currently lacking.

PM me your Epic displayname and/or PSN gamertag.

Originally posted by PainKiller87

I have Multiple sclerosis i was diagnosed about 4 years ago and one of the main issues i have is vision problems. I cannot see well at night, i cannot drive well at night either. I have tried glasses, contacts and everything else but nothing helps its just a part of the disease. Now here is the issue i am having. When it becomes night on the map i literally have to back out most of the times or i just get killed by somebody that possibly didnt even have the crop on me but because everything is blurred and hard to see i cannot do much. So i am asking is it possible to have an option to turn off the night mode or would that be considered an advantage to some? I'm not sure i just wanna enjoy the game fully without inconveniencing the company or anyone else. I have even tried changing brightness settings, switched TVs around and everything and it just doesnt help. Again i am open to suggestions from the community on what may help. I would love for epic games to see this to at least get a reply and go from there. Again i am not asking u to go out of your way the game is a great game and i love the work you guys are putting in so im not complaining. I am disabled and Fortnite is about the only part of the days i enjoy so if there is a fix for this that would be great because i know i cant be the only one with vision issues. And before you guys say get a bigger TV, both of the TVs i use to play Fortnite are 55 & 65" Smart TVs. Thank you in advance

Two issues:

  1. Game brightness is not consistent between performance settings. We are working on getting this fixed soon.

  2. Overall look of game at night is not something we are happy with. When we make changes we need to keep visual clarity in mind.

Originally posted by TehPennyMon

Hey Magma,

Just to clarify: these users were subscribed to Or they simply showed up when inputting their emails in the search?

I've been subscribed to for a long time and haven't noticed my info ever being compromised.

Just didn't know if haveibeenpwned was the root or if you're simply using it as a search.


Sure, sorry if the wording wasn't clear. HIBP is not the root cause, it's just a fantastic tool I was using for my investigation into where their accounts might have been compromised.

Originally posted by broodgrillo

To the people that fall inside a basement or hole and can't build while inside of it, the problem lies in the corners.
As you can see there on the picture, you stay afloat due to the game recognizing an invisible object there.
Other angle of the same spots:
Same spot but with a tile signaling the entire area that's being occupied from top to bottom:

Basically the correct way to deal with this is, instead of building stairs or a tilted pyramid tile, you simply build a wall in the middle in the triangle shape (shape included below in case you're unfamiliar with it):
This is what it should look like:
I was pretty confused too at first so hope this clears some confusion with people who are affected.

Thanks for creating this. This bug is definitely a weird one but we have people actively looking at it. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Battle Royale Blue Squire skin
Originally posted by FeanortheNoldor

Currently the Blue Squire skin , i think it have happened on the patch that Epic changed the graphics, has this weird bug where the hairstyle of the character is visible through the helmet. This happening noticably more on the female character and less on the male one. I have stopped using the female skin for that solo reason, it destroys the art of the skin so i upload that here for visibilty!

The team is definitely aware of this and working on a fix for a future update :)

Originally posted by CheeserPro

Long story short - for the past 6 months I've been trying to get a hold of support. Daniel Vogel made a post saying that the customer service is terrible and tried to take on some complaints - I tried my luck with emailing him, which hasn't been a success. I've even tried emailing (multiple times) both Epic and Fortnite, reddit PM's - but no responses.


I know this is a long shot but all I'm trying to do is get into contact with someone who can overview my account.


Here's to hoping someone at Epic/Fortnite will see this...

Hey Cheeser! Sorry you've been having these issues. 6 months is quite a long time! CS should have reached out to you. Thanks!

This is definitely an odd one. Make sure you X-Box is connected to the internet and has been fully updated.

If this doesn't work then I would recommend a completely new install. Please let me know if this doesn't work.

Originally posted by mistermclovin23

You were a black knight. It was at the house way on the east side of retail. I was minding my own business when I hear your footsteps. My first reaction is to pull out my pump since you're in close proximity to where I can hear your steps. I looked around to find the culprit. I make a full 360 and when I finished there you were out of the blue. Just as I was about to shoot you drop bandages and waved. At this point I am so bamboozled. Shook. And then you left. I didn't need the bandages. I hesitated to shoot you as you walked away but I couldn't bring myself to do it. What kind of person would I have been? I ended up dying that game but I hope you won it buddy.

This is like a scene out of a Disney movie.

Pretty rad accomplishment, nice!

Originally posted by Undress2Kill

Like this person here and here, I too was a victim of a compromised account, and with the CREDIT CARD on file, I was charged nearly $500 in V-Buck purchases, with MANY more attempted, upwards of $1,000. I am honestly terrified, and I have no idea what to do as I have 25 dollars left in my account, and I don't have enough to pay my bills (no sob story, just the truth). I have sent 2 seperate e-mails, one pertaining to my account name and password being changed, and another through their proper form. I can't call the bank as it is far too late right now, and the game was bought with the card on file as a gift (Any payment option has since been promptly deleted)

I am meticulous with my Internet security, so I am not only financially wounded, but also at a loss for how my account was compromised.

Edit: It appears that Epic has promptly corrected the problem and returned the money. I have since cleared my 5 most recent passwords, and reinstalled my OS (It needed it anyway).

Edit 2: I appreciate the insight. For those of you who keep asking about the correlation, I really don't know. I pretty much only play Overwatch, and honestly haven't played Fortnite since the beginning of January. No password sharing, and as far as I can tell, I wasn't phished. I always opt for any 2FA whenever is an option, but normally in these circumstances, the support sends a warning message to my email and tells me where the suspicious IP is from, and none of this happened. Best advice is to remove any form of payment, as in my case, they simply changed password, logged in game, and bought V Bucks with one click and no CCV authorization.

Edit 3: Epic has been very forward and helpful. Everything is now fixed, and in proper order. Here is a screen of the responding emails, and here is the confirmed refunding (multiply by 4+extra 59.99)

As a show of good faith, they allowed me to keep the purchased items (was indifferent either way, but still very appreciated) and promptly changed my Username to what was desired. Mistakes happen and while no doubt an inconvenience, Epic Games reacted accordingly. Thanks is in order.

PM me your display name, we'll get it taken care of today.

Editing this comment to add additional details.

One common theme that we've seen across all accounts so far (from those of you who've spoken with me over PM) is that they all show up on as having username/password combinations leaked in at least one dump. This is not meant to shame the users. My email address shows up there in at least ten different leaks.

We're working to put out additional guidance on account security as well as implementing 2FA, but in the mean time I'd encourage everyone who reads this to go check their e-mail address against that service.

As a general security practice, you should use unique passwords for every service. That way, if site-X gets compromised, the bad guys won't be able to retry that username/password against every other service (credential stuffing). You should then utilize some kind of password manager to manage those unique passwords for each service, in order to ensure that the passwords are appropriately complex.

Originally posted by Sno_Jon

Would be great if every LTM wasn't squads.

This would have been much better in solo

That's another piece of feedback we've gotten multiple times. Like I mentioned, always looking to improve and the community's feedback is crucial for that.

Originally posted by Zyglr0x

The new shooting test is a huge step in the right direction. I'm 100% in favor of all the current changes, minus the damage fall off on the scoped AR. The shotgun nerf puts the smg's in a better spot with their buff, and fights fought at a distance can stay at a distance instead of just charge building close enough until you can double pump.

However, the scoped AR has taken a back seat in this game for a long time, and is consistently a weapon i never pick up. IMO, it should be 100% accurate while NOT moving, and have bloom thrown in if you shoot while moving. This gives it a risk/reward element. It should also either NOT have the damage fall off applied, or have the range at which the fall off starts GREATLY increased.

Currently, the scoped AR feels like the fall off is in the same place as other AR's. With the damage being closer to SMG's now instead of AR's, it just doesn't seem to have a place in this game at all. Just my thoughts, could be wrong.

edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

Thanks for sending in the honest, critical feedback. We are watching it all and looking to see where we can improve. Never wanting to set improper expectations on what we will/will not do but know that this is the type of feedback that helps.

She'll be back. Keep an eye out.

Originally posted by cant_ban_my_main

The stacks of hay/wooden walls that take 1 hit to break always lag for 1-2 seconds after you break them. Obviously not game breaking but very annoying when trying to quickly loot ammo boxes or chests

Sent this one over to the team. As always, appreciate the bug reports folks! Much love <3

Originally posted by UnboxAustin

[Guys, before you click off, please just read my post, and upvote this if you feel like it I'm really worried and I don't know what to do. It would be very appreciated] This happened a long time ago but I still haven't got a response from Epic or my VBucks back! I spent over £40 on them and I contacted Epic games over a month ago, and they still haven't responded , it's just appalling at this point. It happened because I linked my Epic games to my PS4 and I lost everything. All my stats, all my VBucks... The fact they I have tried to get in touch with them multiple times, but they haven't responded in over a month (I think it's nearly two months now) is just disgraceful as I payed real money for VBucks and lost everything. I was hoping you guys could upvote this so a Epic staff might see and help me out. Many thanks in advance, UnboxAustin

Edit: wow it's actually working! I thank the Reddit community as this is slowly getting more and more upvote and will eventually help me solve my problem Wow! An epic staff actually responded, and I think I can get the problem solved! Thanks everyone

Edit 3: the situation has become very complicated. I just received a refund in my PayPal as I requested one to try and get a staff member to help me around 20 days ago in my frustration that no one was responding or trying to help. I got my money back, but now, my PSN account has been banned. I had been using a different one anyway, which I bought skins and VBucks on, but this is still very worrying as I had a lot of games worth a lot of money on there.

Edit 4: I have contacted MagmaReef over 24 hours ago and I don't know how long you have to wait on average, anyone know?

Edit 5: I have received enough VBucks to get to the tier on the battlepass that I was before. But that is all. Not even enough to get to the tier I should have been if this didn't happen to my account. I have went through hell because of this problem, and I'm not sure if 35 battlepass tiers is enough, which only gets me to where I was before, even though I would have been tier 100. (Tier 70 on old account) (grinded to tier 35 on this account)

PM me with your in game username of the epic account as well as your PSN account name so we can try to find the two accounts.

Also the ticket number if you have one.

My goodness this is hilarious.

I laughed really hard at this.. lol. This would definitely be an awesome trap.

Battle Royale Minigun equip sound
Originally posted by max69well

Am I the only one that thinks they hear someone behind them when you pull out the minigun?

Yeah, noticed this. The sound is being left behind, gonna fix right now... Thanks for reporting!

BattlEye does not detect those as cheats. From their FAQ:

My BE Launcher window shows “[INFO] Blocked loading of file: …” messages. What’s wrong and do I risk getting banned?

First of all, no, you won’t risk getting banned for any of these messages. They also don’t mean that BE is looking at files on your system that are unrelated to the game. If a file is blocked it means that the game process tried to load them, which is the reason BE is checking them.

If these messages don’t cause any issues with your game you can just ignore them (note that in-game kicks are not related to them). BE’s protection is quite strict, which might cause it to block certain files which are not essential for playing the game. In that case you don’t need to worry about any bad consequences such as getting banned.

Originally posted by SlimeBelge

Yea, they trying to destroy the scoped AR as much as possible ;b

Scoped AR is definitely weak in this mode, you're not wrong. We'll likely be making some adjustments.

Originally posted by iiRyFuLii


Akiruno has some very insightful information there. You have a very strong build with that Cyclone :)

Originally posted by Newbilizer

I don’t recall seeing this once two weekends ago, this past weekend it was 90% of chat. Not even going to comment on how stupid it is, but where did it come from so fast? Edit:spelling

We're aware of this one :) I will bring this topic up. Thanks guys!