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Well they haven't even addressed the fact that we never got the new enemy that was slated for last week.. so don't expect too much.

I think it's fine that we don't know what happens after 3/8 right now. But I think it's important that on that date they either outline what is coming next (new roadmap) or tell us when we can expect the next details.

Memes aside,

This one moved out of 3.1, currently looks like it may land 3.4. And doing a roadmap this week to update you folks.

Hey Folks,

Have you or someone you know been stuck on the pesky loot llama tutorial quest? I would love to get this information to the dev team to get this resolved once-and-for-all.

One of the best ways to respond and receive the quickest resolution is on our official forum post.

However, if you have encountered this issue and are unable to use our forums please answer the following:

  • What is your in-game user name?
  • Case number (If you sent a request in)
  • Where you spamming buttons when loading in?
  • Did this issue resolve itself after re-launching the client?

Being stuck is quite a frustrating experience, so please help us out by providing some helpful info! Thanks for the help everyone.


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Edit: just got a response from support and they fixed my problem!! Thank you so much to whomever saw this and got my problem fixed! Did not expect to get a response so soon, really awesome!

Original post: So a while back MrPopoTFS told us he would look into support tickets that have been unanswered for several months. I submitted my original ticket almost 5 months ago, have sent a few updates afterwards, but have never received a response. I've PM'd MrPopoTFS four times now, asking him to look into my ticket (#1573464) but still haven't had any response yet. I understand they're busy, but it would be nice to have a response because I was affected by a bug regarding the evolution of my schematics and these schematics with good/decent rolls are now practically unusable.

Hey there, apologies you had to wait so long for resolution on this ticket. Once I saw your post I pinged our Support Team and it looks like they've taken care of you! Let me know if that solved your issue. Also, be sure to give me a shout if there's anything else you need help with.

Just need to surround it with some water. That should slow down those Husks progress.

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Edit #2: Epic has sent me an e-mail through reddit, but they again have went silent, and unfortunately I don’t have much time.

Please DM me your case number and we'll check into it.

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Join @LitanahArmy as they go through some tips and tricks for new Save the World players.
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Our artists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should ... and they did.…
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Hey! There are some really great ideas on this thread! * Reduce the time needed to "mount" hoverboard. I'm a HUGE...
Hey guys! We made an official post about this. This should walk you through or clear up some issues revolving around the twitch prime redemption.
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Title really explains it all.

A bank should have way more slots than a backpack.

Im not saying we should lower the size of the backpack...but increase the size of the storage.

Epic Reply from Magyst:

I've seen this topic pop up more and more. I've sent this over to dev team for awareness. Thanks guys!

[So you don't have to scroll to find it]

I've seen this topic pop up more and more. I've sent this over to dev team for awareness. Thanks guys!

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Hi Epic!

I figured I would write this to let you know that I usually enjoy playing Fortnite. I say “usually” because it can really be a drag sometimes. Recently, some of those times have been:

  • Having players go AFK in missions that I started.

  • Having players follow me around begging me to craft them the gun I’m currently using, only to have them get mad and destroy my fort once I activate the objective.

  • Going to help out new players in lowbie missions and not getting any Commander XP.

  • Farming tickets/gold/v-bucks, using them on special items, and getting trash rolls with perks that either don’t apply to the weapon or are useless outside of a narrow range of conditions.

  • Buying v-bucks and having the same thing happen as described above (this is worse, it’s not respecting my money, which is my professional time).

  • Server hitching so bad when a player joins my game that I run off a cliff (in a world with cliffs in every direction).

My point is, your game has a nice, addictive core gameplay loop. It’s like Warframe in a lot of ways, and I’ve got a couple thousand hours in Warframe. I’ve also spent quite a bit of money on Warframe.

You know why I will never have a couple of thousand hours in your game? You don’t respect my time.

You know why I will never spend lots of money on your game? You. Don’t. Respect. My. Time.

Now I’m gonna respect your time and stop writing. I hope you start paying attention to the problem children in your community, because they will kill it before you look twice. Please respect our time.

Cheers, BK

Hey guys! We actually did an AMA yesterday to address some of the topics that pop up regularly in STW. There are some really good information points in there! Also, we are currently in discussions around a solution for players going AFK. We'll keep you guys updated when we come to a resolution.

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Originally posted by Seditian

Awesome! To clarify, are you changing the vote UI specifically, or can we expect a full proper UI overhaul? I'm hoping the latter.

The PvE one feels heavily cluttered compared with BR. Not to mention it's also missing a ton of customization that BR has. Hell we can't even scale our UI down, it would fix 90% of the problems I have with this UI - it's waaaay too big.

Vote UI specifically but we hear you and will keep improving over time.

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Originally posted by MrProLoller

I really appreciate all the new improvements and the voting before upping the difficulty of a mission, but PLEASE get rid of the annoying pop-up that takes up ALL the screen and instead make it smaller and place it in a corner, like under the mats count would be nice.

EDIT: a word.

Hey all, we totally smashed this UI in super fast as a way to address the overwhelming desire to have group agreement when they increased the difficulty of missions. We are working on an updated version of this UI that hopes to address much of these problems and will continue to iterate to make it right. Expect these changes around 3.4 or 3.5. Thanks for all the great feedback!

Patch 3.1.1 is planned to release tomorrow at 4:00AM ET(09:00 GMT). This is to fix client crashes some players are experiencing. There will be no downtime for this patch, but you may need to restart for the update to take effect.

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Patch 3.1.1 is planned to release tomorrow at 4:00AM ET(09:00 GMT). This is to fix client crashes some players are…

Have you changed your Twitch display name?

Hey everyone. We've identified a bug on our side that is causing some of you to see the this error:


In general, this error means that you are logged in to with an account different than the one you have linked. You can see the account you're logged in to by seeing your name in the top-corner


In your account management, you can see what account you're linked to:


If the names don't match, then it's likely you have changed your display name. If so, please "Disconnect" your Twitch link and re-link it again and it should allow you to complete the Twitch Prime flow. We're working towards a full fix in the future but in the meantime, this should allow you to get your loot.

Fortnite Website issues

We're currently experiencing issues with the Epic Games and Unreal Engine websites. Check for updates.

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We're currently experiencing issues with the Epic Games and Unreal Engine websites. Check for updates.
Originally posted by Baugi47

Thanks for the response! Keep up the great work, i know you guys are doing your best.

Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps!

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We’re aware PC and Mac users are having problems logging into the launcher. We’re looking into this now and will be sure to update you once we have...
Originally posted by Smetona

Every month or two we get a new event which provides us with some really good looking skins the most recent being a twitch prime promo. Problem is that you have to re level the hero from the start just to enjoy a seasonal skin which you will probably stop using once a new event comes out. Current system where every single skin is a new hero on it's own really doesn't allow us to fully experience and customize our playstyle. A few cons for a current system:

  • Casual players are unable to really enjoy event / promotional skins, because you barely get enough materials to level up one or two of your favorite heroes. Event heroes just sit in the armory tab gathering dust because it's not really worth it to re level from the start just for a different look.

  • People who are pretty much maxed in the game get punished really hard with this system. Whenever a new skin appears they have to spend hundreds / thousands of xp and materials on a hero with same abilities, just for the different look in order to bring him into your level mission.

  • A proposed fix would simply add a new tab with all the skins in it, you would be able to select a skin which matches the hero type and subclass, I even believe that this would actually increase participation in certain events since you are getting a time limited skin which can be used whenever you feel like, without having to invest heavily.

Some Pros for a newly proposed system:

  • It would reduce the clutter in your hero tab. Anyone else has 15 different Sarah heroes? With different skins and subclasses?
  • Ability to have more than one default hero look. For example now when you evolve hero rarity, the appearance also changes. A new skin system would allow you to select whichever skin you liked the most (from uncommon to legendary)
  • More freedom introducing skins, pretty much the same system that BR uses at the moment. Recolored skins, or skins that do not really match any of the specific real world events would be available for sale in the reworked Store tab.
  • Ability to have skins for harvesting tools, we've seen some amazing concept art and already implemented skins in BR game mode. (That lama pickaxe is amazing and it would really suit Save the world theme as well)
  • One and most important change, share the skins between both game modes, this way people don't feel torn when they have to choose where to spend their vbucks. More BR people would give STW a proper chance if they saw some neat rewards that they can rock in BR game mode. It also works vice versa. I don't think people would mind rocking a Black knight skin in STW as well. Would also make the game feel like it's one full piece instead of 2 completely different games.
  • Currently STW offers only one way to spend your vbucks and it's RNG loot lamas. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to spend premium currency which cost me real money or hours of grinding, just to buy a lottery ticket.

We need a proper in game store which would sell cosmetics and other much need items. When I spend money I want to get something in return, not a chance to get something. I love both STW and BR game modes, but developers keep splitting the community apart, STW feels like an inferior project in most cases. I still play STW daily, but all my vbucks go to cosmetics in BR because at least when I buy them and I can enjoy them 100% of the time, instead of buying a lottery lama and feeling robbed.

We gave an answer to this in our AMA earlier. Check it out here