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I'm amazed how hard you guys have been working on this game day and night and just want you to know that the majority of us greatly appreciate it. Hope you're not wearing yourselves out too much though!

Glad you asked me today and not last Thursday afternoon :)

We do it because we love what we do, and we love making people happy. We're not perfect (that's obvious), but whenever we make a mistake I can promise you we work around the clock to make things right.

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Off topic but I gotta ask, are we or will there be a replay tutorial even a text tutorial on reddit would be nice. I’m not a video kinda guy but would love to learn to use this amazing tool.

You may want to ask head mod /u/TinyTimothy22 about a certain community initiative wiki in the works :)

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How come you're passing this along but when I send you guys multiple posts about a fix to the TeamSpeak bug nobody responds to me. Is it because I didn't get a thousand up votes on Reddit?

Seriously there's a 2 click fix to the TeamSpeak bug because you overlaid the output of the microphone instead of the default device now I've been trying to get in contact with you guys in every way and nobody will get back to me.

I don't think that's accurate, we talked a few days ago.

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You da Epic hero!

You should be good to go!

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Number is 3504309

Sent it over to support. Should hear back soon.

Thanks, we'll check it out!

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This bug was posted like day one of port-a-fort

Yep, which is why we already have people working on a fix. I was just slow to notice, sorry! Busy trying to keep the servers running this weekend :)

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I wish I could enjoy it. I've been stuck on the llama screen for two weeks. Haven't been able to play my founders edition at all.

Put in a support ticket here and give me the claim number you get from the auto email. I'll help get you unblocked.

Passing along to QA, thanks!

Edit: QA was quicker to find it than I was, we're already working on a fix!

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thats nothing that was set up to play games, i remote to my comp at home while im working to play... dont tell my boss

Your secret is safe with me.

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Originally posted by TriquetraPony

I've acquired all four new heroes, leveled them, tested them, and evaluated them. Here is what I've thought so far in nonspecific order about my favorite, Heavy BASE Kyle.

Heavy BASE Kyle

Second biggest BASE reach after reaching level 25

Biggest bases being Power BASE and MEGABASE with reach of 7, Heavy BASE's reach of 6 will come in handy for those who don't own either of the Constructors mentioned.

Unique way to erase smaller threats from vicinity after kill threshold has been met to release Feel the BASE.

Feel the BASE starts off weaker when first unlocked with only radius of 3 and decent damage, but after reaching level 30 to unlock its upgrade Turn up the BASE, its damage, knockback and reach will become very handy if situation calls for quick husk clearing. Nothing extremely special but provides good utility to Constructor and reason to let the husks get closer. Ability is omnidirectional, ignores line of sight (goes through walls), and is centered around BASE.

Hero Perks similar to what MEGABASE has + one from Machinist Harper

Elecrified Floors, Fast Build, Automated Defense, MEGA BASE and Overclocked Traps. In some sense Heavy BASE is like MEGABASE's little brother. Overclocked Traps is one of best Constructor hero perks ever because of the 30% reload speed bonus to traps on affected base pieces. It also helps on keeping the base safe with Floor/Wall launchers, or reaching kill threshold faster with damage traps.

Shares Feel the BASE with Tactical Perk

This gives any Primary Constructor hero Feel the BASE and it's normal properties. Suitable use up to user.

Ability kit of Kinetic Guardian

Decoy and Bullrush. I thought I'd never see the day when someone else would share same ability kit with Kinetic Guardian. Lack of plasma pulse is justified with BASE itself and its Feel the BASE ability. Whole ability kit seems to based on Damage and Crowdcontrol.

Combinations used with Heavy BASE:

Heavy BASE/Hotfixer/Power BASE

Cheap building and self repairing structures.

Heavy BASE/SMS/Power BASE vs Heavy BASE/Reclaimer/Power BASE

Attempt to maximize Feel the BASE damage, result was that Reclaimer won against SMS; both 4 starred.

Because of owning almost every Constructor in the game I got used to using Power BASE with every single one of them to let BASE repair structures while team dealt with husks.

Use and Placement of BASE

Recommended to be placed ontop of mission objectives where enemy can attack all sides or general direction if not changing storm. Smaller missions like cat 1 storm and DtB allow base to blast everyone in wide range. Trap tunnels is also recommended, but ontop of them, for faster reload and additional Energy Nova from BASE. Spreading BASE's connection widely is also good, so team's kills also contribute for charge if they happen ontop of the connected pieces.

In conclusion

Heavy BASE Kyle is very fun to play as, offers wide range of utility, has big reach with his BASE, which has deadly but also beautiful upgrade Feel the BASE, and is easy to obtain thanks to being in event llamas as Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

I use Constructors most of the time but I also play as other hero classes too, so I have certain amount of experience and knowledge about everyone I play as and play with.

Share your own opinions and questions.

That is how we all learn new ways to use our BASEs c;

This is a great write up. I'm really looking forward to the write ups on the other heroes. Thanks for putting this together :)

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I always get this crash at least 1-3 times a day. It says something like Bad_Module_Info has stopped working... something like that and it's really annoying to deal with. Does anyone know a fix for this issue?

Thanks <3

I believe you might be running into a GPU crash. We are aware of some that we are working with IHVs on.

Are you already on latest drivers?

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/u/DanDaDaDanDan - you‘ve always been very helpful regarding these issues, any ideas?

Let me check what kind of mice we test this with. Thanks for the report.

The dedication to the game here is something else. Glad you're enjoying it so much!

I like this layout a lot. I've been very prone to using only single kill tunnels rather than larger ones like this. This provides a great amount of damage and enough CC to keep those pesky husk under control. Thanks so much for sharing!

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I like to start every mission by running to the objective, build my awesome bases, make them at least tier 2 and place my base for the recycling. This way my recycling gets more time to generate a lot of mats so i can keep this expensive playstyle.

But these fuckers keep stealing form it.

And many of you dont even help building or trapping. So Im done, i continue playing the game and finish the mission as I already wasted a ton of materials, but i destroy the BASE so none gets the mats. I tried hiding it, closing it with wall and traps on the walls so no doors can be made but i still see people destoying the tier 3 walls i made just for stealing the mats whlie the mission is going...

This may be harsh but I'm tired of people sitting on my base and picking up the free mats from the recycling ability, and not even using it on building.

Go farm then... For the same time you get the materials from te base you can farm far more materials from the ground and even get crafting materials as well.

I'm ready for the downvotes...

I think the only one that should be able to get the materials from it is the owner of the ability.

This is a topic that I've seen pop up more and more. I've already brought this to the attention to the dev team on how strongly everyone is feeling about this.

However, keep in mind that something like this takes some serious backend work. We can't promise this will be implemented any time soon.

Update: The biggest thing to take away from this is a better reporting system which is in the works.

Jackpot! Don't spend all of your seasonal gold in there ;)

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Explanation: War cry does not give the proper, multiplicative damage bonus.

Evidence: Level 50/50 Special Forces Banshee's War Cry (+50% damage) with no support or tactical hero slots on the following guns:

  • Semi-Auto Handgun (no perks): 511.0 --> 696.8 damage, a 36.3% damage gain.

  • Argon Assault Rifle (50% damage from perks): 8164.5 --> 9939.5 damage, a 21.7% damage gain.

  • Dragon's Roar (25% damage from perks): 6017.7 --> 7531.6 damage, a 25.2% damage gain.

  • All other guns do not get close to 50% damage.

If replicable, how: Use war cry and check new damage values within the gun's stat card.

Platform: PS4

I'll get this one looked into.

Make sure you stretch before taking part in any intense activity!

Ouch... good burn! We're working to prevent things like that from happening again. It definitely wasn't a good experience for you guys!

Aside from the free Troll Stash Llama.. we'll be giving some additional seasonal gold as well.

This is awesome! Sometimes those spawn points are... on point! Thanks for sharing :)