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Some of those sound amazing. Removing durability loss on death, increasing stack limits, and increased reward rates.

These are some changes that we should have made a long time ago! I'm super excited about the increased stack limits.

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Looks like CSrep jackpot Nocturno owners are getting to keep their guns.. I wonder what compromise will be given to Ultimate Edition owners?

We didn't name or provide any specifics to this. We need to work out a solution that's fair to both parties. We're not 100% on the direction we want to take.. but we'll let you know when we get there.

We need to be cautious on this one. However, it was wrong for players to obtain these without having purchased the necessary edition.

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Really great stuff, here. Thank you for your continued efforts. I know that it must be especially difficult to deal with this community sometimes, and I'm impressed with the changes that you all have been making in communication and responsiveness.

We love you guys! Our goal is to constantly make the game fun and exciting so all of you are always enjoying it. As we hinted at in the video, we have a lot of really nice changes coming that everybody is gonna enjoy.

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This is the most informative dev update i've seen in Fortnite:

  • increasing the stacks for materials from 99 to 200
  • removing the durability loss on death
  • increasing rewards for missions in Plank, Canny in Twine (almost double in some cases)
  • working on fixing the Nocturno issue (those unfairly rewarded by CS)
  • they are aware and talk/work on fixing the problems with AFK-ers, leechers and trade spam

I'm actually pleasantly surprised!

Awesome! Personally, I'm excited about the stacking materials... it's been a long time coming. These are some of the top issues that we see over and over. It's time to address them!

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I wish we could get acknowledgement on fixing bugs on existing heroes. There’s a good amount of them, just recently the topic of Reclaimer’s bugs have come up with the Shamrock guy coming out. It feels like every time a batch of new heroes comes out there’s bugs with them that go unnoticed and take a long time to address. It’s hard to get excited for new things when I don’t trust that they’re going to even work.

Still, I’ll take what I can get, and thanks for keeping us updated.

Hey Blueruckus! I've sent you a direct message regarding the Reclaimer Outlander bugs you mentioned here.

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It's hard not to get excited for these changes/updates. I'm really looking forward to the future of Save the World.

Thanks so much for sticking with us.

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We all understand but to be fair we didn't pay to have you constantly fixing bugs, we paid for a game. A game that has been half finished since it was released. I do hope you can understand the maddening frustration many of us feel, especially since it looks an awful lot like the money we paid up front AND have spent on llamas is all going towards BR. If this isn't the case you'd be doing yourselves and us a favour by being more transparent on the state of StW, and NOT just the bugs.

We know that you guys put a lot of time in a game and expect it to be finished. The Canny and Twine stories will be finished. However, we need to keep the game stable and add features that will be helpful to the entire player base as opposed to just the end game player base. Finishing these storied as high on the list and super important to us. We want to get them right and not rush anything without having proper development time.

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Increased stack limits finally! I won't have to drop things out of my backpack to create space. Thank you!

Lots of great changes coming out starting with update 3.4. Can't wait for you all to see what we have in store.

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They are acknowledging it. Otherwise if they don't bring it up just because they haven't fixed it or are actively working on it, people will go back to saying they don't care and aren't doing anything.

Long story short, this will at least show us what the team's thought process is

This is correct! We're super excited to share more of the new and exciting changes to Fortnite with everyone. However, the topics mentioned here are repeated topics and they definitely need to be addressed. Our goal with these videos is to let you everyone know where we're at on progress AND to inform you all that we know what we need to address next as they are super important to the players.

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I guess this really isn’t aimed at the subreddit since this is all the stuff we’ve been hearing.

I would appreciate that if a topic is brought up we get solid info instead of just “we know and we’re talking about it”. That really doesn’t give us players any info, so might as well not even bring it up.

Like imagine if you owed a friend some money and you randomly call him up to say “hey, I know I owe you money still. Okay, bye”.

It's absolutely intended for folks here and what you're mentioning is something we talked about before shooting the video. We know until some of those things mentioned are addressed that you'll continue to tell us important. We want to make sure you know they are important to us, even though some of those things (perk reroll, AFK, Global Chat) are bigger pieces of work that will likely take some time.

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Dang with all of these updates and patches, no mention on them working on story progression in Canny or Twine :(

I understand where you are coming from on this one. Canny and Twine have been unfinished for a while. There are definitely some more pressing issues / bugs that we're actively working on (mentioned in the video). We'll work more on finishing the story once we feel that the game is in a better state overall.

Due to a bug with the Boogie Bomb, we’re going to be temporarily disabling it until we’re able to fix it. We’ll update you once this issue is s...
Battle Royale Boogie Bomb Disabled

Due to a bug with the Boogie Bomb, we’re going to be temporarily disabling it until we’re able to fix it. We’ll update you once this issue is solved.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
Due to a bug with the Boogie Bomb, we’re going to be temporarily disabling it until we’re able to fix it. We’ll upd…

Hah, this is awesome. I experience this same thing every time I see anything pyramid related. At least your atlas will be safe from smashers!

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Swinging a melee weapon WILL lower its durability when attempting to complete a Whack-A-Troll.

You can complete this exactly the same with your Pickaxe.

A Whack-A-Troll only requires a certain number of hits...not damage.

Happy Husk-Hunting!

This is great! I often forget to use the pickaxe on that troll.. This actually saves a lot of durability in the long run. Thanks for sharing :)

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Patch v3.2 Issues Nocturno Upcoming Changes 👉 All in this week's Dev Update with Roger Collum.
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Yeah, was looking forward to it in the last patch, but didn't materialise.

Yes, the fix for this missed the deadline for 3.3 patch. It will be fixed in 3.4

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Victory Royale is at the end of this rainbow. The Sgt. Green Clover Outfit and Pot O’ Gold Pickaxe are in the shop…

Nothing but love for you my dude, you've been crushing it and have done an awesome job helping to build a thriving, positive community. Massive congrats <3!


Battle Royale Rendering PS4
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Has anyone else noticed that since the update today it's made rendering way too close up. Especially in the farm areas there will be hey bales, plants and mushrooms popping up within a few yards.

Edit: Bug is on Xbox as well Edit: Also on PC

We hear you and are looking into this now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :)