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The Survive The Storm update is coming in late Aug. / early Sept. New mode. New weapons. New threats. Same scared…
There are notes that go out with every update, but I agree the ability to find that stuff inside the game needs to be improved upon.
I can't even walk by a parking meter in real life without thinking about nuts and bolts.
We messed up here. The balance change was intended but missing it from the notes wasn't. I hate that we missed this and I'm sorry it happened. We'll continue to work on our process for notes to make sure we get it right.
Definitely report using the in game tool if you run into someone acting like a knucklehead.
So, the following note was added to the release notes this morning. "Repair the Shelter caches fixed to provide the correct rate of nuts and bolts." The change was intended to adjust to the correct rate. Missing it in the notes was not. We're not thrilled that this was missed and we've got to do better.
I sit right next to Zak and Darren. We want to make sure whenever we talk about the development status of Fortnite, that we communicate clearly about where we're at. That's why you'll continue to see video updates from them rather than frequently seeing myself or someone from my team hop in to say something like "maybe, we'll see, or I dunno." It's important for us to talk share things that are happening rather than giving vague answers or fueling speculation. We're always reading through what's here and in other places where players talk about Fortnite. And we'll continue to work to improve things and keep everyone up to date as we do.
We'll continue to iterate throughout Early Access, so there will be things in the game that can and will change. Quality of life improvements, balance, new content, etc. are all things you can expect. This last week in particular we've pushed out several updates to help with stability. That's been a necessary focus since we've still got pockets of players that are having issues just getting in and having a smooth experience. We'll make sure that gets fixed. At the same time, the team is reading the feedback from the in game tool, forums, social channels, and this subreddit. As we get closer to releasing a meatier update, we'll provide more detail on what you can expect to see. And of course, we'll be eager for feedback on that as well as each update releases.
I'm here, though a nasty stomach bug sidelined me some the last couple of days. Back in the office this morning. In terms of development updates, those are typically going to come in video form from Zak and Darren, similar to the first couple of videos posted so far. We're continuing to read feedback in all of the usual places. As you no doubt know, the best place is always going to be directly via the tool in game. Darren likes to read through it without putting it through any additional filter.
Could you PM me your Epic ID and I'll ping our support team? If I'm understanding correctly, after refunding you on PC you also lost access on Xbox One, which shouldn't have happened?
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I'm here reading the threads and also the emails, and since launch day have been thoroughly impressed by the polite discussions and the analytic and deliberative nature of the Fortnite community. This is an amazing group!

In general, there are dozens of ways we want to improve and tweak the game, some of it realized as we went through closed beta and some of it recognized in response to feedback in early access. We're working on lots of these things as we speak. In general, the difficulty progression is slow at first and then much faster, more so that we expected, which is often interpreted as a paywall, but isn't intended to be, and can only effectively be crossed through gains in skill and technique (which I presume must lead to enormous frustration from folks who try to pay through it and find that ineffective.)

The countless planned improvements and future evolutionary decisions aside, the game is largely what we intended it to be: an early access version of what will eventually be a free-to-play game.

Some folks love it, and some folks hate it, and we totally understand the feedback, as it's a change from the business models of Epic's episodic shareware games and then PC and Xbox retail games of the past. However we encourage keeping an open mind, especially on play strategies that reduce the grind.

This is thoroughly an Epic game though, built out of passion for the underlying design and art style, and a desire to build the foundations for a game that we can improve and evolve for years to come, and eventually enable anyone to play without paying up-front, while paying the bills and supporting the team.

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EA1.4.2 for console will follow later in the week. Thank you!
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We have released patch EA 1.4.2 for PC, please restart the launcher to get the download. Patch notes here!
We have another small patch deploying tonight at 10:30 PM on PC to fix some stability issues. The console patches will follow soon. You can read the patch...
We have deployed Xbox One EA patch 1.4.1. You will need to restart Fortnite in order to download. Thanks for your patience Xbox folks!...
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Patch notes can be found at
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We are pushing an Xbox One update to improve game stability in a few moments, you will need to restart Fortnite in order to download!
Battle Royale EA Patch Notes 1.4.2

Hello Storm Chasers!

We are deploying another small update which includes a number of quality of life fixes as well as improvements to overall game stability. Players will need to restart Fortnite in order to install the patch and play. There will be no downtime.

Once again, we will be updating each platform at different times. We will update PC on August 9 at 10:30 pm Eastern Time. We plan to update Xbox One and PS4 at a later time.

Here is the full list of updates:



Major Updates

  • Corrected a crash caused by particle effects on all platforms
  • Corrected a crash caused by slotting a survivor into a squad on PS4
  • Corrected a number of smaller issues causing crashes on PS4
  • Corrected an issue preventing PS4 players from joining a game session
  • Repair the Shelter caches fixed to provide the correct rate of nuts and bolts. 

Major Known Issues

  • Players are unable to toggle accessories on and off on PS4 and Xbox One
    • Fix in progress

The Fortnite Team is lucky to have so many players who eagerly share their time learning Fortnite and helping other players. MSGTFox is one of those players. "MSGTFox has been a staple in our community, almost since the beginning of Alpha. He has been incredibly helpful to new players in Global Chat and wrote a lot of great guides.", said Senior Community Manager Will Kinsler. "We're fortunate to have him be part of our community!"

These are some of the reasons Steve "MSGT" Fox is this week's player of the week. 

Flak: We're guessing your real name isn't MSGTFox, correct?

MSGTFox: My real name is Steve

F: How long have you been playing Fortnite?

M: Two years now, I think I got my key back in March 2015, it's been a wild journey!

F: What made you decide to start playing?

M. I decided to play Fortnite because I wanted a new co-op game to play with my best friends.

F: Which hero class is your favorite?

M: It's hard to choose between Constructor, and Soldier, but Constructor is my favorite.

F: What is it that you like about the Constructor?

M: Constructor is my favorite hero because their BASE helps so much. The damage reduction perks, and reflecting damage back, help more than people think!

F: Do you have any secrets you'd like to share about using the Constructor?

M: The best secret when it comes to constructor is, BASE placement is key. Place it where your base will be attacked the most, and always leave a spot open for it!

F: What is it that you like most about Fortnite?

M: I like Fortnite's co-op aspect. There are many PVP based games, but I love playing co-op games where I can play together with my friends and work towards a goal. The co-op aspect of Fortnite is one of the best things about it! Everyone can contribute to finish a mission.

F: Which Husk scares you the most?

M: The Husks that scare me the most? Hmm... Husky Husk, or Lobbers. They scare me because they make my beautiful buildings disappear, if they're not kept in check.

F: Do you have any hobbies or anything you’d like to share with the community?

M: I'm a hobbyist photographer, I love capturing the beautiful world outside of video games, whether it be animals, landscapes, or like most recently, the 4th of July. I also create YouTube videos as a hobby to entertain people, to make them laugh and brighten their day.

F: Can you share any secrets about Fortnite that could help new players? 

M: The best secret to me, is how to build a basic pyramid. Once you learn how to do that, you learn a very cost effective base defense structure. The pyramids are cheap to build because they're small and easy to manage. You can go from side to side to protect it quickly, and they're cheap to upgrade since there are not many pieces to them!

Thank you to MSGTFox! We’ll be sending him some awesome Fortnite swag as thanks. Keep watching the Fortnite Blog for more Player of the Week interviews! 

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RT @gameinformer: We played @FortniteGame with creative director @DarrenSugg and talked about the game's five-year plan and lots more…
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Having trouble installing the latest patch on PS4? We are investigating!
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An update for Xbox One players will be coming later today!
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We are deploying a PS4 update to improve game stability. You will need to restart Fortnite to download! Patch notes:
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