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I'm really sorry!

too late ur already ded

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This matters a lot and @NickDarnell made it happen!
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So how do you deal with cheaters that aren't changing the code of the game at all? Such as the hordes of people teaming up together to enter solo mode as a squad?

I can’t provide details on how we detect them, but we are banning quite a few on a daily basis.

We sadly had an enforcement gap for a while due to pipeline changes, but fixed that earlier this week and made up for it via bulk enforcement.

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Can you DM me your Epic ID?

Cheers, Michael Noland

Are you still seeing issues? It looks like you have 6/10 progress on the quest so far.

Cheers, Michael Noland

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Been happening since before 3.0 update today. If you switch guns on console and fire at the same time it diesnt take up ammo and does not need to reload on snipers or rockets.

Me recreating it:

Works with any gun at all, please fix

This is on our list to fix. It's is a side effect of how we "predict" firing to make it feel smoother.

But you're only firing the weapon on your local client -- those shots deal no damage and other players won't see it happen.

Appreciate the bug report!

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Yup, pretty cool addition by the team! Check out the Patch Notes for more sweet adds :)

And we mean it! Please, please, please send us the feedback! This has been a highly requested item by you all and we want it to continue to get better.

Thanks in advance friends <3

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Why people want/need this????????????????

So that squads/duos who don't have microphones can ping where they want to land before the bus takes off

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Kid me would never have believed you...
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Yup, happens to me at least twice a day, giving me an Error 0 message, and showing up as being struck by the ban hammer in game. Has been happening since October, and no amount of reinstalling the game/battleye, port forwarding, etc, seems to fix it. My connection is 200mbps, and my NAE ping is 50, yet this still happens daily.

Have yet to see any Epic response to any of the multitude of reddit/official forum posts.

PM me your display name, I'll look and see what - if anything - we can provide as to what's happening or why or give any additional recommendations. Can't go into technical details of our anticheat system, but we'll see what your case looks like.

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Can you DM me your Epic ID?

Cheers, Michael Noland

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Hehehehe :)

Please don't post evidence of you clearly breaking the rules. Thanks.


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You guys got any internships I can volunteer for ?

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Eh, who needs the gun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In all seriousness. It is awesome seeing all the positive comments revolving around this update. Can't wait to get home and get some gaming in. Epic is insane with their content, creativity, and connection with the player base.

Glad you guys like the 60 FPS mode.

We have a fix coming in the next patch for guns not being functional after landing.

That looks delicious and incredible.

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Think about it. Make up some cool track designs on your storm shield base, invite a couple of your mates, throw in some Jump Pads here and there... I'm smelling a winner.

Yes this is a thing that has happened at the studio :)

Battle Royale Absolute Mad Lad!

Posting screenshots of you breaking the rules...tsk tsk.


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3.0.0 has (hopefully unintentionally) made hitting the sweetspot circle while mining uncomfortably loud. This is a good time to bring up the fact that I've always thought that the normal volume of hitting the sweetspot is too loud, always drowning out any other sounds in-game and any voices, music, or audio that might be playing outside of the game on my PC.

Fixed for next update. Thanks for reporting! Enjoy season 3. :)

I think he likes to Dab? Maybe not...

So rad, love this!