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Fortnite Servers Down?
Originally posted by MrGamexWatch

Can't log in on Xbox One. Failed to create party.

This was an issue that was occurring earlier on Xbox today and should be resolved now. :)

If you are still having a problem connecting leave a comment below or send us a ticket here.

Originally posted by Madruck_s

So this patch seems to have broken/ more bugs than any before it.

  1. Party disappearing from the map and side of screen.

  2. Massive lag.

  3. Mission icons on map not matching mission descriptions.

  4. Only anicdotal but I feel that matchmaking is also majorly screwed up.

This is the first day since launch that I logged in then our again after being unable to complete any missions.

Edit. The last 3 times I tried progressing my story I got a failed to lock profile error and kicked from the match. I can't play even if i wanted to.

Exit no2. Just logged in 11 hours later and performance seems improved and my party stayed together for a whole match. Also kind ofngettibg the hang of the map, left thumbs stick is a free roam it just needs a better highlight to show what you are hovering over.


I want to update everyone that we are aware there have been some problems with increased lag for some players. We are working to solve these issues.

The party disappearing bug and mission icons being out of place are being investigated by QA and we are working on a fix.

On your final issue, if you get an error like that please try and report it using the in-game function so we can obtain logs from you and take a deeper look at the root cause. That goes for most bugs, it helps us out a lot!

If you haven't already then create a support ticket here. So they can help you solve any more problems that may come up.

Apologies it took so long for me to get here. This feedback does help us, and you letting us know what is going wrong helps it improve. Keep it up Fortnite family!

Pssssssst....I'll get here faster next time

Originally posted by Bigz11

I appreciate the response. My comment was mostly out of saltiness from losing a match bc of it. That being said I’m glad you’re working on it and also extremely thankful that the team is very active with this community! Keep up the good work!

You have every reason to be salty -- all joking aside in my series of puns, we really messed up here and are not taking this lightly internally.

Originally posted by pootisbox

I sure am. The game won't respond for seconds at a time, then randomly teleports me 2 tiles away. If there was ever something called unplayable, this is it. but it is right after an update, so I guess this is pretty normal. right? EDIT: i dunno why this shows up as help, but it isn't a help request. Ignore the blue help icon.

Unfortunately, some players have been reporting an increase in lag since the patch. We are aware of this and investigating the cause. We will keep you posted! If at all possible could you also comment below with your platform if this is happening to you?

Originally posted by CJLito

What about the people who love the current aiming? Are we going to be annoyed again next week?

It will be an option.

Originally posted by dropbearr94

I have only just woken up and you guys have already explained the issues and fixed them. You guys move fast it’s awesome

To be fair, we didn't actually fix the underlying issue as aim assist still has issues when sniping and aiming at DBNO'ed players and such :-/ Our fix failed and we rolled it back. Less ideal.

Originally posted by DanDaDaDanDan

Let's hope we don't miss again.

We're a bit sensitive to the topic.

Originally posted by DanDaDaDanDan

We're shooting for next week.

Let's hope we don't miss again.

Originally posted by Bigz11

Man I’m not going to lie, I don’t agree with the roll back. I don’t think the current aim assist is good. It’s just bad, I literally died bc of it. I hope they come out with a fix soon.

We're shooting for next week.

Battle Royale what the...
Originally posted by DyerYT

Just want to say thank you all for constantly replying to posts and keeping us updated. Keep up the good work!

No problem at ALL! Thank you all for giving us feedback and bringing issues to our attention.

Originally posted by nsuserdefaults

You guys nailed this patch. I expected the sounds to be good but they’re better than expected. Not sure if volumes were tweaked or it’s all new sounda, but it’s great! The potion drinking sound is great 👍. Footsteps are great (and mine are quiet!)

Thank you to the sound team

Thanks so much. :)

Battle Royale what the...

I've gone ahead and reported this to our QA team and they are looking into it. In saying that, the comments really made me laugh. Thanks for making us aware of this!

Originally posted by Martijnvdp

/u/epicericsw Sorry to bother you but this was the most infuriating part of the patch /s

Literally. Unplayable.

Thanks for the heads up.

Battle Royale OCE Duos Activated!
Originally posted by linkzao

Wasn't it supposed to be activated in Brazil right now?

Looking into this - I think we have an issue keeping Duos off in Brazil and we're working to resolve. Sorry :(

This should be fixed very shortly I believe and will update ASAP.

EDIT: This is resolved now. Sorry again for the delay here. Have fun!

Originally posted by thenewlooker

If console players can plug in mouse and keyboard on Consoles, then you have to give aim assist for PC players who using a controller. Please reply if you rolled back it to all platforms or just only for consoles?

It should be platform agnostic.

Originally posted by DaiseyDoo

Vocal minority strikes again... you know most people who liked the change are actively playing the game and not crying on reddit?

There were some real issues with the changes and they also impacted controller sensitivity, something we vowed not to change. We are going to introduce it as an option after some tweaks.

Originally posted by DiLLiAnOx

Aww man i was LOVING the sniping with this new setup.

Sniping needs to be addressed -- plan is for that to happen with next week's build (1.11)

Originally posted by odaddy28

Soooo snipers are back to being broken? Or does the fix remain?

Sadly back to being broken for another week :-/

Originally posted by Rejeho

They were on twitter and the responses where along the lines of "You made a mistake and now you're trying to make us fix it!?".

I Was having more fun playing fortnite this morning then I have in a while, felt like the training wheels were finally off. I loved this update, sad to see it go.

We are going to bring it back as an option after some tweaks (and making sure that turn speed curves are identical). Current goal for that is next week.

Originally posted by SchwartzJesuz

Having to change and get used to a new sensitivity every patch is freaking annoying.

Totally agreed! To make matters worse, we didn't realize that sensitivity had changed as our stated goal is to NOT do that.

Originally posted by Ice_Occultism

Is this an immediate hotfix or will we be waiting for a patch?

Should be live as of 1:35 PM ET.

Originally posted by lilpooch

So it's immediately back in the game now? I won't have to update or anything?

We luckily had the ability to toggle between the systems via our "hotfix" system which doesn't require a regular client update.

Originally posted by MarleyLo

I don't know if your name is Dan, but thank you Dan. Dan DA DA Dan Dan

It is. Imagine it humming the Indiana Jones theme. Dan Da Da Dan Dan Dan Da Da Dan Dan Dan

Originally posted by iKoniKz64

When will you do this? Great work regardless

It should be live as of 2 minutes ago.

Update: Everything looks like it’s back to normal for all you Xbox players. Get out there and tell us what you think about update V.1.10!

It looks like some players on Xbox may be experiencing some connection issues. We're diving into this now to investigate and will keep all of you updated!