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Explanation: Everything just feels off. Performance, my pc is noisier now, my gpu temps are higher (no performance increase), the game looks kinda trashy, items look trashy, the sound is all over the place. (Certain things are quieter and louder which is throwing the balance of sounds off). Night looks even shitier. Radeon settings is iffy with the game now, for me to have it work I need to switch to windowed then back to fullscreen. Some people are reporting 3d res settings too high.

Edit - More detail.

Performance. I'm encountering a bit of stuttering (could just be server load), with a 120 fps cap my gpu temps are now about 5-10 degrees higher than last patch. Highest fps achieved with my settings was 270-280 in the main menu. Now it's back down to 250-260. Around about a 20fps decrease. (Specs - i7700k @4.8 / 290x) I use Radeon settings, 120 fps frame limiter and enhanced sync. The profile will not be picked up by the game unless I window and then back to fullscreen . This was not an issue last patch. People are also reporting input delay/lag now.

Visual. The colours look really off, items on the ground are pretty hard to distinguish. I actually couldn't tell the difference between a blue and purple sniper without mousing over it to read it. Whatever the colours looked liked last patch. Was nice, this isn't nice. I don't know how to explain that any further.

Sound. Everything seems a little quieter to me. Except for guns. The sounds don't feel balanced, things are either too loud or too quiet. I feel I either hear no one rushing me or everyone rushing me. No one building or everyone building etc.

Evidence: Thread created before the megathread. Not exactly evidence but it's other reports.

If replicable, how: Just play the game for 5 minutes.

Platform: PC

Really appreciate the descriptive write-up! The more info + specifics we have, the more the team has to work with to fix the issues at hand. We are diving into the audio + visual issues as we speak!

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Mine are in the main bug thread

Already poking around there as well, just wanted to hear from the folks in this thread as well. Thanks for that!

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Explanation The Ps plus skin doesnt work. Downloaded it and got a purchase mail from sony but it isnt in my library neither in the game. Now it just says cant download it since you already bought "special glider".

Platform Ps4

Appreciate the heads up, I have made sure the team is aware of this. Did the restart happen to fix the issue for you or is this still happening?

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Can I theoretically cancel out the fall damage by timing the grenade just right when I'm nearing the ground while falling? I guess I'll have to tried that out for myself?

Yes :)

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What did u guys do? the magic is a little gone the game feels empty after this patch

Hey Folks, we are looking into the graphical + audio issues that are getting reported. One thing that would be a HUGE help, can you provide the following details (screenshots and videos are a major plus):

  • Where this occurred
  • What platform this occurred on
  • How did it occur (What steps did you take to get there)?

Any specifics you can provide to help the team track down + tackle these issues is a big help. Thanks!

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Do you take fall damage if you use this on yourself, or does a teammate if you knock them?

Normal falling damage calculations apply.

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so we played lvl82 atlas mission, and we increased the difficulty five times ( the max which is called madness). the power of the husks become 101, and they spawn with mixed elements we got nature and water enemies at the same time. we built a lot of tunnels and traps and the mission was easy because of this. however the rewards were not worth it at all, we got 40 Gold and 85 tickets beside the mission rewards... and that's it.


Thanks for this one. I'll bring this up and see how the team feels about the rewards (or lack there of) for doing these. The goal is to provide a higher challenge to more experienced players but we also want to make sure it's worth your time.

Thanks for putting this together for the community :) Those who can't play at the moment (work, school, etc) will definitely appreciate all of the information. Personally, I'm excited for Thunderstrike.

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You should look into a mouse with a larger number of side buttons. It would probably be a little weird to get used to but I would imagine it would streamline your experience somewhat.

@Gemini I have an extra Unreal Engine-flavored Logitech G600 that I don't use, happy to ship it over to you if you think it'd help! It might let you cut the keyboard out of the equation at least.

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Coming from someone who's played for almost 5 years, since the earliest days of alpha, through tons of iterations I think this game is fun. Enjoyable even! I've put 200+ hours into this game, there's no way I could say I completely hate it. What's FRUSTRATING though is that there's still so many problems that have existed since basically forever. Things like

  1. soldiers are basically the best class if you like shooting things. It feels real bad to play anyone else because the usefulness of other things feels way less important. Dragon Master/Shuriken Master being the exception as they get to just bind a single skill to every button on their keyboard and top the damage charts.

  2. The zones aren't finished. The topmost zone I could understand, but really this game doesn't even begin to take off for most people until canny and its still a mess! No story mode, no difficulty to most of these quests. There's just not a lot of challenge it feels like in the game as long as you got a nice group to play with. Twine even more so, but there's still a really small percentage there as opposed to CV. FIX CV PLEASE.

  3. Melee. Melee weapons is always going to be an appealing thing for a large precentage of players. This goes with ninjas too, but they're just not reasonable to use. Too much damage taken from things close to you in the late game, They feel really worthless. Also %DMG is still broken on them so they're bad! If I'm going to be squishy, they should do the deeps. instead im squishy and they don't do damage so i die extra hard.

  4. Sniper rifles. This one's not quite as glaring and is more a pet peeve since its MY favorite weapon but really they're awful to use in their current state. They feel underpowered, no one gets a boost to them either so its pretty underwhelming overall to use them.

  5. Trap variety. Need more traps that do elemental damage for higher difficulty since that's what the game is around. In fact, I'll add a 6. in the middle of this one and say elemental system is pretty goofy in and of itself. I understand you wanted to try and make the game harder by doing something more than just increasing hp/dmg, but what it also did was make any weapon that didn't roll an elemental roll feel pretty worthless in late cv/tp. This also needs a revamp.

on a non game balance issue, but another pet peeve - 7. Fix the price. This game is neat, but in its state its not 40 dollars neat. There's no way this half-finished early access product should cost that much. I could convince my friends to try it for 10, 20 MAYBE but 40 almost feels like a full game price in this day and age. It's just not fitting.

I'm sure there's a lot more to get into that I'm forgetting (Feel free to comment below about it!) but really, as much as I love the events I would love a finished game that's ready to go into f2p mode more (P.S. Llama system probably needs work too, but idk what to tell you on that one...)

Honorary mention to stamina system that you already mentioned you're reworking sometime.

We're aware that this is something that we need to do better on. We definitely want to find the healthy balance between bringing in newer content and providing fixes to the current bugs that players experiencing. A lot of what you mentioned above are QOL improvements / Balance adjustments that the team is currently looking to improve.

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I'm from China and it's Lunar New Year's Eve here. I really appreciate that you bring us the new Lunar New Year series in v2.5.0, and they looks amazing! Good job Epic. It's the best new year gift for us Chinese players. Though yesterday you let us a bit down, now I fully understand how you were working hard to bring us the update. Thanks to all the developers of Fortnite and happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

I hope you all enjoy the event :) These new weapons / heroes are definitely a great addition.

That’s quite the lady, she’s definitely a keeper! This is so rad.

Nice play

Battle Royale V.2.5.0 Incoming!
Originally posted by iFlak

Downtime for V.2.5.0 is now underway! While you wait to get your hands on all the shiny new things, take a look at the V.2.5.0 Patch Notes:

UPDATE: We are back. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

We are back. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

Originally posted by iFlak

Downtime for V.2.5.0 is now underway! While you wait to get your hands on all the shiny new things, take a look at the V.2.5.0 Patch Notes:

UPDATE: We are back. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

We are back. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

Battle Royale V.2.5.0 Incoming!

Downtime for V.2.5.0 is now underway! While you wait to get your hands on all the shiny new things, take a look at the V.2.5.0 Patch Notes:

UPDATE: We are back. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

Downtime for V.2.5.0 is now underway! While you wait to get your hands on all the shiny new things, take a look at the V.2.5.0 Patch Notes:

UPDATE: We are back. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

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Chris is indeed known for being a punny guy.

Aww thanks JJ, I can also be a little Pun-chee at times ;)

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Thanks for the heads up! Do you know how much is the Season 3 Battle Pass going to cost?

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How about you spring us some patch notes :)

They will be springin' alongside of the update :)

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I assume this update is for stw only but we have to share downtime

Nope, it's for both Battle Royale and Save the World! Huzzah!

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do you have a time for patchnotes? (or did i miss a post)

They'll be releasing with the patch. We're updating the posts now to include that information. :)

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Like for reals this time?

For realzies!

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Patch notes?

The Patch Notes will be going live alongside of the update my friend!

Hey Folks,

Something is springin’ up on us… V.2.5.0! Downtime for the V.2.5.0 patch will begin on February 15 at 4:00am ET (0900 GMT).

Patch Notes for V.2.5.0 will go live with the update, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

See you soon,