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Yeah this seems like an issue. I'll get this over to the team.

Originally posted by trshyy

so we played lvl82 atlas mission, and we increased the difficulty five times ( the max which is called madness). the power of the husks become 101, and they spawn with mixed elements we got nature and water enemies at the same time. we built a lot of tunnels and traps and the mission was easy because of this. however the rewards were not worth it at all, we got 40 Gold and 85 tickets beside the mission rewards... and that's it.


Hi guys,

Wanted to respond to some of the concerns raised by the OP.

The mixed elemental enemies appearing after using the difficulty increase is a bug. We have an engineer on the case, and it should be fixed in a future patch. Only one element at a time should show up during an encounter (excepting Minibosses).

As for the ticket rewards, the number given at high difficulty levels are lower than usual because there is no daily quota on the number of missions you can complete. In general our goal for future events is to continue using quotas to reduce the amount of grind required to earn a llama, but the Opt-In Difficulty feature is not intended to be a limited-use feature, and thus does not have a daily quota.

The gold reward is another matter however. These are the rewards that are intrinsic to Opt-In Difficulty, and will be sticking around after the event ends. It feels like we messed up the balance here, especially with the rate it scales up each time you do a difficulty increase. We will be reviewing the amount of gold given (and likely the amount of BluGlo required for each boost) and will tune this reward up a bit during Spring It On!

Thank you guys for playing our game, and helping us work out the kinks. Hopefully we'll get this feature into a place where the extra challenge and risk is worth the reward.


Battle Royale Question - PS4 KB&M
Originally posted by nhearne

Any insight on the date?

I heard “this month”.

Originally posted by will-dearborn

A little confused, I know resolution scaling has been added in 2.5, but is 2.5 the touted 60fps update for consoles, or is that still coming in a later update this month?

60 is coming later

Originally posted by Kerry1_PRO

So today, I come back from a long day of school and stuff, and it turns out my account got disabled, AND I guess my IP is banned from playing Fortnite as a whole. I wasn't cheating OR doing anything stupid so I have a problem here. Before getting banned, I played a couple games and I kept getting kicked off of the games. I tried to fix it but it just kept popping up. I have no cheats, and I dont even own a VPN so I have literally no idea what caused this. I just want to start playing Fortnite as soon as possible. I don't have cheats or even own a VPN so there was obviously a mistake. Please help! It's not just happening to me either, there have been several people who have posted about this.

PM me your display name. I'll look into it.

Originally posted by lWmSldaniwe

Leaving this here

Just to confirm what I think you're saying, could you not get out of the door?

Originally posted by pippatke

I am on PC, and every time I open the game I get an Unreal Engine 4 Crash report. Does anyone else have this issue?

Hello pippatke. Try checking whether you need to update your GPU driver. I'm tracking similar reports and would love to hear back if this resolves the issue for you.

Season 2 has been extended through February 21, if that date changes we'll let you know!

Originally posted by ctaps148

Explanation: The empty chest bug is still occuring.

Evidence: Link (OneDrive)

If replicable, how: Not sure.

Platform: Xbox One X

Got it, reported to the team. Thanks!

What SHOULD have happened.. is the seasonal gold reset when the weekly store reset meaning no one would have had the gold to purchase this. However, due to the delayed patch there was a small window in which players who had seasonal gold would have been able to get this. This was not intentional on our end and it's an area there were discussing on how we can improve. This item is still in the store and can be purchased! You just need to farm up the gold cost.

We understand this wasn't ideal for players and it definitely feels bad on our end :(

Originally posted by TheHeathenStagehand

In case you missed it, all the way at the bottom of the patch notes, Epic has decided to remove critical hits from affliction. We need to know if this applies to gas traps with crit rolls because I know a lot of players have invested into their schematics. This is not acceptable in any way if it's the case! Reminds me of healing pad rolls and launcher durability all over again. Truly disheartening!

Edit: Crit IS STILL applied to your gas traps. DO NOT recycle. Thank you epic for addressing this in game. Much love!

Hey guys! I definitely wouldn't encourage scrapping the gas traps just yet. We're currently working how to better handle this "change". Again.. DON'T SCRAP THE TRAP!

Originally posted by RadiationShields

Where's your tag?

Just hasn't been flaired on the subreddit yet, can confirm he's a dev.

Originally posted by Mustarddoggy

Just a huge thanks to Epic for finally making this request a reality:

"•When 2-Star or higher Schematics, Heroes, Survivors, Survivor Leads and Defenders are recycled they will now refund all evolution materials spent evolving the item. ◦This change was made because we wanted players to be able to level up and test out new heroes, weapons, and traps without the risk of losing valuable evolution materials."

This was a long time coming, but is really the bestest of news!

I'm definitely super excited about this change. I believe this will give more options in terms of what heroes are leveled / allow for experimental builds. I've been hesitant to level certain heroes as I'm not sure how I will enjoy them. This will change that!

Originally posted by Junkertown

Explanation: Item colors feel off, especially the grey weapons.


If replicable, how: just open a chest or gather some loot, you'll see what I'm trying to say.

Platform: XBOX

The items temporarily have a new look as a result of new performance optimizations. We'll be trying to get them back to their beautiful colorful look in the next update. Sorry for missing this in the patch notes.

Originally posted by Da_damm

Explanation: Sound kind of stutters, gunshots can be heard 3-5 seconds after they register, sound is overall fucked

Evidence: Played 10 games, rebooted, tried another headset, still buggy

If replicable, how: Play a game

Platform: PC Windows 10

Edit : u/cyberprodigy suggested a temporary fix : set fortnite process priority to high, also I capped my framerate to 144 and the game is playable again!

Sorry about the audio regression. We have a speculative fix for this issue, but we're still having trouble reproducing this at Epic. Please use the "Report" feature in game if you are seeing this so we can confirm our fix.

Fortnite lol bye
Originally posted by GreasyCheese452

Can we call this a "feature" and get quirky animations for all the heroes at the end screen?

This is a good idea. I would love for there to be custom animations / emotes during the end screen.

Originally posted by BawsssHoG

Not sure why but this comment brought tears to my eyes! I've never seen a dev from any community do something like this! You sir Dusty are my Dev hero! :)

feelsgoodman... I knew there was a reason I've been hanging on to this mouse for so many years.

Fortnite lol bye

Needed to get those llamas.

Originally posted by Gemini_99

Oh my....That would be awesome!,i would like to thanks once again this community and Epic, This is just awesome <3 <3 <3

It's not a problem, just PM me your address and I'll get it out to ya. In the meantime, I'm sure Nick will figure out a way to solve the multiple inputs issue.

Originally posted by mrc_13

Explanation: the lonely lodge roof sliding bug is back.

Evidence: I could go through the trouble of getting a capture later if that's truly necessary...!AlMRQP7uTVVihAhrBQcBJ5cthjQD

If replicable, how: jump on the roof of the cabins or try to break away part of it to get chests. You'll slide off the roof, and you'll be unable to crawl under to get chests.

Platform: Xbox

Edit: added evidence.. do I get a gold star today for following directions?

Noted down, thanks for the report and the info!

Originally posted by Wave_machine

Love Letters Lost - 500 Firecracker Tickets - Loot 5 mail boxes

Keep Summer Safe - 500 Firecracker Tickets - Defend Summer

...Has It's Thorn - 100 Vbucks - Find 7 Flowers

Dennis to Society - 500 Firecracker Tickets - Defend Dennis

In Your Ears - 500 Firecracker Tickets - Listen to 5 Boomboxes

If You Can't Find Love - 100 Vbucks - Find 10 Chocolates

Bear Force One - Love Ranger Jonesy Hero (Survivalist Jonesy Re Skin) - Launch 9 Teddy Bear Balloons

All these mini quests were really straight forward & all but one were marked on the map by the yellow exclamation mark. The only exception being the "If You Cant't Find Love" mission. In order to complete that particular one you have to smash fridges & cabinets (anything found in kitchens basically) to reveal the chocolate box drops.

I completed all but the last 2 missions on a single run. Both those last 2 took 2 missions to complete respectively.

Thanks for putting this together for the community :)

Originally posted by JommyRostlor

EPIC hit a home run, as always, with this new patch, bringing with it a handful of new fixes.

--Tired of looking at a 1 power level with no name? We've got you covered; with this new patch you can now see the word "Connecting..." for the rest of the mission.

--Is your fireworks pistol's reticle getting in your way when you're trying to aim? Now you don't have to bother with that silly little thing, just stand still and hope you can tell where the exact middle of your screen is. Players that appreciate the reticle will have to shoot while moving, for added accuracy.

--Have you ever finished part of the event questline and thought to yourself, "I wish I could keep doing this over and over with no reward"? Now you can keep searching red mailboxes day in and day out. To help you complete this pointless objective, you will always be able to see handy yellow exclamation marks on your map that are completely identical to the ones for your current quest.

--Ninja's have realized that half a year later there's still no fix to throwing stars, as such ninjas no longer smile and instead have the expression of a Fortnite player that spent all of their seasonal gold on trash because the devs told them to.

We're currently tracking the issues regarding the 1 power level issue and I'll make sure the team is aware of the pistol aiming nonsense. In terms of the yellow exclamation on the map. I'm not sure if this one is actually an intended feature or not. Having this interfere with normal quest is something we should address.

Originally posted by Robbekuh

Explanation:Sound is very delayed, I can even see an enemy before i heard his footsteps in the same house.

Evidence: N/A

If replicable, how: Jump in a match, especially in the beginning of the match

Platform: PC

*EDIT: I don't have this problem anymore.

So, to confirm, capping the frame rate is the current workaround for this? Just wanting to give more context to the folks working on this.

Originally posted by Tea2theBag

Explanation: Everything just feels off. Performance, my pc is noisier now, my gpu temps are higher (no performance increase), the game looks kinda trashy, items look trashy, the sound is all over the place. (Certain things are quieter and louder which is throwing the balance of sounds off). Night looks even shitier. Radeon settings is iffy with the game now, for me to have it work I need to switch to windowed then back to fullscreen. Some people are reporting 3d res settings too high.

Edit - More detail.

Performance. I'm encountering a bit of stuttering (could just be server load), with a 120 fps cap my gpu temps are now about 5-10 degrees higher than last patch. Highest fps achieved with my settings was 270-280 in the main menu. Now it's back down to 250-260. Around about a 20fps decrease. (Specs - i7700k @4.8 / 290x) I use Radeon settings, 120 fps frame limiter and enhanced sync. The profile will not be picked up by the game unless I window and then back to fullscreen . This was not an issue last patch. People are also reporting input delay/lag now.

Visual. The colours look really off, items on the ground are pretty hard to distinguish. I actually couldn't tell the difference between a blue and purple sniper without mousing over it to read it. Whatever the colours looked liked last patch. Was nice, this isn't nice. I don't know how to explain that any further.

Sound. Everything seems a little quieter to me. Except for guns. The sounds don't feel balanced, things are either too loud or too quiet. I feel I either hear no one rushing me or everyone rushing me. No one building or everyone building etc.

Evidence: Thread created before the megathread. Not exactly evidence but it's other reports.

If replicable, how: Just play the game for 5 minutes.

Platform: PC

Really appreciate the descriptive write-up! The more info + specifics we have, the more the team has to work with to fix the issues at hand. We are diving into the audio + visual issues as we speak!