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Fortnite Oops, Sorry bro!
I laughed out loud.
That's correct. Though, if you can't log in, that's no good! Reach out to us at so we can figure out what's going on. It may also be that restarting the console will help, if you haven't already tried that.
Launchers always provide laughs. Love it.
Awesome work!
Fortnite XP Display Bug
Fortnite Nice Find!
Now that's how to find an objective. You stuck the landing to find the landing site. Love it.
Right. That's a challenge that has presented itself in the transition from Alpha to Early Access. In Alpha, there was a single global chat channel that was a good fit for the amount of players we typically had in game. The current implementation shards the chat and new instances open up as one room hits a limit. So there could be times where you're in a room that's full or maybe you're entering an instance that doesn't have many people in it yet (could be some of what you're seeing here). It sounds like there are a couple of common themes here. One is the desire to see more activity in global chat and anything we can do to help facilitate that. The second, and maybe larger overarching theme seems to be around wanting more tools to be able to group, find players with similar goals, and opt into the kind of experiences you want. Is that a fair assessment?
Awesome tips and tricks! Really appreciate you sharing this with everyone.
Ayy this is sick.

LOL I used to live near there. I always think of it when people build Stairways to heaven.

I'll see what we can do to clean up the tiles. Ideally,we'll have a bit more detail in game as well. Thanks for pointing this out.
A great Constructor makes me so happy. I salute you!
Where are you seeing that?
Really good list!
There are notes that go out with every update, but I agree the ability to find that stuff inside the game needs to be improved upon.
I can't even walk by a parking meter in real life without thinking about nuts and bolts.
We messed up here. The balance change was intended but missing it from the notes wasn't. I hate that we missed this and I'm sorry it happened. We'll continue to work on our process for notes to make sure we get it right.
Definitely report using the in game tool if you run into someone acting like a knucklehead.
So, the following note was added to the release notes this morning. "Repair the Shelter caches fixed to provide the correct rate of nuts and bolts." The change was intended to adjust to the correct rate. Missing it in the notes was not. We're not thrilled that this was missed and we've got to do better.
I sit right next to Zak and Darren. We want to make sure whenever we talk about the development status of Fortnite, that we communicate clearly about where we're at. That's why you'll continue to see video updates from them rather than frequently seeing myself or someone from my team hop in to say something like "maybe, we'll see, or I dunno." It's important for us to talk share things that are happening rather than giving vague answers or fueling speculation. We're always reading through what's here and in other places where players talk about Fortnite. And we'll continue to work to improve things and keep everyone up to date as we do.
We'll continue to iterate throughout Early Access, so there will be things in the game that can and will change. Quality of life improvements, balance, new content, etc. are all things you can expect. This last week in particular we've pushed out several updates to help with stability. That's been a necessary focus since we've still got pockets of players that are having issues just getting in and having a smooth experience. We'll make sure that gets fixed. At the same time, the team is reading the feedback from the in game tool, forums, social channels, and this subreddit. As we get closer to releasing a meatier update, we'll provide more detail on what you can expect to see. And of course, we'll be eager for feedback on that as well as each update releases.
I'm here, though a nasty stomach bug sidelined me some the last couple of days. Back in the office this morning. In terms of development updates, those are typically going to come in video form from Zak and Darren, similar to the first couple of videos posted so far. We're continuing to read feedback in all of the usual places. As you no doubt know, the best place is always going to be directly via the tool in game. Darren likes to read through it without putting it through any additional filter.
Could you PM me your Epic ID and I'll ping our support team? If I'm understanding correctly, after refunding you on PC you also lost access on Xbox One, which shouldn't have happened?
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I'm here reading the threads and also the emails, and since launch day have been thoroughly impressed by the polite discussions and the analytic and deliberative nature of the Fortnite community. This is an amazing group!

In general, there are dozens of ways we want to improve and tweak the game, some of it realized as we went through closed beta and some of it recognized in response to feedback in early access. We're working on lots of these things as we speak. In general, the difficulty progression is slow at first and then much faster, more so that we expected, which is often interpreted as a paywall, but isn't intended to be, and can only effectively be crossed through gains in skill and technique (which I presume must lead to enormous frustration from folks who try to pay through it and find that ineffective.)

The countless planned improvements and future evolutionary decisions aside, the game is largely what we intended it to be: an early access version of what will eventually be a free-to-play game.

Some folks love it, and some folks hate it, and we totally understand the feedback, as it's a change from the business models of Epic's episodic shareware games and then PC and Xbox retail games of the past. However we encourage keeping an open mind, especially on play strategies that reduce the grind.

This is thoroughly an Epic game though, built out of passion for the underlying design and art style, and a desire to build the foundations for a game that we can improve and evolve for years to come, and eventually enable anyone to play without paying up-front, while paying the bills and supporting the team.