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Definitely frustrating to crash near the end of a mission :(. We are currently investigating these crashes, and we do care!
The wait is over… The Survive the Storm update is now LIVE! Squad up and push back hordes of husks in the brand new event gamemode. See you in game!
I showed my girlfriend some of the posts from the subreddit and she won't stop saying things are coming in hot. I think this one might stick for a while.
Downtime will be happening at 7 PM EDT today! And then patch will be live following, so you will have to wait no longer :D
Fortnite community, We are planning downtime at 7:00 PM EDT in order to push the Survive the Storm update live. Downtime should last ~2 hours and any further info will be posted in this thread. Get ready… a storm is coming!
Notes came in pretty hot :P, we are going to be following with the updated localized notes as they come in! Currently English is the most up to date, all languages will follow in the coming days.
You seem ready! Wow. Best of luck to you against The Storm.
It's all good. I expect to get memed on from time to time. Game development can be messy, especially at the speed we're going to put as much as possible into updates. We'll keep pushing forward, improving processes around the game and around the best way to keep everyone up to date. Appreciate you sticking with us in the spirit of Early Access. We'll get there. :)
We're making progress on the blocking bug. We have a fix for what we believe to be the issue and we're testing to verify. If it works, there's still a chance for later today. Either way, we'll know in the next few hours. When it comes there will be some downtime. Normally we'd push this live in the early a.m. East coast time but because we're behind we want to get the update live so you can play ASAP.
Upvoted. Yesterday I learned that the phrase "coming in hot" doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. Notes will be live in the next few mins.
I'm sure they were shocked... I like the way you think.
People care. They are passionate about it and I really like that.
Don't disagree with you. This morning it felt like we could still go live tomorrow. Didn't want to wait to communicate. We'll get better.
We're going to hop on stream here in a min and talk about this. Come by to see my sad face.
The worst part is I was so close.
I wanted to see if I could beat the first "where are the notes" post.
Hey guys, I know you're all eager to check out the super detailed notes so I'm dropping by to let you know they are coming in super hot and we're working to get them out to you ASAP. I figure some of you are wondering when you'll see them and want to make sure you know we understand they are important. Hang tight and we'll let you know as soon as they go live!
Make sure to reset your game and hard reset your console as well. Let us know if this does not fix the issue.
I believe the appropriate title is Commander.
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We all have our part in the wars to come.


That is so cool!

It does help us to know we're hearing from people who have played. It's also why you need to be a player in order to post on the Fortnite forums.
The submit feedback thing is super important. I know when you hear it over and over it might sound more like "submit feedback instead of posting here." You should definitely keep sharing your thoughts in all of the places where you can. We'll keep reading that too. The reason why it's important and why we do repeat it is to make sure a) we aren't assuming everyone is aware it's there and b) because it's the best way to get Darren the unfiltered feedback. He does read through it and he prefers it be unfiltered. The team looks at that unfiltered feedback, we talk about things we're seeing across all of the places players talk about the game, we look at the data in game, and then we do things like on site UX testing, send out surveys (one way we know there's interest in Survival), etc.
It's definitely in the spirit of Early Access in the sense of we're going to put this in there and see what happens. It's the earliest version of a mode we think players will like based on a feature some of you are saying you want. We need to learn and understand what happens when you do try it. Today I'm seeing some of you say you want more of that, and my hope is you'll be saying the same thing next week after you play.