Mission Alerts


Expire in 4h 42m

5 flash_on Survivor XP (x900)
9 flash_on Schematic XP (x900)
9 flash_on vBucks (x15)
5 storm mutations active


Expire in 4h 42m

23 flash_on Mini Reward Llama
28 flash_on Schematic XP (x600)
40 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x13)
8 storm mutations active

Canny Valley

Expire in 5h 23m

46 flash_on Ingredient: Active Powercell
52 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x5)
70 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Rare)
9 storm mutations active

Twine Peaks

Expire in 4h 42m

76 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x10)
76 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x20)
94 flash_on Storm Shard (x5)
10 storm mutations active
Stonewood: New missions in 12m
Plankerton: New missions in 12m
Canny Valley: New missions in 23m
Twine Peaks: New missions in 12m

Daily Llama

People Llama

x4 @ 350v

Yes, it's a people delivery llama. Just make your purchase and move along. Contains at least 7 people. Somehow.

Expires in 14h 30m

And we're back! You may run into a short queue when connecting. Thanks for your patience everyone!
Fortnite servers are offline as we're pushing an update to resolve the recent matchmaking issues. This affects all regions and platforms. No ETA available...
For those wondering about the download size, this is a backend service update so there should be nothing to download on your end. Which means you should...
We are going to be pushing an update at 4:00am ET, Nov 4 to resolve the recent matchmaking issues that have been occurring. This will affect all regions...
Battle Royale Global Voice Chat?
An interesting suggestion, we don't have any immediate plans for something like a global voice chat but if info arises we will update!...
What I love about Fortnite Battle Royale is the heart throbbing, blood pumping, thrill seeking, action of 99 player arena combat with my craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy...
Not sure of what the record is, but I think we may be able to look. I'll check with our analytics team.
Thanks for the suggestion and taking the time to let us know your thoughts. I'm moving this to the correct forum -- Suggestions and Advice. ...
I love that I can find a stairway to heaven that I can't even see the end of, destroy it, then watch someone not "Stick the Landing".
It appears I was too late, glad you got the help you needed :D and hope you enjoy Fortnite!...
The sniper rifle, the adrenaline as you enter the top five....
I love that I can choose to play like a sneaky beaver or go guns blazing like Rambo. Always better than Mooney's approach which is dying first.
What I love about Fortnite Battle Royale is the ability to manipulate the buildings, almost a little bit the other side of the conversation haha. Seeing...
Battle Royale Leaderboards
Definitely some awesome discussion here about leaderboards, and great feedback. We're gonna be continuing improvements/adjustments into the future!
First I would attempt restarting your computer and then launching the Epic Games Launcher and Client from start. If the issue persists ensure all Fortnite/Launcher...
Battle Royale Friendly Fire?!
We're definitely not okay with this kind of behavior make sure you report folks who are Team Killing to our Player Support team using this portal!...
Battle Royale Jump pad rolled back?
It was something we were testing, and it snuck into the build. We're looking to release it at a future date, but definitely let us know your thoughts...
We hear you loud and clear. We detailed out some performance optimizations that we're looking into that we're hoping helps with lag issues. Some of it...
Some PS4 players in EU may be experiencing problems when trying to log in. We are aware of this problem and are investigating it now. We will update this...
We have worked in a short-term fix for matchmaking while we pursue a long-term solution.
There are still some players who are having issues with matchmaking. We are continuing to look into these reports.
The storm has passed and matchmaking services are healthy once again!
NA Battle Royale players are experiencing additional matchmaking issues. We're on it!
Our matchmaking services have returned to a healthy state and we are taking Fortnite out of maintenance mode.
We are temporarily putting Fortnite into maintenance mode while we investigate ongoing issues with matchmaking. We are working to fix this ASAP and will...