Mission Alerts


Expire in 4h 48m

9 flash_on Ingredient: Active Powercell (x2)
9 flash_on Mini Reward Llama
9 flash_on Hero XP (x750)
5 storm mutations active


Expire in 4h 48m

28 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x7)
34 flash_on Schematic XP (x1700)
34 flash_on Hero XP (x1900)
8 storm mutations active

Canny Valley

Expire in 5h 29m

46 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x5)
52 flash_on Schematic: Scythe (Uncommon)
52 flash_on Schematic: Floor Launcher (Uncommon)
9 storm mutations active

Twine Peaks

Expire in 4h 48m

88 flash_on Survivor XP (x3350)
100 flash_on Survivor XP (x4800)
100 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x15)
10 storm mutations active
Stonewood: New missions in 18m
Plankerton: New missions in 18m
Canny Valley: New missions in 20-30 minutes
Twine Peaks: New missions in 18m

Daily Llama

Six Pack Llama

x10 @ 540v

It's like six Upgrade Llamas in one! Lots of items with a high upgrade chance.

Expires in 20h 37m

Originally posted by [deleted]


Thanks for the suggestion. No ETA on leaderboards, but we definitely recognize their importance. We covered them in the State of Development post stickied at the top of the sub.

>We love stats and analytics and will show you the basics over the next few weeks.

>After providing stats we’ll focus on Leaderboards / Scoreboards and Rankings. Leaderboards / Scoreboards reward successful placement and game actions, while Ranking is a direct reflection of your skill. We’re evaluating algorithms for each of them and want to be careful we don’t change the goal to be the last player standing.

Originally posted by Scau2

Its better then before but plz make it non rng :<

We’re working on improving it. Had a post here addressing your concern.

We’re working to address spread and overall weapon feel. We’ve been busy refactoring a lot of weapons and you’ll continue to see some discrepancies as we work toward making them feel more consistent.

On Tuesday, with the release of our big patch, we’ll be addressing more weapon feel changes. Our most recent Hotfix addressed some immediate spread issues. We also touched on it a bit in the State of Development post as well. Rest assured, we’re on top of it.

Battle Royale Co-op mode BR
Originally posted by Scorthyn

Hey everyone, I have one doubt regarding the BR mode, can it be played in a party like a team? or its free for all only. The plan is to play with my gf but we are not sure about that. Thanks in advance

Squads are coming Tuesday, Sept 26, so you’ll be able to team up and play with your gf then.

Originally posted by jokersleuth

Is it a free standalone download for anyone or is it free to anyone that already has Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is going free for everyone on Sept 26, but just those who own a Founder's Pack. FNBR is not standalone as players will be downloading the same client as all existing Fortnite players. The "Save the World" experience will be locked unless you purchase a Founder's Pack.

Originally posted by EsoFan7

Or is it free alpha access game?

Fortnite Battle Royale will go free on Sept 26. You will need to purchase a Founder's Pack if you want to explore the "Save the World" experience.

Battle Royale Hide UI?
Originally posted by Eggsalad__

Is there any possibility we can get this functionality?

We have received this suggestion from a number of different members of our community. It's not here yet but worth discussing with the team for sure.

Originally posted by g0cean3

u rock

no u rock

Battle Royale Is the SMG useless
Originally posted by Dumacat

I mean at close range its only good range its outclassed by the shotgun or an AR and at long range its horrible damage isnt even good for a bit of chip damage. So the question is why have a gun that is only useful if the person your shooting at doesnt also have a gun?

I definitely recommend checking out this blog post we recently made. It reveals a new smg variant that plays much differently from the original SMG. Make sure you look out for the 1.6.3 release notes coming in hot next week, there are a number of balance changes that should shake things up.

Originally posted by Maegisk

title, 26th september to be exact.

That's right. Sept. 26.

Originally posted by ofraiz

I don't care who stole what and who took which ideas its the product that should get reviewed and my experience with "Epic Games" always been awesome. They are in my opinion one of the last "true" game developers which got the heart on the right spot. They keep supporting games even though they may not be successful at the moment (UT, Paragon) and they are proud of it! Thats something that needs to get supported. I like that they can choose what they wanna do thanks to their fantastic engine which keeps them kinda in a spot where they can do whatever they want without to worry that the publisher is getting money hungry. Thanks Epic Games for focussing on the players and listen to feedback presented by us.

I wish you guys the best of luck in the future and stay healthy. Fortnite is awesome and the Community is one of the most friendly, welcoming playerbase I've seen in a long long time.

I mean they didn't even needed to add refunds but the attempt of trying deserves my respect and shows their true face.

Epic Games and Boss Key Productions my favorite developers at this point of time!

Thank you, and everyone else in this community for your support. You guys/girls make it all worth it :D

Originally posted by Vq14

Here is an image of the email i received :


You can play Fortnite Battle Royal for free on PC, right now. Free forever :)

Originally posted by ALannister

this looks great! Also since the mid-range scoped assault rifle is my favorite PvE weapon I hope it performs just as well. Will this be a burst fire weapon as well?

We have A LOT of weapons in the Fortnite universe so I’m uncertain of which ones we’ll ultimately carry over into Battle Royale.

Originally posted by DB-Cam

> We are currently running dedicated servers in Virginia (USA) and Frankfurt (Germany). Our infrastructure allows us to fairly easily spin up servers in other regions once a certain population threshold has been reached to ensure a good matchmaking experience.

When can we expect the Oceania Region to have it’s preferred datacentre relocated from USA to Australia/Asia (preferably separated). As it is now, all players from both regions are experiencing an unplayable state of gameplay, as hit registration and general gameplay mechanics do not work as intended on 200ms+ latency.

We will definitely look into how we can best improve that experience in the coming weeks.

Hey folks,

Our VP of Engineering, Daniel Vogel wanted to share some upcoming development plans for Battle Royale. You can view some weapon images over on the official blog:

> We hope you all have been having a good time playing Fortnite Battle Royale. We’re working hard to make sure you have plenty to look forward to in your quest to earn umbrellas. So, we want to give everyone an update!

Our big news is the initial version of Squads coming 9/26 with support for DBNO (down but not out), duos (2 players) and squads (1-4 players). Emphasis is on “initial” as we are optimizing for getting the feature out ASAP and will continue to iterate and polish afterwards. The squads playlist will be enabled on 9/26 and we will monitor population numbers to decide when to enable duos. In-game communication (text, voice, hints, etc) is crucial for auto-filled teams and is next on the list.

We hope the introduction of Squads will reduce the desire for teaming in solo play. That being said, we stood up a system that will automatically and swiftly ban teamers. We’ve been manually running the detection tool to verify results and Player Support has been using the results to ban teamers for almost a week. The full automation will go live with the 9/26 update.

Cheating (aimbots, overlays, and such) is something we take seriously on both the legal and development front. Going free increases the challenge and is lighting a fire under our efforts. It is hard to talk about what we’re doing here without making it easier for cheat creators… so we won’t :-) Cheaters are banned!

> Coming in the Sept. 26 build:

> 1. Squads!
2. A mid-range scoped assault rifle and a mid-range SMG to round out the weapon line-up. 3. HUD tweaks to make it easier to see markers and direction indicators. 4. Lots of other tweaks that will be documented in detail in our release notes. >
Coming soon after the Sept. 26 build:

Supply drops will allow introduction of some of the more zany weapons from the “Save the World” Campaign, and help us tune the timing of when specific weapons drop during a match. Our internal playtests showed supply drops adding more excitement to the mid-game over the fight to secure them. Depending on how balancing and testing goes they might be in 9/26 or the following week.

Combat feel encompasses a broad area and we have a few initiatives in the works that deserve their own post in the next week. See our post here for recent changes.

Improvements for inventory management like picking up ammo, resources, and traps by just walking over them. In the long term we are going to overhaul the inventory system.

We love stats and analytics and will show you the basics over the next few weeks.

After providing stats we’ll focus on Leaderboards / Scoreboards and Rankings. Leaderboards / Scoreboards reward successful placement and game actions, while Ranking is a direct reflection of your skill. We’re evaluating algorithms for each of them and want to be careful we don’t change the goal to be the last player standing.

Cosmetic items are coming soon. New glider skins are a first example of this and there will be other categories as well. This requires the ability to select and choose variations in the UI, and of course a way for you to earn them by playing the game.

Console controller layouts are being revisited right now to see whether there is a different approach. This is something that will take some time to get right, but we will give you updates as progress is made.

The following information is a bit more on the engineering side, but I’m an engineer so hey :-)

We are currently running dedicated servers in Virginia (USA) and Frankfurt (Germany). Our infrastructure allows us to fairly easily spin up servers in other regions once a certain population threshold has been reached to ensure a good matchmaking experience.

We are happy with, but always looking to improve the minimum network bandwidth required to play the game and server performance after the first few minutes. What we’re not yet happy with is server performance during the lobby and very early phase of the match. This is an area that is requiring some higher level optimizations to our networking code.

Overall client performance is something we need to keep an eye on to ensure it is not getting worse. Same goes for input latency. Please holler if you are experiencing issues with either.

Client stability settled at around 100 hours of MTBF (mean time between failure) for Battle Royale. That means on average the game crashes every 100 hours of gameplay. Crashes are never acceptable and we are continuously working on the top crashes. Please let us know if you are running into frequent crashes to help us track them down! The 100-hour number is on the lower end of our comfort zone, but we also want to make sure we don’t sacrifice development velocity and deliver new features at a rapid pace.

Server stability thus far has been good knocks on wood… which is crucial as a single crash can impact up to 100 players at once! The goal here is to be above 10,000 hours MTBF and very rapidly address crashes and deploy servers with rolling updates as to not impact players further.

Thanks and we’ll see you in game,
Daniel Vogel

Originally posted by sailboatsare

>You will still have access to Battle Royale after being issued a refund. >

I received a refund from Microsoft support yesterday after the email I received from Epic support requesting I contact them, but now I am unable to play right now as the entire license to the game was revoked…this comment was in response to a question someone asked about whether or not we could still play Battle Royale before the 26th even if we got a refund. Just wanted to figure this out because I’d REALLY like to be able to play it right now, and probably wouldn’t have requested a refund if I had to wait several days to play it again. Thanks so much!

We’re able to keep access on our own platform. You can reach out to our Player Support team about the process for other platforms.

Gotta love Facing Worlds!

Originally posted by Fluffakins

Just a dumb question do I need to purchase the early access to play this ?

At present? Yes. On September 26, you will be able to download it for free.

Originally posted by jayswolo

It comes out in 5 days...and we don't really know anything. I assume it's 4 player squads? Are there down/revive mechanics (most important part), friendly fire, editing each other's objects, do you see your tm8s health? Can you choose a skin? These things would be nice to know

Hey guys. We're still finalizing the build, and working on release notes for next week's update.

Plans can always change, but currently we are preparing to support both two and four player teams, along with solos. If you don't have a complete squad, we're planning to have an option to fill your team with randoms.

Reviving downed team members and cooperating to build structures is planned, also. You'll see your team members' status on the HUD. And friendly fire will be a thing -- be careful!

This work is all still being tested, so some features may not make it in time. We'll continue to improve the experience as we go of course.

Lots more to share next week. Thanks for helping to test the game, and keep the feedback coming.

Originally posted by WinstonWaffleStomp

doesnt reporting through the in game feedback count

That helps as well! Just another route to get us the info.

Originally posted by _break_it_down_

/u/DragonDai says they've handed over development to the main Fortnite team in this post but I haven't seen any mention of it.

Can anyone confirm if this is true?

The UT team is still working on the Battle Royale game mode, can confirm. Not sure where this rumor came from but it is incorrect.

Originally posted by Kilimarr

A carebear hat, a bear headpiece.

I feel this would fit the game, and the reason we bought it in the first place. =D

p.s. Not a shitpost, I just thought it would be fun. And love both modes (pve & pvp).

Everyone that purchased FN before BR was announced receives a exclusive glider. We currently don't have any extra rewards planned for alpha explorers.

Battle Royale Hello everyone
Originally posted by XXAligatorXx

Thanks I did notice lots of people dropping the moment they can so I always tried to drop a little later. I never tried to wait till the last moment tho. I'll try that and the other thing thanks.

No problemo! Let us know if you need anymore help!

Battle Royale Satisfying sniper shot

DUDE, that was such a sick shot! Nice job. So satisfying to hit those beast mode snipes.