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While talking about the minimap/map graphic itself... could you guys put the blue electrical towers on the map? Makes good references points, but they don't exist on the map :(.

Hmm... those should already be there... they're kind of small on the big map, but I can see them :)

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Hey, something else I've noticed that I just cannot test, is that I once had a game where when I got out of the bus, the UI showed that I had 100 shield, 100HP. I've seen it happen on the starting island before, but not in the game itself. Anyway, it's an issue because you can't use any shield potions because the client is saying that you have full shield, but when you get shot, you take body damage. So, you're stuck at 100 max HP until you die(this happened in solo so I don't know about being downed).

I've only seen it talked about one other time, and the guy brought up a potential cause that I hadn't thought about before. Both of us had built and used a campfire on the starting island beforehand. I submitted a bug report the day it happened(it was when the new map dropped), but I haven't seen it mentioned in patch notes and the nature of the starting island makes it very unlikely that I'll find materials to build a floor and a campfire, to record and test it.

Maybe you could hop into some sort of internal server and verify this for me. The fact that I've only seen it talked about one other time makes sense because of how rare it is to find a campfire and mats on the starting island, along with the idea to use it for no reason.

I think your best bet is to keep submitting bug reports if you see that kind of problem. I haven't seen it myself (I load into the game dozens of times a day) or heard guys on the team talking about it, so I'm guessing it's a pretty rare bug. But if you submit a bug report, it sends along the logs that coders need to chase that stuff down.

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Yeah, I just launched the game and tested it out:

I've seen threads talking about it before, as well. When I first decided to bind mouse wheel, it didn't work for me until I read a comment talking about the workaround I mentioned above. This was in early November I think.

ok yeah I just got it to happen. Thanks I'll get a bug logged.

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I have a question regarding the current season. I have already completed my battle pass and have been accruing my completed challenges (not redeeming them). Will these transfer over to the next season so I can redeem them right off the bat?

Hello fellow min-maxer! These will not transfer over to the next season. You'll want to redeem them for the EXP before the season ends.

To clarify, the price of the Season 3 Battle Pass will be 950 V-bucks. We will not be offering the Season 3 Battle Pass as a real money purchase. Spread the word!
PS: If you own the Season 2 Battle Pass, you’ll be getting a bonus of 5 tiers upon purchase of the Season 3 Battle Pass!

EDIT: More context

10 points for creativity. Wow.

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MrPopoTFS Appears

Hey there! Do me a favor and send me your Ticket ID number from your support ticket. You should be able to find it at the bottom of the email. Once I have that number I can get it escalated. Thanks! :)

MrPopoTFS Vanishes

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Good point

Yeah, that's the thing, which means we'd probably only want to update the map if you have vision on the area... anyway, not saying it's a bad idea, just that it would probably turn into a fair amount of work and there's lots to do :)

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I keep all of my builds close together. Walls/stairs are on the side mouse buttons, floors are scrollwheeldown and roofs are scrollwheelup.

Also if you guys aren't aware, to bind the scroll wheel, one has to scroll all of the way to the bottom of the menu to bind scroll down, and they have to scroll all of the way up to bind scroll up. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed, but I've talked to a lot of people who just figured that you can't bind the scroll wheel because it wasn't registering.

Hey, I just gave it a try and it worked after one or two wheel clicks. Are you still having this problem?

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I love your username! t for traps is cool, I use a similar setup! My Z is heals/ sheilds. i also use the scroll wheel forward for mouse but the scroll wheel down for floor and thumb button/q for walls

I actually just moved my heal over to C, since that H was too far of a reach. :)

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Devs! We found a bug!

Yeah, the map is a static texture... making it dynamically update might be one of those "juice isn't worth the squeeze" situations...

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Let's make tomorrow a day to remember! See ya'll there!

I landed there like 3 times this morning, didn't see anyone. Very disappointing :)

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This is so rad, this dude crushed it! He deserves the most candy hearts of all.

Great job as always Sneaky Bros.! These concepts are fantastic.

Battle Royale Today, I made a friend.


Battle Royale Today, I made a friend.

Love truly is in the air <3

The jig is up! Caught bear-handed!

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I run with shift and I use my pinky finger to press it, if it feels uncomfortable there's always an auto run key so that you only have to press it once instead of holding it.

Yep! I use my pinky for left shift as well.

Incredible work!

I definitely would have done a double take had I seen that during a match lol.

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Make a new thread, that seems to be the solution.

No, please don't :p

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hey! my account was hacked and charged $224 on my card, do you think you can help me as well?

DM me your ticket #

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That's not fair to the other people who have the same problem and don't post it on Reddit

Support is working through all of the tickets, they got behind as Dan mentioned in another post. It's just taking a while because of the down time last weekend. Some people sent in three or more tickets.

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Just so you know, them replying on reddit posts isn't even a guarantee you will get your case solved. Had that happen with me, told me to pm them the case number and that they would "look into it". Didn't hear anything after

DM it to me and let me know the issue

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How fun is it to play a game a you helped develop?

A lot of fun actually. To see how people react to the things we have created or built is humbling and amazing at the same time. I've worked on games in my past where it felt like a chore or part of my job to play them. Fortnite I play in my free time because I find it entertaining.

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may i ask how i change my ingame name? when i go to the site wont load

Not sure there is an option in game. I tried the website and it worked fine for me.