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Greetings Fort Friends,

On Oct. 2 at 4:00 a.m. EDT the Survive the Storm event will be ending, so make sure you get those final runs in and grab that last Hydraulic weapon you’ve been chasing (Rocket Launcher pls).

But, what’s next?

The Horde Bash event, featuring...  

  • Pre-Built Forts
  • Hordes of Husks
  • Instant Co-op Action
  • And more!

New details on the Horde Bash Update coming later this week.  

Update - We are still investigating the issue and hope to have news soon....
We are aware of an issue with squads connecting to servers. We're checking into it and will update this thread when we know more. Thank you!...
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We are aware the Battle Bus balloon may have gotten a leak and is not picking up any squads. We are investigating.
Originally posted by Cowteats99

Has it been fixed?

Yes, it was resolved about an hour after the issue initially occurred. Any queue times players experience now should be under 30 seconds.

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Originally posted by MimC_06

posted a thread earlier and an Epic employee said they are compensating players today and there would be info to follow, haven't seen any info but glad it is getting done today after all!

There are some details at the following link. Thanks for hanging in there. We know a lot of you put time into the event and appreciate you sticking with us!

Originally posted by thaaaaaDiCKER

def need a squad to complete this quest. and its doubley difficult because you still have to complete the Main Map Mission on top of it. its like having to defend another atlas in the same amount of map time.

it should be its own mission.

It does help a lot. Totally agree we've got some quests that can be tougher to accomplish along with the main mission, depending on what mission type you're playing. It's something we have to continue to look at.

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Update on Make Good for Survive the Storm crashes! -

Heya folks,

Following the crashes during the StS event, we said we would make good on the folks who crashed on the later days. See Zak's post below:

Hi all,

Anyone that experienced a crash or AI issue in Survive the Storm past Day 8 has now been appropriately gifted the quest complete and mission rewards. Log in to your account to receive both.

If you think you should have gotten a reward and didn’t please enter a support ticket here at

Thank you all for playing the Survive the Storm event.

Zak Phelps Executive Producer

Hi all, Anyone that experienced a crash or AI issue in Survive the Storm past Day 8 has now been appropriately gifted the quest complete...
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All login issues should now be resolved. Time to jump back into the arena and save those survivors.
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We have resolved login issues on Xbox. We are still looking into PS4 now. Thanks for your patience. Updates here:

Heya folks,

Console players are experiencing a waiting room and/or a login error when attempting to enter Fortnite. We will be posting updates on the issue in this forum thread!

Thank you for your patience as we work to investigate the issue!

UPDATE: Xbox players should be able to load in following their log-in queue.

UPDATE: PS4 players should now be able to login and play Fortnite

Login issues should now be resolved and Fortnite has returned to a healthy state.

Originally posted by frobalt

I literally was about to come and complain about the same thing.

For me, the timer started at 13 minutes! Absolute fucking joke. I paid for all premium editions of the game and they can't give me priority queuing?

Hello, Epic? Can I get a refund, please?

Edit: It just got worse. Countdown ended only for it to say I couldn't log in. Attempting to try again put me to the back of the queue, with an even longer wait time of 21 minutes. I only wanted to go on to collect my RP. FFS!

I was joking earlier when I mentioned my refund, but now I'm being serious.


I understand its probably very frustrating and apologize for the issues with the queue/logging in. We are looking into an issue affecting console players with matchmaking/login. We will be posting updates here.

Yep, sorry guys. There’s a waiting room error right now for console players logging in. Hang in there! Details and updates are here.

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We're currently looking into an issue preventing PS4 & Xbox players from logging in. Updates here:…
Fortnite community, All console players are likely experiencing a waiting room & login error when attempting to login to Fortnite....

We are currently investigating some matchmaking/login issues for console players. Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate the patience!

There are packs that you can purchase that will give you invitations for your friends so they can play PvE with you. Sorry for the confusion!...
Hey everyone, just want to drop the reminder that the Horde Bash and Halloween events will be replacing Survive the Storm! Yes Survive the Storm...
We are still moving forward with our initial plan to make all of Fortnite free to play later in 2018.
This is def a good suggestion. Thanks for bringing it up on the forums, I will pass it along....
Originally posted by raczilla

When the update comes, what temperature will it be?

...very warm