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It looks like the Storm Llamas rode off with the items in the Event Store a little early. So neither of them will currently appear in-game. Don’t worry though, you can still get Seasonal Gold and Storm Tickets!

Once V.2.5.0 arrives all of your Storm Tickets will be converted to Storm Llamas and your Seasonal Gold will be spent on Firecracker Tickets. Want specifics? No problem!

  • Each stack of 1000 Storm Event Tickets has been exchanged for Storm Llamas.
  • Up to 3000 Seasonal Gold will be converted 3 to 1 into Firecracker Tickets, and any additional gold beyond that is lost.

Spend any additional leftover event gold before the update! Spring It On! Gold is also seasonal and will be replaced when a new season begins.

Originally posted by Mustarddoggy

It's been over a week, but I have encountered it.

It's listed in the STW known issues on the v2.4.0 patch notes:

This is correct. It is listed in our known issues list. The team is working on it!

Originally posted by omgitsaghost

No, you don't. I see the same players over and over again.

This is why we need to make sure the players who continue to do this are reported.

Originally posted by Baugi47

i have never gotten a skuriken headshot since i started playing back in October, is the team aware of this? i figured its a bug. Ive since stopped using her and solider tactical bonus of increased head shot dmg. This is PS4

I think it's an issue more with how shurikens are registering with their targets (head included). Not sure if it's 100% console vs pc related. I still have the issue but it feels less frequent.

Originally posted by Reikyu09


The purpose of this guide is to take a closer look at designing efficient killboxes like the 2x1, as that's typically all you need.


Previous guide:

I like my killboxes cheap, effective, and with corners/turns. Cheap because early on people are always blowing up your traps with their bad play and who wants to farm (I sure don't). Effective because if you're spending the resources on traps you want to get as much bang for your buck. Corners/turns because wall launchers and wall darts are not very effective in a straight tunnel. This guide assumes you know how to get the husks to enter your funnel.

Wall Darts, your friend in the early areas

Early on stonewood/plankerton husk density is lighter and your weapons can usually clean up the trash without much problem. Some traps are more expensive than others and you want to refrain from using expensive traps if they aren't needed in public matches. Wall darts coming in at 2 mech parts and 0 nuts and bolts are cheap and therefore great for your early areas.

A lot of people will spam these all over the objective walls and perpendicular to any paths that husks may walk. Since they can fire 3 tiles we should try to make the most of that.

The 2x1 killbox. The first wall darts will be able to activate and fire up to 3 tiles towards the oncoming husks as they approach. The two side darts will have 2 tiles of coverage each. The exit darts can have up to 3 tiles of coverage if you were to have the funnel exit face directly towards the objective. This is a very simple layout, but we can build it better!

With two 1x2 walls we've increased the path that the husks must travel. I usually choose not to extend a 1x2 across the funnel entrance as I feel that it places extra stress on the north wall. Also interferes with my wall launcher setup later on. Let's try a few more modifications.

Wooden floor spikes are relatively cheap as you can use any you find lying around regardless of their level for slow. They can also drop in supply drops later on. The wooden floor spikes slow the husk's path through the traps.

I replaced the west wall with a floor launcher instead of wall darts. Any husks which manage to enter the 2nd tile will be bounced all the way back to the east wall. They will then have to slowly make their way back west while being shot by reloading wall darts before they can make their escape, or possibly be bounced again. Having a wall launcher with reload perks is huge at preventing the forward path of husks.

Early on you likely won't need the extra firepower of expensive ceiling traps and a setup like this can delay and help thin the trash. The corners/turn helps utilize the 2 tile launching range of the wall launcher and gives the wall darts 2-3 tile coverage. It doesn't kill everything, but it doesn't need to. If you need more firepower you can always throw on ceiling traps.

Super Gas Trap

Ceiling traps are all expensive; especially the gas trap. If you're going to use a gas trap then you will want to maximize how much it can do to make sure you get your monies worth. Ideally you want every husk to walk under that gas trap. If you could have a husk walk under the same gas trap a second time or third time well...

Here I took the 2x1 design and am using 2 wall launchers (west and south wall) and one gas trap above the entrance tile. The south wall launcher (the one on the right) will bounce husks out the way they came. Gas is persistent for a few seconds and applies affliction. Husks that enter the tile will be gassed, bounced, or gassed and bounced. Husks that survive the gas or sneak past the first launcher will have to make their way to the 2nd tile where the west wall launcher (left side in pic) is primed to bounce them back to the east wall and back under the gas. Only by surviving/dodging the gas, dodging the south wall launcher, dodging the west wall launcher, while being slowed over the wooden spikes, will the husks escape this trap setup. It might not kill everything, but it will kill a whole lot for a single ceiling/dps trap. Not enough firepower? There's room to expand.

Overhanging an aoe ceiling seems like a logical choice (nature damage so less effective vs. fire). As husks funnel under the aoe ceiling most of the 3x3 target area will be occupied by husks and get hit. Gotta get that maximum coverage.

Additional options available to you should you want additional firepower are the two wall slots or the ceiling above the 2nd tile. Darts? Dynamos? Single Target Ceiling? The choice is up to you, but most of the time I leave my 2x1s with just a single gas and aoe ceiling as that's all I need.

Ramp Killbox

A nice option for the top of ramps. Husks are slowed, gassed, and bounced back the way they came. You could also overhang tires to roll down the slope if that's your thing.

Now I'm starting to get cute. Instead of launching husks back down the ramp I launch them off to the side. The second floor tile can be built if it doesn't exist naturally (though watch out if it gets destroyed). The second floor tile contains a floor launcher and an angled roof (connected to an angled roof over the gas trap) as a second layer of trap resets. Any husk that gets bounced by the wall launcher or floor launcher will have to walk back up the ramp and back under the gas. The reason why I have two angled roofs is so I can use the 1x2 wall to extend the path over the floor launcher (angled roof can't connect to the 1x2 wall).

Although I prefer trapping the top of the ramp, sometimes it's too close to the objective that it will cause smashers and propanes to be problematic. Alternative is a killbox on the bottom of the ramp, though it's limited in what it can do with a single tile.

Hopefully you have a good gas trap (or know someone who does who can make you a stack or two). I typically only use 1 per funnel when needed so a stack can last a while. These trap layouts are pretty basic but that's usually all you need for thinning the trash. It's important to consider the number of people you have on your team, the element, and how thick the waves are (bomb waves being really thick) so you don't overtrap or undertrap. Thanks for reading and happy trapping!

Very nice write up. Thank you for putting this together for the community! The information here is definitely useful.

Originally posted by AwkwrdPrtMskrt

I notice nobody has posted anything comparing every possible ranged weapons (firearms) to real-world counterparts. There are videos comparing both sides, but they don't cover every weapon.

Here's the master list, including StW and BR weapons, excludes fictional weapons (such as hydraulic weapons, rayguns etc). Italics denote real-life weapon's difference to the game's counterpart. Feel free to suggest corrections or additions.


  1. Rocket Launcher - RPG-7 man-portable anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher
  2. Grenade Launcher - Milkor MGL multiple grenade launcher


  1. Assault Rifle (baseline, Breacher, Striker) - M16 assault rifle
  2. Assault Rifle (Equaliser, Siegebreaker) - FN SCAR-L assault rifle
  3. Burst Rifle (baseline, Razor, Scalpel) - HK MP5 submachine gun (with wooden handguard and stock) (some variants have burst fire) (the G3 or HK33 would suit better, as they are rifles)
  4. Burst Rifle (Razorblade, Razorwire) - HK G36C carbine-length assault rifle (some variants have burst fire)
  5. Light Machine Gun Rifle (baseline, Bullet Swarm, Terminator) - M60 general-purpose machine gun
  6. Semi-Automatic Rifle (Hunter Killer, Raptor) - Springfield Armoury Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle or M14 with custom furniture (select-fire)
  7. Single-Shot Rifle (Hammercrush, Hammershot, Slug Gun) - probably the Saiga-12 semi-automatic shotgun, extremely modified
  8. Surgical Rifle (Deathstalker, Nightlance) (StW)/Assault Rifle with Scope (BR) - CZ 805 BREN assault rifle (possible marksman variant) ("Deathstalker" appellation might also refer to CZ Scorpion EVO 3 submachine gun)


  1. Automatic Shotgun (baseline, Bearcat, Kodiak, Tigerjaw) - AA-12 fully-automatic shotgun
  2. Automatic Shotgun (Room Sweeper) - Kel-Tec KSG pump-action shotgun (feeds from twin tube magazines, not a drum)
  3. Double-Barreled Shotgun (baseline, Double-Punch, Strongarm) - typical sawn-off side-by-side shotgun
  4. Double-Barreled Shotgun (Shockwave, Thunderbolt) - same as baseline/Double-Punch/Strongarm, but equipped with an attachment that supposedly adds electric damage
  5. Pump-Action Shotgun (StW)/Pump Shotgun (BR) (baseline, Knight) - either a Remington Model 870 or a Mossberg Model 500, otherwise a typical pump-action shotgun with wooden furniture
  6. Pump-Action Shotgun (Crusader, Templar) - FABARM/HK FP6, otherwise a typical pump-action tactical shotgun
  7. Pump-Action Shotgun (the Bear) - similar to baseline/Knight, but with a tube magazine extension
  8. Tactical Shotgun (baseline, Panther, Puma) (StW) - "Bossmerg" marking suggests Mossberg Model 590 pump-action shotgun
  9. Precision Tactical Shotgun (Precision Panther, Clipper, Nightclaw) - same as baseline/Panther/Puma, with a foldable stock
  10. Heavy Shotgun (Enforcer, Longarm Enforcer) (StW)/Tactical Shotgun (BR) - same as baseline/Panther/Puma, with additional furniture on top
  11. Over-Under Shotgun (baseline, Bandit, Maverick, Rustler) - Beretta 682/686, otherwise a typical 12 gauge over-and-under shotgun
  12. Semi-Auto Shotgun (baseline, Charger, Stallion, Stampede) - either Kel-Tec KSG or UTAS UTS-12 pump-action shotguns
  13. Semi-Auto Shotgun (Backbreaker) - same as baseline/Charger/Stallion/Stampede, but with different furniture and attachments


  1. Bolt-Action Rifle (baseline, scoped, Bullseye, Deadeye) (StW) - Springfield Armoury M14 DMR (marksman variant of the M14 battle rifle, semi-automatic)
  2. Hunting Rifle (baseline, Lil' Bee, Stinger) - Dragunov semi-automatic sniper rifle
  3. Hunting Rifle (scoped, Dragonfly, Wasp) (StW)/Bolt-Action Rifle (BR) - Accuracy International Arctic Warfare bolt-action sniper rifle (correctly depicted as bolt-action in BR)


  1. Suppressed Submachine Gun (BR) - HK MP5 SD suppressed submachine gun
  2. Machine Pistol (baseline, Cobra, Rattler, Snakebite, Viper) - IWI Mini Uzi or Micro Uzi compact submachine guns
  3. Machine Pistol (Ripper, Slasher, Thrasher) (StW)/Submachine Gun (BR) - Intratec TEC-9 compact submachine gun
  4. Handcannon (baseline, Judge, Lawbringer) - Taurus Raging Bull magnum revolver
  5. Quick-Fire/Rapid-Fire Pistol (baseline, Haywire, Haywire Storm) - CZ 75 semi-automatic handgun
  6. Semi-Auto Handgun (baseline, Outlaw, Vigilante) - Colt M1911 semi-automatic handgun
  7. Semi-Auto Handgun (Jackal, Vendetta) - same as baseline/Outlaw/Vigilante, but with different finish and grip design
  8. Six-Shooter/Revolver (baseline, Dealmaker, Nighthawk) - typical Old West revolver
  9. Semi-Auto Handcannon (Falcon, Kestrel, Shrike) - Magnum Research Inc. Desert Eagle Mk XIX semi-automatic handgun
  10. Suppressed Pistol (BR) - either an FN FNP or FNX, otherwise a tactical handgun with mini red dot sight and suppressor attached
  11. Minigun (BR) - M136 Minigun Gatling machine gun (not man-portable)
  12. Tactical Submachine Gun (BR) - same as Ripper/Slasher/Thrasher/BR SMG, but with metalpunk decorations


  1. A Walther P99 with batteries attached, possibly same effects as Shockwave/Thunderbolt
  2. Drum Assault Rifle - (probably) An Ares Shrike AAR automatic rifle/machine gun, otherwise an automatic rifle variant of an assault rifle that feeds from drum magazines

I feel like Terry Crews from the Expendables every time I let loose with a Tigerjaw.

Originally posted by realGsmovensilence

I have read many things here but nothing recent about the throwing stars on the SMS Ninja. Are they still bugged , nerfed? What’s the story. I have recently switched to main a SMS and I love it.

I main Shuriken Master and have no issues clearing waves with her ninja stars. However, There are still times where I feel like they don't register / pierce properly (This feels less frequent than before). This is something that the team is currently looking in to.

Originally posted by animalanche

The reason is that you don't know how to manage your game. Things are out of hand. Players shouldn't have to put up with rampant verbal abuse, griefing, and chat spam while trying to play your game. Every other game has figured out a system and you need to also.

I can play through the lag. I can play with a jacked up UI. I can play around building bugs. But I cannot play in this community that is developing. There needs to be some sort of repercussion for abusing other players and purposefully throwing missions.

Imagine a few entitled 12 year olds running around a restaurant screaming racial slurs without supervision. Then imagine a crotchety drunk in the corner yelling at those kids. Now imagine some asshole deciding to flip his table because his food was knocked on the floor by the screaming kids.

This is the status of every mission I have tried to play today. Full blown racial slurs being thrown around like a softball over building in a retrieve the data. People would join, hear this guy ranting and swearing, and leave. Kids deciding to start the van without a single wall built because their mom is yelling at them to get ready for school (yay open mic).

And all because they know that nothing will happen. Hell I'm afk in a mission right now, typing this. Who cares though, when there are no repercussions?

Edit: waking up to find that Epic has, without notice, failed to implement the Valentine's day event on time, as well as screw everyone over on seasonal gold, only serves to prove that they just don't give a damn about STW. GG Epic.

Please report any players that are ruining your game play experience. Players that do what you are describing are clearly breaking our rules and guidelines. We enforce bans to repeat offenders.

Originally posted by jjeOKC

There is a huge problem with a new credit card scam on fortnite. I asked my friend why there is a flood of “free v-buck” posts of Xbox fortnite Looking for group. He told me that apparently right now there is a scam where people make these posts and ask for the “probably little kid’s” number. I don’t know if it is just the carriers Verizon & AT&T but with these numbers the scammer receives or asks for some code that correlates with the number. With this code the scammer is able to access credit card information and one of the kids at my school (douchebag) told me that he did this and showed a picture of him having 27000 v-bucks. I don’t know how prevalent this scam is on pc or ps4, but on Xbox it is running rampage.

Remember, there is no such thing as "free v-bucks". Typically these things are fraudulent attempts to gain access to a player's personal information. Never click on anything or put yourself at risk

Originally posted by Swiffy0

I hope this reaches someone from Epic. I have sent you a support request to but it is taking too long for you to answer for an inquiry like this.

A purchase was made from my account, with my credit card, in russian. This purchase was not authorized by me and I have just been sitting here, wondering if my credit card information or my epic games account is safe. I noticed this when I got an email receipt in russian about me buying the 100€ Fornite upgrade package. I logged in to my account and saw that the upgrade package was in fact bought, but it was not me who did it and as the receipt was written in russian, I am worried that my account security has been breached by some russian third party.

I have not used any friend codes that came with the upgrade, nor any of the xp-boosts, because I am hoping for a rollback / refund of this transaction.

PLEASE help me. I am worried about my account and credit card safety.

That's Great! I'm glad your issue was taken care of. Hopefully everything worked out :)

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Shower your enemies in love ... or crossbow kisses with the Love Ranger outfit. Available in the store now!
Originally posted by TheIcarusSerinity

So AMD updated their graphics drivers yesterday, promising improved Fortnite performance.

So after the update I experienced unnatural amounts of fog on every mission, which made the game look and feel horrible. Usually I play with everything on Epic quality, but now I had to adjust the shadows down to medium to get rid of this fog.

Medium vs High/Epic Shadows introduces a LOT of fog

Is this the way it was always intended to look or is it a new bug?

We're currently investigating this one. Unfortunately the only real workaround is to go back to a previous driver, which has already been stated in the comments. Turning shadows down in your settings might help as well.

Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this one soon.

These are amazing! Nice job <3

Originally posted by Lluluien

I think it's completely unfair to call this a rant post. Everything he said is true, common enough to have been experienced at one point or another by the entire playerbase, and has been a problem for a long time.

This post was initially tagged as a rant post.

Exactly. This is one of the many challenges of working out a better way to handle these situations....
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Building Riiiiiick! @Rick2k23 uses clever building techniques to create gothic themed pillars on their fortress. Fo…
Originally posted by mv7x3

Really this is how things have to be done? We open a ticket make a thread on reddit and pray you see it? I see you try to help people but this is not normal. I don't know... flip tables at the company or i don't know... but this is crazy we have one or two people here who try to help but what doing your co-workers? And the auto-response nice and all but after that it seems no one read our tickets. Everyday there is a new thread about someone did't got response from a human in 1, 2 and even 6 months.

Please make the account safety thread sticky and make one about how to link your PSN account and if you already messed up how to correct and re-link properly.


No, it's not actually. Every email gets an auto response. I'll try to figure out with the OP why they didn't get one.

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Originally posted by Alontis

You forgot your lotion bucket.

How will it put the lotion on it's skin.

This ^

Originally posted by Dexico-city

Hey all. I just recently upgraded from the Deluxe edition to the Limited edition. I sent one of the friend codes to my GF so I could take on the insurmountable task of teaching her how to play a video game. Unfortunantly, she is unable to fully complete the tutorial. Her main quest is to unlock the constructor leadership node; however, she has no skill points. Furthermore, she is unable to access any missions on her map to gain any experience.

After minimal research, I have found at least three others with the same issue:

Someone was even kind enough to have photos already uploaded for me:

Please help me to resolve this very frustrating issue. Her PSN is ashlord420.

Yeah this is definitely a problem. We're looking into this one. Hopefully this should be fixed soon.

Adding an option to kick players COULD result in player's deciding to troll one another. However, the team is aware at the amount of players who decide...
This is definitely not the case. We're currently working on improving the QOL / adding improvements for STW players. Development continues and this has...
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The normal SMG (All Rarities) heads into the Vault in v.2.5.0! Why are we cycling items out? A bit of context -
Originally posted by him921

Home base pic

Wanted to submit one more picture of my Homebase as its finally finished... Can't promise I won't add anything else though haha. Also here's a link to a video tour of the base,also the first video on my new YouTube channel (sorry for the plug)

The game turned into night unfortunately as I was recording but may consider doing another tour during the day for easier viewing

What a sick base! Thanks for sharing this with the community :) Definitely envious.

Originally posted by JudoChopaholic

Title says it all. Here's a series of unfortunate events.

Event 1:

My friend was over the other day during my sons nap, and I was playing some STW in the livingroom. My friend was asking about the game while I was playing. Daybreak lag sends me off a cliff and kills me.

Friend: "What the hell just happened to you?"

Me: "There's a weird lag thing that happens with two minutes and fifty-five seconds left."

Friend: "Seriously? Every time or just when lots of people are on?"

Me: "Every time..."

Event 2:

My wife and I are playing STW together. I'm on our gaming laptop, she's on the PS4. We're both in the livingroom.

Wife: "I keep taking damage, but there are no husks near me."

Me: "Yeah, there's someone AFK getting hit and shared hero damage is on."

Wife: "This is so annoying!"

Me: "Well, it only happens every now and then."

Wife: "Wasn't someone AFK last mission?."

Me: "Yeah..."

Event 3:

Convinced some of my friends from my military days to play. They are also defectors from Destiny 2 looking for new homes. I'm preparing to play with one of them on PS4 using party chat. We're shooting the proverbial shit and logging in.

Me: "I don't see you on the game list to invite."

Friend: "I'm in a queue on the loading screen or something. Says it'll be done in just a minute or so."

We continue chatting; two minutes later.

Me: "I heard that--"

Friend: "What the?! My time just went to zero, I got some bull**** error message, then my time jumped all the way up to twenty minutes."

Me: "****."

Friend: "**** this. I don't have time to sit here pulling my dick waiting for this game. Want to slay that ****ing t-rex in Monster Hunter?"

Me: "Sure."

Event 4:

One of my old cop buddies gets the game; we stay in touch by gaming together. I'm giving him a rundown of how to do encampments. I start building a skybridge to place a jump pad and reveal map space. I'm telling him this is a great strat for solo play. Someone loads into the game. I fall one zillion feet and take a bajillion fall damage, dying instantly.

Friend: "Hahahahahhaha... That seems like a pretty **** way to explore the map, bud."

Me: "Yeah, I'm used to playing in Private. I always forget people loading in randomly cause this insanity."

A short while later; we've hit super encampments. Someone loads into the game. When lag subsides, he's dead. I'm unscathed because I'm PL81 in a nothing zone.

Friend: "What in the holy ball sack of Oprah was that? My system froze, and I got killed."

Me: "Someone loaded in. Remember the lag that killed me at the start? Same thing."

Friend: "I dunno about this game, man. That always happens when someone loads in?"

Me: "It's early access. It'll get better."


If you made it this far, hopefully you can see the problem. My friends can judge other games based on their actual merit and style. The sales pitch is largely unneeded. This game, in it's current state, requires me to sell it despite the flaws. And honestly, this lag stuff has been happening since October of last year. It's getting to the point where I'm selling the game to myself, mentally.

Thanks Judo! Despite this being this being tagged as a rant post.. this actually gives some good context as to what players may experience during their time playing STW.

UPDATED - Updated to clarify that this was initially TAGGED as a rant post.

Originally posted by CHIEFHUSKER

Please give all of these 10 year old kids their own chat log that they can complain about who scammed who and who wants to trade. The chat log use to actually be useful to help out players with missions or SSDs. It’s just full of spam requests.

This is definitely a high requested feature :) We're aware that this is becoming more and more of an issue.