Mission Alerts


Expire in 4h 54m

9 flash_on Ingredient: Active Powercell (x2)
9 flash_on Mini Reward Llama
9 flash_on Hero XP (x750)
5 storm mutations active


Expire in 4h 54m

28 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x7)
34 flash_on Schematic XP (x1700)
34 flash_on Hero XP (x1900)
8 storm mutations active

Canny Valley

Expire in 5h 35m

46 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x5)
52 flash_on Schematic: Scythe (Uncommon)
52 flash_on Schematic: Floor Launcher (Uncommon)
9 storm mutations active

Twine Peaks

Expire in 4h 54m

88 flash_on Survivor XP (x3350)
100 flash_on Survivor XP (x4800)
100 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x15)
10 storm mutations active
Stonewood: New missions in 24m
Plankerton: New missions in 24m
Canny Valley: New missions in 5m
Twine Peaks: New missions in 24m

Daily Llama

Six Pack Llama

x10 @ 540v

It's like six Upgrade Llamas in one! Lots of items with a high upgrade chance.

Expires in 20h 42m

Fortnite community,

The V.1.9 update will go live the morning of Nov 14 (Eastern Time). We are still locking down the exact time, and will update this thread as soon as we have concrete info. For immediate updates, keep an eye on our Twitter.

There will be downtime. The V.1.9 client update will be for all players on all platforms. All players will need to update Fortnite when deployment is complete.

What's in V.1.9? Great question! You can check out the full patch notes here.

Fortnite community, The V.1.9 update will go live the morning of Nov 14 (Eastern Time). We are still locking down the exact time, and will...
First and foremost, we're sorry. We messed up and caused frustration and confusion with our past changes to sensitivity. We need to make...
Originally posted by mercyflushed

I love the line item “Heros”. Wtf is the update there?

That looks like a Typo! Thanks for pointing it out.

EDIT: Fixed!

Battle Royale players, We will be deploying a hotfix at 3:00pm ET, Nov 10th to adjust the Bush’s rarity. There will be no downtime....
Fortnite community, We briefly disabled squads on Brazil Servers as we worked through a few technical tasks. Squads will be re-enabled on...
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Only weekly stats will be refreshed. All other stats will remain the same.
Fortnite @fortnitegame
The season shop has come out of hiding and is now accessible for all players. Check out whats in store! https://t.co/NZBuBXBuaT
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Shoutout to Whitesushii for putting together this awesome timeline of Fortnite since Early Access: https://t.co/S6bimKxhmp
Dear players, After much adventures this morning, including the deployment of v.1.8.2, we noticed that the season shop content in Fortnite...
Fortnite @fortnitegame
The season shop seems to have found the legendary bush consumable and gone into hiding. We are currently looking fo… https://t.co/0RUoUeyg1h
Fortnite @fortnitegame
v.1.8.2 has been deployed! Size of the patch: Xbox: 603 MB - PS4: 370 MB - PC: 1950 MB. Fear the walking bushes and… https://t.co/8DopQKsKo2
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Coffee was very powerful this morning! We managed to fix the MCP issue and we have just... Turned on the Light swit… https://t.co/ge6NtA2eRZ
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We are investigating an issue with MCP deployment hanging... The online operations team has been called and is alre… https://t.co/ed5k9OKnaB
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We are currently preparing the servers, before the Quality Assurance team can check all platforms and make sure we… https://t.co/561sPQrL05
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We are still working on the maintenance. No issue at this point, it just took us a bit longer to shut down everythi… https://t.co/rnkkXabxd8
Fortnite @fortnitegame
Maintenance for the deployment of v.1.8.2 is starting now! We expect a 2 hours downtime. Patch size: Xbox 603 Mo -… https://t.co/uQh9kQw54g
Fortnite @fortnitegame
The deployment of patch v.1.8.2 will begin in 30 minutes. Expect approx. 2 hours of downtime. Check out the patch n… https://t.co/nWxoqRSgSA
Fortnite @fortnitegame
v.1.8.2 is on its way! Details on the deployment here: https://t.co/ZHudBkCVyD

Hey Folks,

v.1.8.2 is on its way! With it, we will be having downtime starting at 4am EST, which will last a couple of hours. For updates, keep an eye on our Twitter.

Wondering what's coming? Check out the v.1.8.2 Patch Notes here. See you in-game real soon!



Originally posted by lurkeroutthere

But you still know you are taking things offline when you do so, and you know this is going to impact your entire user base, yet you still choose to do so. to me you are saying "giving the non-affected users (typically STW) a five minuet warning is more inconvenience then we are willing to put the affected users through (typically BR)." I don't know how else to interpret that.

I get wanting to do a fast remediation, I really do, and I get the hope that whatever change you are putting in next week will solve the problem all together and I hope it does. But to me the core issue is a proceedural and perception as much as a technical one. If there is even the slightest interruption to the Battle Royale matchmaking service you guys will pull the plug on the whole enterprise with zero warning. Maybe there is a cascade problem you are trying to head off and that would certainly explain it, but right now the perception is EPIC just don't care about inconvenience to the STW side of the house because you've already got our money.

Our philosophy on backend is to increase resilience and stability and make sure that if we have to take something down we only take down what is absolutely needed.

We are working towards achieving that. Having to take everything down including people in session / match was a fail on our side.

I agree that having an in game warning system is a good idea and we at least would make use of that for scheduled downtime. I believe we have that for Paragon. Checking.

Fortnite @fortnitegame
UPDATE: We encountered a server error and have since recovered. The team is continuing to monitor all systems. Thanks everyone ❤️
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We are currently diving into some issues that have arisen with login + matchmaking. For updates, head here: https://t.co/PJovMMQpw9

What a great picture. Really flattering.

Originally posted by redeyemaster

You guys should probably have your twitter team aggressively banning people posting that bullshit phishing / attack site advertising free limited editions of Fortnite.

I mean... yeah it's not you doing it but those people are directly attacking your userbase.

We are constantly reporting these accounts.