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One of my absolute favorite weapons. So satisfying.
Wanted to jump in this thread and talk about some of the points discussed. * Fortnite is in Early Access, and we are still working on improving the look and feel of each zone. This is something that will take time. * Same goes for Voice Acting. As we progress through Early Access, we will begin to add more and more lines to make the world feel alive and fresh. * Everything is subject to change, including stuff like loot drops from high level monsters. All in all, this is the kind of feedback we are looking for. Keep surfacing this on this subreddit and the official forums. Submitting feedback via the in-game Feedback tool also works well. Thank you for taking the time to make this post. Cheers! S-LG
I encourage you to use the feedback tool in Main Menu > Feedback to report this bug. This will allow us to gather logs from your client and investigate the issue closely. Thank you friend!
Fortnite Thank You
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Is there a fix for this? Every time I open the game or alt tab it would go on to the second monitor screen that is not set as the main. It's extremely strange because I have never seen this with any game before.

Sorry you guys are having this. As a dual monitor user for many years, I've had my share of frustration with games and it's annoying. I had trouble with some dual monitor weirdness in the alpha, but it's not happening now. If you don't mind, when you're in the game, please select feedback from the menu and choose bug and let them know what's happening. We want to get this right across a variety of systems and this will help. Thank you!

Hello, It is unfortunate that some folks choose to use cheats in our games or games in general, but our policy on this is zero-tolerance! If you see a player cheating or using software to gain a gameplay advantage please contact our [support team]( (Including screenshots/videos like you have in this post helps us look into it) Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, and hope to see you in-game fort friends. :)
Make sure you are using the [in-game feedback tool]( to send us your logs, so we can take a closer look! We do appreciate your patience and if you have not submitted a [support ticket]( please do.
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> through a website by any means

The console isn’t the easiest to type with and I don’t really want to go sit on the floor two feet in front of my console with a USB keyboard to leave feedback unless it’s the only option.

Noted, I’ll make this suggestion.

Heya! So to set your lobby to private you head to the main menu, change the settings from public to private or friends. Button's next to the party invite area itself.

This is so good! I want RollerDerby Ramirez!

If you keep running into this please use our [in-game feedback tool]( to report it so we can get some info from ya! Reach out to our support team [here](

Could you please check this article about gamesharing in Fortnite? It should help. If that doesn’t work for you, please contact support from that site. Thank you!

The Founder's Pack is the one you can purchase in the store for access/various goodies. There is a free client so players with a linked PC account can download the game and play on both PC/PS4. But the Founder's pack is necessary to purchase in order to access the game (Manually searching the founder's pack should show you the correct options, not that blank page)!

Too good!

Yeah so searching wise, it would come up under Founder's Pack but that is very helpful feedback as to how the page is set up!
Haha, apologies it is now updated!
Huh, that doesn't look right. Ill take a look into this, thanks for including the screens!
Try restarting, first close the client and then the entire launcher! If you still cannot get in please contact [support](
We pushed anupdate that should improve party related issues. If you still run into it please use the [in-game feedback tool]( to report it!
Well, that shouldn't be happening. Use the [in-game feedback tool]( to send us some info! And please reach out to our [support team](!
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You keep saying “we” and “our” in regard to Epic. I assume you’re an employee of Epic. I’m interested to know, and maybe other people are too.

Which moderators of the subreddit are employees of Epic Games? This is something that should be disclosed due to the fact that it affects whether this is an actual subreddit or a social media extension of the Epic Games forums.

Edit: Hmm. Quickly downvoted to 0. I guess this isn’t something “worth discussing”. :D This is still an answer though, but not the one I was hoping for.

Full disclosure. I was added as a mod as we were working toward a launch and we reached out to the sub founder. The goal was not to moderate the channel, just to get rid of some old graphics. We added one of our graphic designers and CSS guys to update the graphics and CSS. The sub founder chose some mods and we gave up our status. So no, while we all have flair, none of us have moderator permissions. This is your sub and we want to keep it that way!

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Appreciate it!

Feedback tool how-to!

TL;DR - Fortnite is work in progress - Together with all of you the game will evolve - Change will take time and it will be longer than...

Callama it what you want, it’s still pretty frustrating. :p