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Originally posted by Alontis

You forgot your lotion bucket.

How will it put the lotion on it's skin.

This ^

Originally posted by Epic_Joel

Sigh. Knew this was going to be posted as soon as it happened. My terrible friends died earlier in the game and left me to 1v4. They almost died laughing when they saw this play. Thanks, going to have to hear about this from them for the rest of my life...

Lol Joel don't blame your "terrible friends."

Originally posted by Dexico-city

Hey all. I just recently upgraded from the Deluxe edition to the Limited edition. I sent one of the friend codes to my GF so I could take on the insurmountable task of teaching her how to play a video game. Unfortunantly, she is unable to fully complete the tutorial. Her main quest is to unlock the constructor leadership node; however, she has no skill points. Furthermore, she is unable to access any missions on her map to gain any experience.

After minimal research, I have found at least three others with the same issue:

Someone was even kind enough to have photos already uploaded for me:

Please help me to resolve this very frustrating issue. Her PSN is ashlord420.

Yeah this is definitely a problem. We're looking into this one. Hopefully this should be fixed soon.

Adding an option to kick players COULD result in player's deciding to troll one another. However, the team is aware at the amount of players who decide...
This is definitely not the case. We're currently working on improving the QOL / adding improvements for STW players. Development continues and this has...
Originally posted by Velaxity

RIP Joel's Career.

Was over waaaaaaaaay before this. I'll just leave this here....

Battle Royale I can relate smh

This a quality meme.

Sigh. Knew this was going to be posted as soon as it happened. My terrible friends died earlier in the game and left me to 1v4. They almost died laughing when they saw this play. Thanks, going to have to hear about this from them for the rest of my life...

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The normal SMG (All Rarities) heads into the Vault in v.2.5.0! Why are we cycling items out? A bit of context -
Originally posted by him921

Home base pic

Wanted to submit one more picture of my Homebase as its finally finished... Can't promise I won't add anything else though haha. Also here's a link to a video tour of the base,also the first video on my new YouTube channel (sorry for the plug)

The game turned into night unfortunately as I was recording but may consider doing another tour during the day for easier viewing

What a sick base! Thanks for sharing this with the community :) Definitely envious.

Originally posted by JudoChopaholic

Title says it all. Here's a series of unfortunate events.

Event 1:

My friend was over the other day during my sons nap, and I was playing some STW in the livingroom. My friend was asking about the game while I was playing. Daybreak lag sends me off a cliff and kills me.

Friend: "What the hell just happened to you?"

Me: "There's a weird lag thing that happens with two minutes and fifty-five seconds left."

Friend: "Seriously? Every time or just when lots of people are on?"

Me: "Every time..."

Event 2:

My wife and I are playing STW together. I'm on our gaming laptop, she's on the PS4. We're both in the livingroom.

Wife: "I keep taking damage, but there are no husks near me."

Me: "Yeah, there's someone AFK getting hit and shared hero damage is on."

Wife: "This is so annoying!"

Me: "Well, it only happens every now and then."

Wife: "Wasn't someone AFK last mission?."

Me: "Yeah..."

Event 3:

Convinced some of my friends from my military days to play. They are also defectors from Destiny 2 looking for new homes. I'm preparing to play with one of them on PS4 using party chat. We're shooting the proverbial shit and logging in.

Me: "I don't see you on the game list to invite."

Friend: "I'm in a queue on the loading screen or something. Says it'll be done in just a minute or so."

We continue chatting; two minutes later.

Me: "I heard that--"

Friend: "What the?! My time just went to zero, I got some bull**** error message, then my time jumped all the way up to twenty minutes."

Me: "****."

Friend: "**** this. I don't have time to sit here pulling my dick waiting for this game. Want to slay that ****ing t-rex in Monster Hunter?"

Me: "Sure."

Event 4:

One of my old cop buddies gets the game; we stay in touch by gaming together. I'm giving him a rundown of how to do encampments. I start building a skybridge to place a jump pad and reveal map space. I'm telling him this is a great strat for solo play. Someone loads into the game. I fall one zillion feet and take a bajillion fall damage, dying instantly.

Friend: "Hahahahahhaha... That seems like a pretty **** way to explore the map, bud."

Me: "Yeah, I'm used to playing in Private. I always forget people loading in randomly cause this insanity."

A short while later; we've hit super encampments. Someone loads into the game. When lag subsides, he's dead. I'm unscathed because I'm PL81 in a nothing zone.

Friend: "What in the holy ball sack of Oprah was that? My system froze, and I got killed."

Me: "Someone loaded in. Remember the lag that killed me at the start? Same thing."

Friend: "I dunno about this game, man. That always happens when someone loads in?"

Me: "It's early access. It'll get better."


If you made it this far, hopefully you can see the problem. My friends can judge other games based on their actual merit and style. The sales pitch is largely unneeded. This game, in it's current state, requires me to sell it despite the flaws. And honestly, this lag stuff has been happening since October of last year. It's getting to the point where I'm selling the game to myself, mentally.

Thanks Judo! Despite this being this being tagged as a rant post.. this actually gives some good context as to what players may experience during their time playing STW.

UPDATED - Updated to clarify that this was initially TAGGED as a rant post.

Originally posted by CHIEFHUSKER

Please give all of these 10 year old kids their own chat log that they can complain about who scammed who and who wants to trade. The chat log use to actually be useful to help out players with missions or SSDs. It’s just full of spam requests.

This is definitely a high requested feature :) We're aware that this is becoming more and more of an issue.

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RT @FortniteGame: .@YonnyBeGoode? More like YonnyBeGoode at buildin'. That's what we call dedication! Congratulations, swag incoming!…
Originally posted by Hullu1989

Hi EpicGames,

after you do neither react on my thousand twitter posts, nor Tickets, nor thousands of post of different users in your own forum I try it here:

I always get on my PS4 Pro in the PVE mode the CE-34878-0 error whenever there is quite a bit load of spawning monsters and/or I am near the purple spawn fields while there is lot of spawning.

The game is no more fun at all cuz you never know when it crashes and you loose all your progress of the sessions.

It happens every 2nd to 3rd attempt.

What I did

  1. Reinstalled game --> No success
  2. Reinstalled PS Firmware --> No success
  3. Totally reinitilation of PS4 --> No success
  4. Changed resolution in the PS4 --> No success
  5. Used an old non 4k non HDR TV --> crashes
  6. Got a new TV now with 4k HDR --> crashes

I am sending every time the crash logs to you. It´s getting worse from update to update


Your forum is full of complains: Are you aware of that issue? Do you still care about pve or only milk the cash cow pvp? What else info do you need from me to fix the issue? Any chance to get my money back? You break the contract cauz I cannot use your product. We know it´s only on PS4 Pro and you don´t seem to care about it at all :(

Thanks Hullu! Sorry it's taken some time to get a response on this. It is definitely not our intention! This currently seems to be a lower occurring thing but I will definitely send this to the QA team.

We're definitely aware that players have been asking for BR control lay outs for STW :) Thanks guys.
Originally posted by Parocosom


Could you show this to the team?

Sure thing!

Fortnite @fortnitegame
.@YonnyBeGoode? More like YonnyBeGoode at buildin'. That's what we call dedication! Congratulations, swag incoming!…
Nope, I understand loud and clear! And I want you guys to know that Save the World is my primary focus as your community coordinator. This is definitely...
Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that the team is definitely aware of players requesting this control scheme in Save The World :)...
Originally posted by xOGx_Hermes

Hello all! Trying yet again to get Epic's attention regarding this 3-in-1 fix/solution to the Collection Book sink / Re-Roll weapon/trap rolls / re-acquiring heroes, defenders, survivors (maybe)

The idea seems almost too simple to fix the following problems:

1) The collection book not being as rewarding / nothing but a "sink.

2) The desired ability to re-roll stats on a specific weapon.

3) Maybe the ability to re-acquire a long lost hero, defender or survivor. (Maybe...this is just an added "idea" to tack along with the initial 2-toned idea.)

The Idea is simple. Take for example...the Pistol: Bolt Bolt. If I remember correctly, there should be a couple different rarity variants of it...leading from Common / Uncommon to Legendary.

If a player completes a weapon set within the collection book (To include all rarities) the player unlock a permanent transformation key for that specific weapon.

As many of you may or may not know, the more you put into a transformation, the higher rarity the end resulting item will be. This would be the exact case when it comes to this transformation key. Players could dump enough stuff into this Permanent Transform Key for the Bolt Bolt to get another / new Bolt Bolt schematic.

What this means, is that players can slowly unlock a schematic for each weapon and have the ability to re-acquire a specific weapon schematic indefinitely.

Although the players will not have the ability to pick and keep/replace 1 roll at a time, they will instead have the ability to re-acquire the same schematic over and over until they get a roll of their liking...assuming they have the research points / fodder to do so.

This idea works best with weapon schematics...not so much heroes, defenders or survivors. But it could be done to re-acquire a hero that was accidently placed within the collection book. Or a way to acquire a 2nd or even 3rd of the same hero for hero-build customizations within the support / tactical slots.

And of course same thing with unlocking specific Personalities within survivors. I'm sure we all know how fun it is trying to get the right survivor for a squad. Doing this will allow players to farm for "people-points" to "craft" specific personality survivors via a permanent unlock key for a specific personality.

Of course with this "OP" method of acquiring schematics, survivors, specific heroes etc...the people, research points, and maybe even training manuals would be rather high...meaning one couldn't easily pop out schematics / specific survivors.

Epic... I really hope you give this a solid read. I think this best answers the problem that many are "complaining" about.

As for everyone else reading this, if you feel that this could not only benefit you, but the game as a whole. Please, bump it up so Epic may give this idea some consideration.

Thank you again! And happy husk-hunting!

Thanks for putting this together! My goal is to grab as many OQL / Improvements that players are suggesting and get them into the hands of the dev team. I really like the ideas you've come up.

Originally posted by tom1383

It would be very helpful to see the full list of issues that are being tracked on Epic side, even if they are not confirmed as defects, high priorities, and or scheduled to be fixed.

The addition of Known Issues to patch notes is very useful, but needs to be extended where possible as it’s very limited currently.

We have been giving feedback on issues and bugs through various channels on Reddit, in-game feedback, etc for months now.

I understand we don’t get a response to every piece of feedback we give, but we need a consolidated list of all the issues Epic agree are issues and are tracking.

If this doesn’t exist on Epic side, is there a list of issues held by the mods on this sub-reddit based on a compilation of verified issues added under all the previous releases?

It would be a really useful point of reference to check against before we flag issues after every release. And also help us see if things have slipped through the net and need to be logged again where they still exist.

I'll look into getting some traction on this. Hopefully we can have a dedicated page dedicated to current known issues.

Originally posted by claytonsnow

I am not against lootboxes and RNG when it's done right, and Epic has implemented a few things in the llama system that I do really appreciate that I will get to in a moment. However, I am currently sitting on some vbucks that I don't want to spend in STW right now. Why?

It's simple: I can't think of one time when I bought a llama and thought "Well that was worth it." Far from it actually, I have gotten multiple legendary duplicates, terrible terrible rolls on weapons I liked, and more Base Kyles than even the most hardcore constructor player would want. The current system is less like breaking open a real pinata, and more of a "Oh god, how bad is it this time?".

The truth is this system does not feel rewarding, and while you totally can get lucky, the value of a mediocre or bad llama is VERY hard to rationalize, when for the same price I could get a lot more in other games.

My solution: Now the worst feeling is seeing that gold glow, and getting something you don't want. So I propose that if we roll a legendary, allow us to select from 3 different legendary cards that we can inspect, and see the perks. You already have a similar system implemented, which is a great start, but this would take it a step further.

Example: If I get a couple Super People Llamas, which are limited to 1 or 2, I do NOT want an unusable lead survivor, or another defender I will throw straight into a transform. That should be the type of stuff you get in the gameplay-rewarded llamas, not a paid product. It is not fun to spend $25 (Canadian lol) and have THAT to show for it, BUT if I got to pick a Lead Survivor that I actually needed or a hero instead of another defender, even if it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for I would feel like the money I just spent didn't just get swept away by a broom (literally).

I love STW and I want to see it succeed and am totally wiling to spend some money, trust and believe that if the llama system feels better it will incentivize more people to buy them (and come back again and again) which is kinda the point of the system, but in it's current state I don't see myself being able to rationalize any more purchases.

This is all great information. Thank you guys! We are definitely monitoring the feedback that is sent out way. I'll make sure the team is aware.

Originally posted by JulianBaltazarGabka

u/iFlak Maybe some help? 5th day.

Could you DM me your ticket number?

What a reward :) Spend them wisely!

Originally posted by Maicherinho

Obvious rant post incoming.

EPIC, what are you planning to punish players who join a match and go afk for the rest of the time? Is this supposed to be a feature??? I cant even report them inGame to have at least the feeling that I can do something against this retards.

I am so pissed since this is getting out of hand and is no fun at all. Yesterday, one guy went afk and even wrote it in the chat that he is afk. He just build a fort around him and did NOTHING.

Typically our AFK system should removed players that decide to AFK for an extended period of time. However, you can speed the process up by using the report feature in game and report those that AFK. These reports are viewed and actions are taken against players that are repeat offenders. So please! use that report feature!