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Fortnite "PLEASE WAIT"
Originally posted by Mezzouri

Yes, it was. After waiting another 15 minutes it just started working normal again. Very strange.

Sometimes the "Play" button on the launcher is greyed out and replaced with "Please Wait". This usually happens during patches or downtime. I can mention that it can be confusing to only see "Please Wait" and not know why you are waiting.

Originally posted by MrDonaldRump

Building on console (I’m on PS4 Pro) is a pain and a gamble whether or not the game will register which buttons in pressing. Please EPIC this is something that needs to be fixed ASAP

Can someone please provide a detailed write-up of issue together with a video? This would help me a lot to make sure we address it :-)

Originally posted by jtn19120

Yes, also wind noise while falling is loud af

This is one of the things I'm reducing in volume in the patch after Thursday's. :)

Originally posted by Tolbana

Absolutely, the music & wind sounds when falling are incredibly irritating. I don't want to have to turn my SFX down, please add an ambience slider that doesn't affect gameplay sounds.

Hello! We're heading towards making this experience better for all very soon. In the update after the new map I have a mix that drastically lowers volume during the pre-game phase, and am making tweaks to the volume of bus music / skydiving audio as well. So improvements are right around the corner.

Where we go from there still remains to be seen, but the volume slider suggestion is a good one!

Originally posted by 7strikes

I definitely remember reading it somewhere on this subreddit in the last month or so, but I spent like an hour and a half combing through threads marked with the 'Epic comment' flair and the post histories of all the marked Epic employees I could find, but can't find it... lol. /u/EpicEricSW or someone, could we have an official confirmation that friends' names being invisible is an unintentional change, or am I and the other people who remember this going crazy?

Yea as far as I can tell it wasn't intentional, but I don't recall for sure. Looks like this might've slipped through the cracks, sorry guys! We'll try to reprioritize

Originally posted by ibaRRaVzLa

We'll get like 40 new chest spawns so there's that, lol

It's a lot more than 40

Thanks for pointing this out - we'll take care of it in a future update (won't make it this week).

Originally posted by D3adsh0t6404

Many people are trying to get their fortnite account on Xbox over to pc but I’m actually trying to get mine from pc over to my Xbox. Is that possible? And if so how do I do it?

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that there is no cross progression between Xbox and PC if you link your accounts. The only cross progression we currently have is for PC and PS4.

I also want to touch on what a player below stated. Which is that currently if you link an account with progress on it to a fresh PC account, then the account you have progression on gets replaced with the fresh account. This does effectively wipe your progress, however, if this happens to you please open a support ticket here so we can fix you up. :)

Originally posted by JustMooney1

Haha Popo's a great dude, but rest assured there are more of us around the community. We try to be present in all the places you may want to interact (Discord, Reddit, Forums, Twitter, etc.) so you may see different faces in different places.

From a top level standpoint, we are going to do a better job of communicating, period. The start of this is collecting the consistently top questions/issues and bringing them to the Dev team.

Following that, getting the information back to you in a transparent fashion as to where we stand work wise on that feature/bug/improvement.

MrPopoTFS Blushes

Awww, shucks...thanks, Mooney. :)

Also wanted to say thank you so much for the kind words DeputyCarl!

Some portions of the winter event will turn off tomorrow, some with the update later this week, and others next week.

Cheers, Michael Noland

Originally posted by deputycarl10

I don't know if they just read everything or they just make MrPopoTFS do everything from gathering everyones concerns/comments about the games state. I appreciate MrPopoTFS commenting here and there but it's just not the same as the BR sub reddit where it's like multiple people commenting on the day rather than "Lets comment today on 6 posts but then wait a whole week to comment on more". I'm sure MrPopoTFS does as much as she/he can by replying to posts on the reddit but 1 person can do only so much and we don't know if MrPopoTFS has other things to do at the same time where it's more of a free time to reply on posts. I think this whole subreddit would just love to see more active replies from epic and that being more people dedicated to the subreddit rather than MrPopoTFS even though they post sporadically at times.

EDIT MrPopoTFS i for one appreciate what you do it seems like you care about us and keep us in the loop as much as you can release with out going against any NDA/etc.

Haha Popo's a great dude, but rest assured there are more of us around the community. We try to be present in all the places you may want to interact (Discord, Reddit, Forums, Twitter, etc.) so you may see different faces in different places.

From a top level standpoint, we are going to do a better job of communicating, period. The start of this is collecting the consistently top questions/issues and bringing them to the Dev team.

Following that, getting the information back to you in a transparent fashion as to where we stand work wise on that feature/bug/improvement.

I think I just had an anxiety attack, I can totally see how this would be frustrating. This is definitely something we need to look into. I've gone ahead and submitted this video to our QA team. Thanks so much for taking the time to bring this to light!

Originally posted by JinxOnDrugs

/u/mrpopotfs very important gif of a bug. please take a look at it

Thanks for pinging me. :)

I actually already responded directly to Grimmmz about this via twitter. I've sent it on up the chain and QA will be looking into this.

Originally posted by grummelkarsten

Yes, this helped :-) One question: We´ve heard nothing from Zak Phelps for a while - is he still at Epic Games?

Oh for sure! He was just enjoying a much-deserved vacation. :)

Originally posted by jfrissell

Thank you for the response. I sent that message.

I replied and am on top of it, thanks!

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Battle Royale Waiting Room Queue
Originally posted by RandomInvasion

And I ran into a pretty annoying bug as well that is connected to the queuing.

On PS4 I had a 14 minute queue. I use the setting where my DualShock turns off after 10 minutes without an input. So it did turn off after 10 minutes, Fortnite told me to "reconncet the controller", I did but Fortnite didn't agree and I still had the "controller disconnected" message on screen. Tricking the game by joining my friend through the party only partly worked. I joined his party but all I saw was the contoller message but now overlayed on the "Press X" screen. I couln't ready up so I had to restart. 20 minute queue this time. Fuck me.

I've heard a few players complain that this happened to them. I'm going to go ahead and mark it as an issue and relay it to the dev team. Thanks for the info! :)

Originally posted by Killer_Pop_Up

/u/MrPopoTFS any chance you can forward this to the sound design team?

I can do that, however, I've not received this issue from other players so I don't think this is widespread. Make sure you report this when it happens in-game by clicking options then clicking the "Feedback" button and submitting it to the "Bug" tab. :)

Battle Royale got the VR last night

Very nice

Originally posted by simple_polejam

My brother bought myself and him a delux Account. Everything was peachy and we leveled together. Fast forward a few weeks. He hadn’t purchased any vbucks but called to ask me if I had bought 400$ worth. I obviously said no, so he reported the mishap to his card company, and to Epic Games. Now even though the credit card company didn’t allow the charges to go through, the fraudulently purchased vbucks were still on his account. He never spent any of them becuase they obviously weren’t his and were never paid for. Then Epic Games suspended his account seemingly to fix any errors within it. Now here’s where I start to get mad on his behalf because he genuinely avoids conflict. He has written four emails to Epic and received nothing other than an automated response. His account is still suspended. Now he’s starting over with one of my free access codes just to continue playing this game with me as we are thousands of miles from each other and it’s one small way we can continue to hang out with each other. I find this whole situation absurd. He paid 75$ for an account. He had his card compromised obviously by Epic Games systems seeing as the only fraudulent purchase was within Fortnite as well. He had his account suspended even though he followed all guidelines and remained honest with integrity in tact. And Epic has done nothing to rectify his account. Not even contact to let him know a stat rep. The game is amazing even in its unfinished state. But it’s been a month since any contact. He’s submitted tickets, and emails and even called their number which redirects to their email. He finally threw in the towel not long ago and started over with my free code. And it sucks. That’s the only way to describe it. Rectify this Epic. I’m sure you’re swamped. Stolen credit card information is no joke. Taking away a very legally obtained and EULA following account is jacked up. Robbing a man of his time and money is absolutely unacceptable. I hope to receive a DM in the near future so I can provide you evidence and username information or put you directly in contact with him.

Hey there, hit me up in a private message with a Ticket ID# from when your brother opened one of those tickets. You can find it at the bottom of one of the emails, I'll get someone to look into this.

Psssst...If you can't find the Ticket ID# then just open a new one here. Then send me the new one. :)

Originally posted by jfrissell

Im hoping someone on this sub can help me or this post will get the attention that Epic need to work on the support system.

I sent in a support ticket because I bought Fortnite StW on PC but I play BR on PS4 with my friends. When I try to link the accounts it says an account is already linked. I know there is a help page for this I just want to make sure that I will not lose the battle pass I bought on PS4 and the V-Buck for BR and StW will be combined because I have seen reports of people losing V-Bucks when linking accounts. Also want to make sure that I will keep all my skins and pick-axes I have on PS4 and my battle pass will remain the same level.

Another reason I am making this post is to point out I submitted a support ticket 13 days from posting this and have not heard a response from Epic.

Hey there buddy! Do me a favor and send me a private message with your PS4 username and the PC account you're trying to link to. :D

Originally posted by GedasFX

Look at Battle Royale. They are churning out new updates on a weekly basis, doing dev blogs, hosting competitions and more. What does the Save the World game mode have? Polished content up to something that was already implemented before closed beta was available, and support team that takes weeks to respond to a ticket. Every other person I see in the game is using a limited edition hero. Where does the money go? Wherever it is going it is clearly not towards customer support. If it was, why do we still have 1 week or so wait times on our support tickets? Why do we see chronic griefers (afkers, bug abusers) not being dealt with in our public games and, based on a now removed thread on reddit, people are given permanent bans without any prior warning to fix issues themselves? I love the game mode and I don't want to see it die, however at this point I accept Save the World being phased out for a more popular (and possibly more profitable) game mode - Battle Royale.

Hey there!

Just wanted to drop in and say that Save the World development will continue and as many of you know we are going F2P sometime in 2018. You are correct that we can do better at communication on this side of the game and we are committing ourselves to do just that. We'll be working side by side with the Dev team to get more frequent and detailed information to you all regarding upcoming and current content. :)

Originally posted by purekillforce1

I saw the "EPIC COMMENT" flair, and this was the only response? Thought it'd at least acknowledge OPs suggestion...

It's something I'll be sure to bring up to the team as a possibility. :)

Originally posted by lolmemelol

/u/EpicEricSW - I finally was able to get a good clip showing this bug occurring:

You rock, thanks