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These are beautiful!

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Originally posted by profcr

and people can’t rocket ride irl, we’re not thinking logically here

I know! Maybe we can just put rockets under items in loot lake to hold them up.

Originally posted by Sno_Jon

That's great, thank you. Are there any plans to allow us to re-arrange the building menu? I know some people like it as is.

But allot of us would also like to have the option to have stairs next to walls (since you tend to always build stairs after the walls)

And it would save time when panic building as you can skip scrolling over the floor.

Thanks for the work you guys do and communicating with players

We talked about changing order but IMO we just need to bite the bullet and make it configurable.

Originally posted by Sno_Jon

Thanks for at least acknowledging the issue.

For the long term, I think most players want to see this solution which was written by another player, being able to bind buttons for building.


It seems to be input lag mostly.

In the short term it would be cool if we could have an option to re-arrange the building structures (an option to have stairs next to walls) I know some people like it the way it is.

I am from the UK.

Thank you guys for the awesome communication and keep up the good work!

2.3.0 next week should make switching between building pieces insensitive to ping. There are still issues with stutter quickly going through quickbar in general.

Originally posted by deletein6months

Out of all the posts on this reddit you respond to a man child raging his dick off?

I pick threads based on whether I know the answer and/or it is the first time I encounter an issue.

I’m not very sensitive to delivery of message - IMO it is important to try to find root cause especially in heavily negative sentiment as it highlights where we need to improve.

We don’t have profile versioning which is what prevents us from introducing options that default to behavior different than status quo for new players. Something we need and will be working on. We also need to be more diligent calling out changes in MOTD and such.

Hey! We're aware of a rare issue where the new stadium doesn't load in, so you're stuck with the distant representation of it that isn't very fun to play in. Sorry! We'll try to fix it super fast.

Originally posted by sardomin1

It's not new, they just changed the default to off instead of on

Valid point. :) Forgive my title. Shame me.

Originally posted by [deleted]


While this feature isn't new(forgive the title), the default option was changed to off. Meaning people are just noticing it now for the first time. If you don't want to use this feature just go to "Options" and change the "Reset Building Choice" selection to "On". This will return it back to how it was prior to V.2.2.0. This is just a little video I thought might help anyone curious about the "Reset Building Choice" option that was added. Hope this helps! :)

Originally posted by MarkcusD

Just put the cluster bombs back Kyle. It was the only thing good about that hero.

Thank you for the feedback on this, we'll pass it along.

Originally posted by ExtraPowerful

Epic dealing with all issues no matter how big or small. Clearly the best developers ever.

Thank you, I'll pass that along.

Originally posted by BravoBet

What’s VOIP?

Voice over IP. The in-game voice chat is wonky right now.

Originally posted by jaybass1

Thanks for the info! Hope you get it running again soon!

Me too! I have people I need to yell at :p

Originally posted by siook2001

What happened to the item shop? I still see only 4 skins. instead of 6 daily items. /u/iFlak

We've updated the patch notes, there was some miscommunication here. "Additional flexibility has been added to the store. This allows us to display more featured and daily items in the future."

Originally posted by Seditian

Just tested this, and although it's true, you can just remove your survivor and immediately put it back in, it'll update.

Thanks so much for the information on the workaround, that helps a lot!

Originally posted by GenFoofoo

Yeah, even without getting booted the rewards just aren't worth it. It should have been 3 day and 5 day, or shorter nights. Plus failing one gives you absolutely nothing. I don't think you should get all the rewards for failing but it's too severe in this game.

Thanks for that feedback and outlook. We've been tracking a few players who have reported feeling this way and will be sure to relay that sentiment over to the dev team. :)

Fortnite Servers Down
Originally posted by MrLeBAMF

Anybody else with server issue right now?

We've had users reporting some increased lag or experiencing a waiting room. But from our side, it does appear we should be recovering. :)

Originally posted by wolfenstian

Keep Out had its duration nerfed from 10 second to 5 and removed the delayed detonation of cluster bombs. Fornite's patch notes always have more than a few things missing and stuff like this so heroes getting an unexpected nerf is more likely than I would like.

The "Keep Out" issue is actually a bug we're looking into. Not an intentional nerf. :)

Originally posted by ogAllen

Like I said.. quick to fix the bugs that benefits the players but they’ll take ages to fix the real game breaking bugs.

While that's most certainly not our intention, I'll still be sure to relay that sentiment over to the team.

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Players may notice intermittent issues with VOIP. We are aware of these issues and we're working to correct them. W…