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That gun is a blast to use!
Launchers always provide laughs. Love it.
Awesome work!
Welcome to the Fortnite community! Have fun building awesome forts and crushin' Husks! ...
We are currently updating Fortnite on Xbox One to EA Patch 1.4.5. Please restart to get the patch. Thank you!...
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We are currently updating Fortnite on Xbox One to EA Patch 1.4.5. Please restart to get the patch.
Fortnite XP Display Bug
Heya folks, We wanted to inform everyone of a known issue currently affecting players. The gist of it is, the XP bar at the end of...
Fortnite XP Display Bug
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The best offense can be a great defense, Spasticon reviews the variety of Traps at your disposal! #FortniteCommunity
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We are currently updating Fortnite on PC and PS4 to EA Patch 1.4.5 Please restart your game to get the patch.
EA 1.4.5 - August 14 5:00 PM EDT PC and PS4 We will be releasing EA Patch 1.4.5 today, August 15 at approximately 5:00 PM EDT. There is no...
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RT @XboxAmbassadors: The Ambassador Arcade just went #LIVE with @FortniteGame We'll be talking to Devs from the game at:
Xbox patch 1.4.4 has also been released. Sorry for the delay!...
Fortnite Nice Find!
Now that's how to find an objective. You stuck the landing to find the landing site. Love it.
Right. That's a challenge that has presented itself in the transition from Alpha to Early Access. In Alpha, there was a single global chat channel that was a good fit for the amount of players we typically had in game. The current implementation shards the chat and new instances open up as one room hits a limit. So there could be times where you're in a room that's full or maybe you're entering an instance that doesn't have many people in it yet (could be some of what you're seeing here). It sounds like there are a couple of common themes here. One is the desire to see more activity in global chat and anything we can do to help facilitate that. The second, and maybe larger overarching theme seems to be around wanting more tools to be able to group, find players with similar goals, and opt into the kind of experiences you want. Is that a fair assessment?
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We are deploying EA Update 1.4.4 for Xbox One! Please restart Fortnite to download the patch. Full notes:
Awesome tips and tricks! Really appreciate you sharing this with everyone.
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Keep a careful eye on your back, never know what monsters might be sneaking up on you! Fan art by outstarwalker…
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@JonathanWiensch If you try restarting it may help resolve, then attempt to re-access your codes!
Hello Everyone!

Today we are releasing an update for PC and PS4 aimed at correcting various crash fixes and improving overall game stability across all platforms. This update is scheduled for August 14 at 5:00 PM EDT. Players will need to restart Fortnite to install the patch and play. No downtime is expected. The Xbox One update will follow soon.

EA1.4.5 Release Notes

  • Corrected a few server-side crashes
  • Corrected a crash that occurred while inspecting Heroes or Defenders
  • Corrected a PS4 rendering crash
  • Corrected a few PS4 Pro out-of-memory crashes
  • Corrected an infrequent Xbox One and PC audio crash
  • Players will now see the correct score at the end of a mission
  • Patched up a number of UI-related memory leaks
  • Made a few changes to the way textures stream to Xbox One. This should reduce out of memory errors
    • This may cause textures to occasionally become blurry
    • We will continue to make improvements
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Just getting started with fort building? Norespawns has walk-through you can follow to build your own cool fort!
Ayy this is sick.
Battle Royale @fortnitegame
Building out that optimal squad? /u/Bazaritchie breaks down some strategies and gives some in-depth tips!
Fortnite @fortnitegame
We are deploying EA Update 1.4.4! You will need to restart Fortnite to download the patch. Full notes here: