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I had bought two troll llamas, but only got 2 fornitemare llamas today when I opened the loot tab. Should I not have gotten 4?

There was a small list that I missed that bought right at the end of the day. Just updated it so you might be good now. If not send me your in game name and platform and i can take a look.

Battle Royale Special delivery

The Pumpkin Airstrike. This was awesome.

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Nice, when can be expect that post?

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I have over 500+ matches played in the game, and since Day 1 the lag has seemingly gotten considerably worse as each day passes by. The 2 second lag spikes that were pretty common 2 weeks ago, have turned into 4-5 and sometimes 8 second lag spikes. It's not just me either, as everyone in my party was also experiencing some type of lag.

I suggested bringing back the lobby wait time, potentially to help the map load in a little bit better, but to no avail.

This game was beautiful (still is) when it first came out because it didn't have the LAG/FPS random drops that other new games seem to struggle with. I understand that with more players on the server, means more problems, as far as performance goes, but still, there has to be some sort of solution.

I see dev update #2, but then I see no mention about the lag spikes that console users are experiencing, so it could be possible that the devs are just currently unaware of how bad it actually is.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

EDIT: By bringing this topic to EPIC's attention, we might be able to help them notice just how big of a problem it really is for everyone. This needs to be the FIRST thing fixed. This issue needs to have priority OVER weapons changes/potion adds and other changes. Please Epic, Do not let this game follow down the same path as ARK: Survival Evolved.

EDIT 2: ARK: Survival Evolved also runs on Unreal Engine 4.

EDIT 3: If you're one of the few down-voting this post, you're essentially saying you don't want this game to improve.

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Same problem as him, I bought 1 troll llama on saturday when it was about to expire (<1 minute), no event llamas yet, not even after restarting the game

There were a few that i missed. Should be updated now though. Please try again. If it doesn't work PM me your in game name and platform.

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No llamas here. Just logged in

PM me your in game name and platform you play on. I'll take a look.

Battle Royale FNBR Performance Update

Just as an example of recent improvements, the 1.8 release eliminated over 20 large server hitches that happened in every match at 1-minute intervals. This was caused because of how expensive garbage collection of memory is with our huge object counts. These hitches directly manifested to players as random spikes of network lag (rubber banding.) We have more improvements like this coming.

Battle Royale FNBR Performance Update
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'Track server performance and number of missed frames -- as a first goal, we need to run at a solid 20 Hz.'

Only found out fortnite servers run at around an 18 tick rate recently, really appreciate that server performance is a priority for the dev team. Keep up the awesome work guys.

You mean BattleNonSense’s analysis? We struggle to hit 20 early game and then cap at 20. So it is worse in beginning but better in end.

It is a target rich environment for optimizations and our current focus is eliminating hitches as those have biggest impact on player experience.

Battle Royale FNBR Performance Update
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The part about the game running smoothest with <50 players is interesting, and definitely seems to line up with anecdotal evidence. Does this tie into your map design philosophy right now; i.e. are there relatively few POIs intentionally, to try and "thin the herd" to <50 players ASAP each game for performance reasons? I was wondering if the talk about adding more POIs goes hand-in-hand with improving performance for player counts above 50 (since it would probably take a bit longer for people to die off).

Either way, exciting stuff, and continuing to improve on these issues opens up a ton of possibility for the game.

This is independent of design philosophy - we see server performance as a temporary issue as we know we can improve it.

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Quick summary is that we need to improve low end performance, but not at the cost of being fair. We have some initiatives surrounding performance starting up.

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All players who purchased the Legendary Troll Loot Truck Llama have now been compensated with Fortnitemares Llamas. 🎉
All players who purchased the Legendary Troll Loot Truck Llama have now been compensated! Enjoy the extra Fortnitemares llamas!...
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When did you buy yours? I bought mine on Saturday and did not receive mine yet.

EDIT: Logged in again, got it now

Takes some time to grant them all. Everyone should have theirs now.

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I purchased the Troll Truck Llama partly because Epic stated that there would be an incoming extra 2 Fortnightmare LLamas per Troll Truck Llama purchased. (to make up for the bug that it only contained 500 Candy instead of 1500)

Just curious if anyone knows of an ETA on these? :)

You should see these now!

Battle Royale FNBR Performance Update
Performance matters, and while we’ve been steadily chipping away at improving things, we’ve taken a few steps back here and there and generally aren’t...
Battle Royale FNBR Performance Update
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Perf improvements are in the works! We share development plans, future goals and info every gamer needs to know:
Battle Royale FNBR Performance Update
Performance matters, and while we’ve been steadily chipping away at improving things, we’ve taken a few steps back here and there and generally aren’t where we want to be long term.

From a player’s point of view, the manifestation of performance-related issues are:

  • Low framerate -> increased input latency, large delta between frames
  • Display latency -> increased input latency
  • Hitches (abnormally long frame time) -> frozen display followed by fast-forward
  • Inconsistent framerate -> hard to aim

  • Low player connection update rate / framerate -> increased ping
  • Hitches (abnormally long frame time) -> “rubber banding”

  • Packet loss -> “rubber banding”
  • Connection bandwidth saturation -> “rubber banding”
  • High ping  -> “rubber banding”
  • Packet bursting (especially on wifi) -> “rubber banding”

Where “rubber-banding” means inconsistencies between client and server that result in a jarring correction. This could be movement for other players being jerky, door interactions feeling weird, etc.

There are a ton of different issues resulting in rubber banding, and even more root causes. E.g. our servers might hitch because of issues with our code, other servers we are running on the same machine having a negative impact (noisy neighbor), or issues with the host OS or HW resulting in degradation in performance, but not outright failures (gray failures).

Your connection to our datacenters is first and foremost impacted by our choice of location for datacenters and your ping to them, but there is also lot of variation in ping based on the route your packets take. There is also potential for additional latency and packet loss if you are using wifi.

Here is what we are doing or need to do on the monitoring side:
  • Track client performance for various classes of GPU HW segmented by resolution and graphics settings so we understand the impact of our changes.
  • Track client hitches with some weighting based on impact on player experience.
  • On client track network packets (and time between them) received from server, and do the same on server from client.
  • Track server performance and number of missed frames -- as a first goal, we need to run at a solid 20 Hz.
  • Track aggregate server performance per VM to identify bad machines and cycle them out. 
  • Track ping and packet loss per region and ISP so we can inform and escalate when we detect anomalies.
  • Track situations resulting in wells of despair. E.g. constrained bandwidth plus packet loss resulting in us sending more traffic which in turn makes things worse.

Here is what we need to do on the development side:
  • Improve performance on min spec PC systems (Nvidia GTX 460, Radeon HD 5570, Intel HD 4000). This is an area where we made things worse recently, but took initial steps to correct in v1.8. We’re not going to stop there.
  • Fix GPU hangs on PC and continue work with graphic card vendors such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel on improving performance and stability.
  • Improve input latency on consoles. Improvements shipped with v1.8 -- please let us know your thoughts.
  • Continue our push on improving console performance. We track the percentage of missed VSYNCs and want to be at less than 2% of frames (barely) missing it.
  • Reduce hitches during gameplay. We define a hitch as a frame that took more than 60 ms, resulting in an entire frame to be skipped. The goal here is to get to less than one per minute with focus on entirely eliminating hitches over 100 ms.
  • Fix remaining hitches on dedicated servers. E.g. a lot of players jumping late can result in rubber banding for players early on.
  • Optimize server performance of common actions like taking damage.
  • Identify source of hitches that are limited to first hour of releasing an update.
  • Optimize our server and network code to allow sending of player state to all 100 connections per frame. Right now we are updating 25 connections per frame in the lobby and 50 during the game. That means your play experience isn’t where we want it to be till there are 50 players left. This is a major change that is running in parallel with other optimizations.
  • Improve our handling of edge cases that can result in wells of despair.
  • Improve our matchmaking system to dynamically route traffic to data centers within a region based on location. Basically have the ability to optimize for ping without taking away from the ability to play with friends.
  • Hire more smart people that are passionate about these sorts of technical challenges.

Here are the things you can check and potentially address on your end:

Check whether your graphic card drivers are up-to-date, and if not, upgrade to latest version.

We’re currently running our servers in AWS datacenters around the world and you can visit for a quick check on your ping to them.
  • NA - Virginia, Ohio 
  • EU - Frankfurt, London
  • OCE - Sydney
  • BR - Sao Paulo
  • ASIA - Tokyo

Riot Games is hosting which is a great source of general information surrounding ISPs. Applicability for Fortnite may vary.

If you’re using wifi and have the ability to try a wired connection, it might be worth a shot to improve latency, reduce packet loss, and also reduce packet bursting.

Your TV settings can impact latency as well and there are various guides available online on how to tweak your settings. Here is an example.

On PC you can use articles like this one to check whether you have any unexpected background processes that drain resources.
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We’re sorry for the trouble this weekend. The Battle Bus had 811K concurrent players on Sunday. We're working hard to keep it in the air.
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I have noticed it only being 10 consistently in my games but the patch notes said 20. I think it should be 20 for squads 15 for duos and 10 for solo

We'll be bringing back more medium ammo for duos/squads in the 1.9 patch.

Fortnitemares can’t go without treats, so to honor the spirit of the season we will be having a giveaway every day until Halloween night!...
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They don't necessarily comment every day but I have yet to see a week go by that one epic staff member didn't comment and in two of my last three posts regarding the halloween event I've had direct commentary from staff.

They do actively read this sub.