Mission Alerts


Expire in 4h 36m

5 flash_on Survivor XP (x900)
9 flash_on Schematic XP (x900)
9 flash_on vBucks (x15)
5 storm mutations active


Expire in 4h 36m

23 flash_on Mini Reward Llama
28 flash_on Schematic XP (x600)
40 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x13)
8 storm mutations active

Canny Valley

Expire in 5h 17m

46 flash_on Ingredient: Active Powercell
52 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x5)
70 flash_on Transform Key: Sniper Rifle (Rare)
9 storm mutations active

Twine Peaks

Expire in 4h 36m

76 flash_on Lightning in a Bottle (x10)
76 flash_on Pure Drop of Rain (x20)
94 flash_on Storm Shard (x5)
10 storm mutations active
Stonewood: New missions in 6m
Plankerton: New missions in 6m
Canny Valley: New missions in 17m
Twine Peaks: New missions in 6m

Daily Llama

People Llama

x4 @ 350v

Yes, it's a people delivery llama. Just make your purchase and move along. Contains at least 7 people. Somehow.

Expires in 14h 25m

You've shared it before and I'm glad you shared it again. Extremely awesome!
Jeeeeeez. This is super elaborate and awesome!
Impressive! I love the look of it. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hey Fortnite friends,

We’re deploying a small update this week, focused on fixing several bugs you’ve been reporting and increasing stability across all platforms. This update will require you to restart your game in order to play.

We will be updating each platform at different times. We will update PC first on August 8. Xbox One and PS4 will be updated as soon as possible.

See the full list of changes below.



Major Updates

  • Corrected a number of different crashes on PC, Xbox One and PS4
  • Corrected an issue causing input lag on PS4
  • Corrected an issue on Xbox One prompting players to purchase a Fortnite Founder’s pack when they already own one

Major Known Issues

  • This patch will help us diagnose the cause of future crashes   
    • We will continue to investigate crashing related issues
In addition to sending the crash reports, please use the [in-game feedback tool](http://fortnitehelp.epicgames.com/customer/portal/articles/2847229-how-do-i-submit-suggestions-and-feedback-for-fortnite-) to send us logs!
V-bucks will be tied down to the platform that you purchased them on. Whichever platform you earn the V-bucks on, will be tied there as well.
Cross-progression is supported between PC/PS4!
Must be frustrating to make it allll the way to the top just to get launched down to the bottom. Nice defense!
Hey! It seemed like Xbox was having some outages on Friday and players were getting this message. Exiting the application and restarting the system worked for most. If you're still running into this problem, can you please get in touch with [player support](http://fortnitehelp.epicgames.com/)? Thanks so much.
Now that's an awesome haul!
Fortnite O_o
Love the healing pad eyes!

LOVE it!!

Fortnite 🤔🤔🤔
Yep. This one isn't a bug!
We are currently investigating this issue. Any updates will be posted here in this Reddit post and in this [forum thread](https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/fortnite-discussion/general-discussion/31958-xbox-one-purchase-check-failure).
When I was messing with the settings earlier I was thinking how could this would be. Then a proper group photo would be possible.
To be fair, it looks like he might need it.
I think if you just cover this with butter, the Husks will probably keep sliding down.
Sorry for the confusion surrounding this! We messed up. You can find more information in this forum [thread](https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/fortnite-discussion/general-discussion/30816-clarification-of-storm-shield-base-reset-for-plankerton-canny-and-twine).
Hey! Please try completely exiting the game and relaunching to see if that helps. If you're still disconnecting and having issues, please reach out to [player support](http://fortnitehelp.epicgames.com/) so they can help you out. Thanks for your patience.
I'm so excited to get in and take some screens. And see all of the awesome shots you will post!
Hey! If you're having trouble installing or getting into the game, please don't hesitate to contact [player support](http://fortnitehelp.epicgames.com/)! They'll be able to help you out!