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We are hearing some reports of server crashes, we are checking into it and we'll post updates on the forum:

We seem to have recovered, thank you everyone!

We seem to have recovered, thank you everyone for your patience!...

We are hearing some reports of server crashes, we are checking into it and we'll post updates on the forum:

We are hearing some reports of server crashes, we are checking into it and we'll post updates on the forum:

Battle Royale @fortnitegame
We are hearing reports of server crashes, most certainly caused by the party on the Battle Bus. Info updated here:
We are hearing of a few reports of server crashes, most certainly caused by the party on the Battle Bus. We'll report back as soon as we have more in...
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3500 hours on Destiny, it was my drug of choice and I loved it, along came Destiny 2 and, well, it’s a bit shit - nothing meaningful to do and already max on everything! Needed something to give me my fix and a friend told me about Fortnite, played it non stop 10 hours yesterday and the same again today, it’s brilliantly good and highly addictive. It’s the first time in three years I have played anything other than Destiny! Time for my next hit!!!

So glad to have you on board! We have a lot of exciting content coming up, stay tuned. :)

The airstrike!

Ouch. Watch your step...

Battle Royale Simple but effective

Loved this. Made a maze and they didn't even know it.

Battle Royale Team synergy

Starting the game off on the same page. I like it.

Battle Royale Dakotaz outplays himself

Well, that's an unfortunate way to lose. Entertaining...but definitely unfortunate.

Cuttin' it reallllllll close there. Well done.

Shooooooo, that was a nasty shot. Awesome clip.

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I've had this happen twice now: After drinking one shield potion, the bottom bar filled all the way while the side bar filled to its correct halfway. Trying to drink the second pot fails, telling me that my shield is already full. After taking some damage (possibly falling or blue - not sure which), the bottom shield bar corrected itself, and I was able to drink back to full on both bars.


We are aware of this bug and are working on it. I did however want to drop in and thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention though. Best of luck out there!

Hey there, We have a page detailing the response time from player support and why it may vary. Check it out here....
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Let's kick off the week with some community art! @dexdaina shows us their take on Trailblaster Buzz. ✌️
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excellent. Have you guys been talking about the "shots heard while spectating bug?"

Yeah, we're aware. Will letcha know when a fix is en route. :)

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The amount of times I got scared by my own footsteps...

I'm not sure if it's intentional but if you're not facing the direction of a sound, its volume sometimes is severely dropped. This makes it weird when someone can full sprint behind you or start building a staircase to rush you and you can hardly hear it.

Nothing intentional there, no. I haven't noticed this myself at all, but will keep an extra ear out! In a future update I've boosted how far the building sounds carry (more like sprinting footsteps now) in an effort to not make it so easy for someone to ramp rush your base.

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Also getting rid of that sort of echo effect on footsteps where your own footsteps sound like someone is constantly following right behind you.

I'm curious are you playing on PS4/XB1? Been trying to narrow this down and yeah I think they're getting a splash of reverb, which is no good. Footsteps in general are a high priority for audio. Will continue improving them. Thanks!

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speaking of sounds, any plans on different footstep sounds over the different materials?

Currently, running on wood/rock/metal sounds like dirt.

This is in the works right now. First pass is to use the resource type of the surface to determine the sound (wood, stone, metal) while we cook up a more comprehensive solution.

Battle Royale @fortnitegame
Pull off a sick play? Finally get that sliding snipe? Beanhead drops Week 2 of his Top 5 #FNBR Plays!

Got 'em! Also, I love that guys name, "HulksUnderwear"... haha!

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Just a bug I noticed. At least I think it's a bug. ADS'ing close to a wall causes your character to tilt upwards without you aiming up. On stairs as well when you ADS it tilts you down a little.

Thanks for taking the time to bring this up. This is a bug and we are aware of it thanks to you all being great about letting us know when there are problems. Have no fear, we are working on it!

Battle Royale Chest building limits
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There's so many times when I go to build and the chest that I looted is preventing me from doing anything. I think a good trade off would be once the chest is looted then it can be demolished when built upon.

Agreed that a looted chest should be automatically cleared away when placing overlapping building pieces.

I've run into this a few times myself lately. It's not going to be our highest priority, but I'll make sure it's on the list. Thanks for posting the feedback!